Diablo® III

Rate the monk above you, Part II


Good lookin monk. Can't really suggest an upgrade aside from spending a fortune on more GG :) 9.5/10

If I were you I'll change your Inna's helm with high dex, high vit, fire resist and stay 6.0cc (if possible) to boost more EHP for your own. Cause spirit regen not so advise to have it unless you are TR Monk. And may be you may try to get another pc. of 12% MS enhance your lvling and farming?

Overall is a good monky but there still some spacious you could improve in future!

@hardx nice 179k dps! and life 9/10:) nice sustain 2 with both life steal weapons:) very nice but i prefer sword and board dont like to dual wield. switch be4 pvp boards get way too expensive!!!!!!!!!!
@Taross, very nice monk! Love the sword and board stuff, the biggest place it looks like you can upgrade is in jewelry, probably the amulet first.

Other than that very well put together.

Your monk is alllright maybe a 7/10.
He's just a baby, right now. But they grow up so fast.
You should have at least 100 dex on each item and up that crit it chance and damage on your items, SON! Your weapons are decent, but you need more LS.

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I'm guessing this is just XP farming gear as your Ehp is just 200k. So if its just mp0 farming gear, looks great I can imagine you fly through the mobs. It would be nice to see your actual gear.

@excessive; you really need more ChC to make cyclones effective.
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@ Mellow

Nicely done on getting away from OWE!

I think you would benefit from getting more average damage on your jewelry though. Also, why the use of Guardians Path?

Nice monk! I guess I would go for the nats ring and boots if I chose anything.

great monk, 9,5/10

hard to say what you can improve, i would change helm, mempo if you can afford.

edit: im an eu player, forgot to mention, here is link:
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I've come a little bit further, but I know I need improvement.

cool monk, 8/10
@FlameSkull you sir are a damn good monk! 8/10 Nice vile wards (:

Very nice monk. Could maybe use some more vit. Your Ammy has a few slots available could maybe pick up some more there. 8/10
@ Arahant nice monk man =] good balance =]

Very nice gear, I'm jealous. It looks like your resists are on the low end so I'd question you're survivability, but maybe that explains the shield. Also, pretty unique build in terms of skills.

7/10, nice monk but you could probably upgrade your shoulders to a vile ward ;]
consider dropping 4piece inna's for more dps.

You could upgrade your gloves and both your rings without too much trouble, adding crit dmg, average dmg pr both for a nice boost. If you could find a way to add some armor that would be nice too.
On the whole solid 8/10
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Very nice monk you got there, looks like you can benefit Inna's pant and weapon with socket. Is 450 LOH enough along with 2.9LS for sustainability?
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