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Rate the monk above you, Part II

@sono aww nice dps there! Pretty high end stuff but still room for improvement :). 8/10.
Very much of a glass cannon. Need more life, need more resistance. Really like the Zunis. 5/10

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Nice shield monk sir. I love your loh amulet (must have imo on that kind of monk) and most of the stuff.

I don't like too much stand alone trail outside TR builds. You should try to upgrade to natalya feet+ring (expensive) or try out a set up with 3 pieces of zuni like me. Inna's helm is the best set helm in the game and imo is better then a cc mempo if you don't mind the AS lost. Yours hasn't cc either and your a poison monk. I would love andy in that spot at least.

Btw rate my AR monk!

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Banjo, good looking Monk there. Must have cost a fortune especially your Zunis Pox. I just don't have that kind of gold. Those Zuni bonuses really helped otherwise your resistance would have been a little on the low side. With the bonuses you're just fine.

Overall 8/10

From my point of view, I have an Inna's Radiance (actually 2 - one for MF), and a Nats Boots/Ring combo. I switch them in and out whenever the mood takes me. As far as Andy's is concerned I have one of those too, I just don't like the extra hit from the fire.

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Great monk no sorry thats one awesome monk. The zuni boots add more dps to the black dmg weapon. Really awesome. Great ehp n dps. Solid nonetheless.

Aniway guys can someone pls tell me if we use passive combination strike, must we use 2 spirit generators i.e. FoT n DR or just FoT will do to get the dps boost.. Thanxx.
@KaizerAkira that's one solid monk; high dps, with mid to high value resists and great 1 handers. My suggestion is to put some solid LoH in that character for survivability.

How about me guys?
You need to get rid of that belt, its doing you no good. Aim for an Inna's, Also on your damage, TBH, I'd drop the shenlongs and get a rare and an EF, I just sold off my2 with sockets in each, and the EF and a rare is a higher APS, which is more life back. Other than that, keep trucking along! It's a long road a head of ya! you can do it though!
Tanxx for e compliment.. I rolled a barb in e beginning but switch to monk n loving it. Actually i use a rare blk dmg fist weapon with 1000 dps, 750 loh, 2.8 ls, Socket but no native cd. Drops the dps but love it espescially on mp10 ubers n high mp farming. Till i get a WKL with LS, that WKL is just for mp5 farm n below. Also just tried out zuni armor n boots for the poison dmg n high resist. Slowly gearing to all resist n leaving OWE out of my passive

What ghost says is true. U need to ditch that shenlongs get a rare n EF. I sold my shenlomg time ago. Have a WKL for sale, stats is 6/20, socket n 64cd, 850 dps for 40m if anyone is interested.

Till then love u fellow monks.. We will rule D3 in 1.0.7.
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Different setup but you're making it work for you. Bonus on an awesome HF ring.

Only way to increase DPS with yourset up without going to cookie cutter would be to get better rolled items.


I'm new to the monk class so I'd rather not rate anyone yet, but you're gear is pretty nice to say the least. I like that mystic fire ally build with that weapon, pretty cool. Any comments on my gear/build would be awesome.

nice eq, try to raise ur cc to ard 35-40%


I very much like/envy all your emeralds. I know I prefer more crit for cyclone. How has not dying been with only 2.5% LS and no LoH? Nice dps, like the gear, too squishy maybe? 7.5/10

I know I want to switch back to dual-wield for the boosted attack speed but that's going to cost me a pretty penny. Any suggestions on what my cheapest upgrade could be (under 25m, even that will take long enough to gather)?
@ adem 8/10
I like the change of pace with Rising Tide/ Quicksilver.
Nice DPS etc. and survival. Why worry with serenity at all if you're likely to survive just fine without it on Alkaizer or low MP runs? Wouldn't blazing add to your Leech, increase dps, and give a small heal and be more beneficial?

I'm using Tasker in my current profile, yet I have some FR/Attack Speed gloves on hand. I'm going for a Spirit generation/Spirit generator damage/ Attack Speed and Dex build and only using the crit from my bracers to supplement sweeping stackup. After 1.07 the goal is for weapons with radiant/marquis rubies, Bell spam and quicksilver with WotHF for any who comment on mine.
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@duskmourn v nice build. if end game, can consider 2 piece nats set...

wondering if i went wrong with mine though. :/ just rolled this monk recently...dps seems kinda low. no idea if i shld go IAS, Crit Hit Chance or Crit Hit damage. appreciate some input!
@Hallow try to get a better HF ring, and a nats ring / nats boots
make sure your aps is above 2
get a socket on your OH
get more vit on your chest
get rid of one with everything cause you aren't stacking any resist......
get CD on your ammy instead of AS if you can because it goes so high on ammys.

definitly not a lot to work on....

- Would help a lot to improve your gems
- Would also be great to gain a lot more CHD on your weapons (Fist of legend with OS + echoing fury with OS and LS could be powerful

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7.5/10....u can do better with cc and armor....

Nice gems
You got yourself pretty set but definitely could use getting yourself some more vit.
Could look into some life steal as well.

nice monk ...need to improve on cc.
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My monk have 43.5% cc, the system is calculated wrong =/
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