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Rate the monk above you, Part II

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You're on the verge of breaking into high end DPS. Keep the Lacuni's since you do not have MS on your Ice Climbers. I would suggest an upgrade to your Temporance pick one up with 150+ Vit.


11/10 ive seen your monk before what a sexy monk!
Your dps is insane in my membrane with the Shenlongs. Jezzz your mempho, nats, and hellfire are even crazier.....

Rated "awesome".
just reinstalled from 1.03 and put 7 hours + 2mil into this monk

Wondering about the solo Blackthorn chest? Get another for vit or ditch it for Inna's


10/10, nice well rounded monk with high dps and defense. Also great job and getting rid of OWE.
Hi haven't played for awhile would apreciate any suggestions to improve my monk
Thx in advance
Ditch those Shen's until you find a set with sockets in them. Until then try to find two 1k dps with sockets to duel wield.

I need help with mine
@Ninja 5/10 Seems like a budget monk with some bad legendaries .. couple pieces that dont have the rolls that make them legendary .. id almost say u could be full rares and come out better

Your health is way too high.

100k dps is fairly low for a non TR build.

Anyone mentioning my gear, I use snapshot, so don't be like "LOL WHO USE SHIELD LOL."

I can solo mp8 without death easily, and mp10 in a group is also easy.
Interesting build! I had ZERO idea what you were doing at first! And maybe get some freeze chance on a belt? Looks really interesting!! I would say maybe, toss the left ring for SoJ, Looking good though!
@ Ghost
Nice balanced monk! Especially for only 6k elite kills. If i had 1 critique, it'd be.. i'm not entirely sure running a rainbow resist is as efficient as stacking one and grabbing OWE. My 2c anyways. Good job. 6/10
look at tal rashes chest! has I AS, 3OS dex and vit!

Thanks!!! I am trying to phase out all of that, I am off of OWE so I am happy

So close to 100k!! congrats, i say your globes are the weak point, a little more IAS or vit, also upgrading your wep gems should get some DPS boost.

I was at 113k, but I dropped to get more survivability. I am happy with it so far, I just need to change out my gloves got trifecta, and change out my bracers, maybe lacunis, but I dont know if I can afford the resist drop, but for you, Holy !@#$! Keep going man! I am impressed!! I wish I ahd your gear haha!
I have no idea what you can do haha to be honest!
^^ pretty good gear, i would try to stack another resist with bracers or other items with owe

youve got multiple random element resists
In my opinion, 9/10. To fault your monk would be blasphemous. 10/10 is unattainable at the moment and just too ridiculous to comprehend.

Semi-cookie cutter but with seven sided strike makes your monk pretty cool, I have always loved that skill. I think its DBZish and therefore badass :D


probably you could change your boots & 1 of your rings to nat's boots+ring for the crit set bonus, and a lacuni's to cover up for the aspd lost in the process. And also maybe better gems for easy a dmg upgrade.

otherwise excellent!

PS: to the next few rating me, please teach me how to improve my monk further to progress more! currently farming mp4 with little difficulty, would love to know how to go even further.

Some more resist/armor, some of your pieces have mixed single resists. I'd say over 5k armor, 550 resists wouldn't be too difficult to get, and that would put you in mp6.
With the DW AS bonus, LOH would be helpful too.
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