Diablo® III

Rate the monk above you, Part II

IMO throw out the hellfire ring until you are higher in para levels, get a nats ring so you have the 2 pc bonus, and throw out the nats helm and get yourself an andys that should help a bit

gloves need an upgrade to trifecta. you could lose some main stat on them if you want to find a cheaper trifecta. You could also definitely find a bracer with similar vit, 70+ AR, 70-80 dex, ARMOR and 6 cc for a fairly cheap price.

Also, since your dps is reaching 110k, you should consider switching 1 weapon to 3% Lifesteal and start moving away from that much life on hit (you have 1860 LoH and thats plenty, you probably only need 800+). You can then change your blackthorne pants to inna's pants for the dps from the attk speed, and go for a more high powered amulet.

I assume you have so much HP because you have less resists overall.. you should try for more AR and Armor.. ur inna's could get to 70+ AR, armor roll and higher dex/vit rolls too.

If you feel you have too much money, start considering upgrading ur nat's ring to one with Avg Dmg as well.

Overall pretty ok monk, you just got a little too much LoH and hp and a little too little armor or resist.
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here ya go!
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Solid monk ~600 AR with OWE and 5000+ Armor with your 3% Lifesteal should get you through most obstacles in this game. DPS is great but at this point your just looking for better rolls on items you already wearing currently. Enjoy striving for 200K DPS.



Once you reach lvl60 the world will no longer be flat and you can reach for the moon.

6/10 for running with a 2 hander. Onward and upward.
i don't actually use seven sided strike because i think it is very overrated. it is useful for pvp but other then that i think it is useless.

Standard build on double swing, good dex and dps but poor on defensive and life recovery.


Insane gear...don't have a clue what you could improve to make a huge difference in anything. 9.9/10?

I've really hit a wall on knowing what to upgrade...any suggestions on where I can get the most bang for my coins?
I would replace the Inna's radiance. Keep the double stack res if you need it and drop the small vit number in favor of 180-190 dex...
looks like you could use some more vit and % life bonus.
@ Violentine
nice setup with no OWE
still have room to improve as some of your gears rolled int
also get a much better hellfire ring

good balance build. i think change ur helm to an inna or mempo will be better. 7.8/10

Wow ,i wonder how you get so high dps .. 8/10
how is my monk ?

You have built a good base for your monk. Adding a cheap pair of inna's pants should be your first upgrade, they are great for dps and you will get a good dex boost from the set bonus. All of your DPS gains will get you better sustain from your lifesteal

@ Carotid

why fleet footed on PS?

anyway, its 8/10

what should I upgrade 1st? :)

Why not fleet foot?


the legendary ring of zodiac, get at least a bi-facta.
Hi there - I'm only relatively new monk (played WD) so looking for advice on my current build. I know it's okay but far from good!! Any suggestions on where to improve? Thanks

I see a lot of gears are from your main, which is not suitable at all. You know, monk need dex, but not int.
And you have no sustain but only 600+ LoH, which is not enough.
Get a off hand weapon with LoH. Get single resist on inna's set and pick "one with everything" passive. Then change your boot and jewels.

Good monk overall, though i don't like blackthorne's set for PvE. It shines like a wonder on PVP but i guess this thread is to rate "farming monks". Beside that and considering u are using a nat's sight as helm, my opinion is to aim for a good WH now cause u'r inna's belt just doesn't worth it.

I like u'r butcher sickle :D
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What can I say you're over 300k DPS with a solid all round build. I can argue that you need to wain of OWE for higher MPs but most do that to get higher DPS which you certainly do not need to do. Outstanding monk!

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Very impressive. Unreal attack speed and no reliance on OWE. Only drawback is you have almost no crit damage bonuses.

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