Diablo® III

Rate the monk above you, Part II

what would make me 9/10?
what should i work on?
Your in about the same boat as me we need more DPS
@ Bleek23 i would give you 6/10 , you need more crit dmg , can advice you to change that chest wit inna or tal rasha and change Bracers with rare with more dex vit Cc and double resist , as i said some holes and Gems on weps will be good .

Edit ---dex more Dex add more dex ;)
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Using EF still.
@enot 1/10 using a duped sword :)
02/06/2013 02:58 PMPosted by baggins
@enot 1/10 using a duped sword :)

even 0 is too much for him with that sword
haha he's using WKL and saying EF is a 0, funny.

i do not understand why a lot of monk wants to have WKL

never i will have a weapon that i have to run the same 2 skills for having a decent dps but w/e i guess you guys like it ~

Its a good way for low dps, but when you guys have 200k+ and still using WKL lol w/e have fun with this amazing weapon and all the nice builds you can run with !
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6/10 your toon is looking very nice. Just need alittle bit more dmg but right now your good to go :)
@ Shadow... Not a whole lot to criticize, your monk is awesome!! Better dps Skorn and your would be godly. Maybe a bit more crit damage on your trifecta gloves would be good. If you are going to rate me, my gear is post sw snapshot so doesnt show all my gear.
You have low IaS for SW snapshot.

I try to have around 2.6+ APS when i switch to shield and Azure - over 3 if I use my balanced white dagger.

I'm in a non-sti S/B build currently - trying something new.
@ Cayzer, I know. I actually got another ammy and Wailing host that give me 9 ais but only use this for leveling and farming. Almost to 100 baby!!

8.5/10 understand u r doing farming right now so it might be a 9.5 if he shows his real stuff =w=
@Cayzer Just a thought for your no STI build. You can gain some armour/dex/vit if you switched your prowlers to a rare similar like mine but you loose att spd, the run won't bother as you already have 2 pieces with it. Just a thought.

Probably pointless scoring you but if i had to it would be a solid 8/10.
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Nice build u have there. 8/10

looks pretty good to me :) 9/10
An easy 9/10 to me~ (im newb)

With a solid amount of gold or sniping you'd be able to switch out some average gear and slot some BiS's in. I'd give you a good 7/10.
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Stellar DPS but a bit low on AR. Is this a speed farming build? Min Maxing dodge with those passives, nice. Decent Life pool as well with LS and tiny bit of LOH...fair enough.


EDIT: Marteen was testing shield last night after I looted it. Run with Shens all the way and I see you do to, Nice! Awesome IAS on your HF ring!
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You sir have some sick gear!! Do you really use that main hand and shield though? (if no let me buy your first of legend!!!!!!)
@ Marteen

just vendor your shoulder and bracers
and giveaway your Nat ring

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