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Rate the monk above you, Part II


Rainbow resist, I fell into/am still in the same spot. I am trying to phase off of OWE, Fix that, get new weapons and upgrade your gems!
8/10 good stuff. not sure about the ammy..

help please.
5/10 - you need a lot of items. Drop the Skorn.

Check out my build for some guidance... I still need a few more things :/

EDIT: My build hasn't updated on my profile yet.
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Well malakite i wish i could make suggestions. Everything seems retty good though. The only thing I can think of is replacing that Crystal Fist with a higher dps weapon with similar stats just to squeak more damage out. Maybe some trifecta stuff over that wailing host but its pretty damn good on its own. Everything looks pretty damn good. Maybe some trifecta gloves over those sage's but would have to find the right ones.
@Makita : Build coming along nicely and i think it is about time you looked for some more att spd. A witching hour belt would be your next upgrade IMO. You are also at that point in dps where you need to think about dropping LOH in favor of LS. Major change and can be very expensive but it is the best way to go.

@ oldman

I bet youre going to own at PvP with that Ultra Survivability, probably one of the best sword and board monks Ive seen

It must suck for you farming levels though

A solid 8 for you!
i am trying to prepare my monk for mp 1 -3 am i even close to being ready?
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@ Troubleman 1 thing that is missing in your build is sustain. You have very little LOH and at 30k dps your 3% LS is not doing very much at all. Suggest you try to increase your LOH which ever way you can. Weapon is always the best followed by ammy.

@Genndori Need attack speed on ammy and gloves to make that beast really work for you.
Thanks for the comment regarding survivability but compared to some s/b monks around i am a rank beginner.

P.S. no need to rank me.
@ Oldman54 very good points, I will work on this, I barely finished inferno with my life and I knew something was wrong :)
would rate but oldman54 pretty much said it all. would like to be rated need some advice on where to go

not really good at this but..
a balance build, can see u put effort on getting those arcane res, guess u need to get some weapon w socket to boost ur cd. most of ur eq have rooms for improvement but can see u have ideas of what u r doing, just keep it up. 6/10

I dont know what Kind of budget you have, but your biggest upgrades would be 2 weapons with crit damage+sockets

I would also swap out resolve for another talent, resolve doesnt actually reduce all incoming damage by 20%, Only melee swings, it doesnt effect Elite affixes Etc.

Maybe go with OWE, Sieze and Your choice

When you get some better gear look to swap out your vitality gems for dex ones, it will make your dps go way up

Keep getting those levels, 6/10

@Oldman Im running a Power farming tempest rush Build, and unfortunatley if I take on any more attack speed it will pretty much break my build, Im already forced to use a templar which I loathe to do!
i think you definitely need more vitality for your build and i can't believe you survive without one with everything. are you using snapshot too to get some loh? anyways , thats going to get nerfed in 1.07. i know you need vitality but it comes at a very big price. keep on farming and good luck in your finds.
sorry, your in good shape gendori, looks like a pretty even solid build, id say you have it under control. are you snapshoting loh ?

Your monk is superb, even with SoJ and HF rings, solid defense.
With rare rings sure even godly.
My rate: 8-9/10

Please rate my part time monk, :)

Your monk is superb, even with SoJ and HF rings, solid defense.
With rare rings sure even godly.
My rate: 8-9/10

Please rate my part time monk, :)

nice build there 8/10 . ive never thought about changing my gems . maybe i should do that and solve my low heath
Edited by sono#1678 on 1/27/2013 1:49 AM PST

nice damage there. like u say the hp is low, i think at least 40k is the healthy range. change ur inna pant with 1 with vit might solve the problem. 8/10
@ sono

Don't know what Kind of Budget you can work with, but I'd suggest picking up new pants with Vitality instead of arcane resist, and a pair of nats boots with vitality plus arcane resist. The More Vitality you have, the better all your Life% gear will be. At your levels of resists youll probably get more EHP out of more vitality, especially with the Lifesteal and LOH items you have, AND since youre running with serenity.

Other than that, I mean you could probably farm MP3 or 4 with that build with few issues, and thats really all youre looking for these days,

Solid 8 for you

@ oldman No snapshotting for me, with 5.1% lifesteal and my DPS, I can sit and take a whole lot of punishment. Dont forget I have the LPSS helm too which is a ton of Regen while tempest rushing
Edited by Genndori#1959 on 1/27/2013 3:39 AM PST

nice SoJ for farming and nice monk sir.

the next upgrade i see for your monk is buying a witching hour or nat's reflection with CC.

Im personally not a huge fan of tr probibly cus im not good at it haha.
But you got amazing gear.
Id like to see what you could do with some fist weps (only reason for the 8)
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