Diablo® III

Rate the monk above you, Part II

nice monk ...need to improve on cc.


I would try and drop shelong's for either a dex lifesteal socket won khim lau or EF and go with a a rare weapon with dex crit damage socket lifesteal. That by far would be the biggest increase in terms of damage and survivability.
god tier 9.5/10

Very nice items in certain slots, your weapons should be the next in your upgrade list as you already have the equipment to support them. And 1 source of LS could be enough if you can squeeze more LoH elsewhere, allowing you to get a higher DPS cd/high dex EF. Maybe a double sustain OH if you arent attached to that BS

But why the IK glove? A trifecta rare could be so much better.

7/10, but 9/10 once you get better weapons

Very nice set up, very tanky and still do tons of damage. that shield is very impressive. ammy could have higher CC though.

I use IK because... believe it or not, it was a drop.

Very nice set up, very tanky and still do tons of damage. that shield is very impressive. ammy could have higher CC though.

I use IK because... believe it or not, it was a drop.

Note: No need to rate, please skip as I have been rated b4.

That ammy is one of the best DPS amulets around, even that Ancient Serpent thingy would give me a 4k DPS loss (but 85k EHP gain), EDPS might increase due to higher CC/IAS but I cant complain seeing that it is barely 1/3 the cost of 1 Ancient Serpent.

Great IK drop though! Congrats on actually being able to use a drop at such a high level!
Nice Ammy! Overall it seems you got a great tank! 9/10 for awesomeness
You have an incredible amount of DPS, 9.5/10, only because you're missing a set bonus :P

get rid of the fist, its not worth it. Get a rare with CD/OS/LS, it'll be better. You Lacunis needs crit, look into the 2pc nats set, it'll make a difference.

I would say that the obvious is getting an OH with socket, a bit more crit dmg and boost in AR. On your way for sure, good spread on the other resists, but until you hit 500 AR try sticking to one for passive OWE. Gl out there!

LOL FAFA is a logoff booster with DPS only 135k on d3up... boosters
very nice budget build.
your money makes the most bang.
@ violentine 10/10 great items, especially your helm.

Damn!!!!! 11/10 ;]

%$&@ing awesome monk dude !

Not much else I can say ^^


Hard to find upgrade for most of your slots, although Nat boots can have a bit more dex.

Main stat too low. Shoulder, gloves and amulet are missing at least 100 dex.
Chest, bracers and boots are missing 50-100 vit.
Get at least 1 socket on weapons.
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nice monk man.... you should still try to get some inna's pants for way more damage

Lookin' good! I would say get Trifecta Gloves and a ring. Also I would get vit on your nats boots and drop it off of the gloves

8/10 :)
LOL the last few monks like Skankinlozer are all DPS boosting before logout. 171dps on D3up...

8/10 - nice IAS...you must hit hard and fast
Nice TR build! Skorn monnks are underrated... I have a TR build with 135k dps and regen for days... now to get to 100paragon.

9/10 TR build :O

yo! sweet monk! i think the only thing i can say is that i would look for a new ring that also has crit damage on it!
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