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What's Your Favorite Realm of Pure Evil Encounter?

Which Realm of Pure Evil Encounter is Your Favorite?

King Leoric and Maghda (Realm of Discord)
Ghom and Rakanoth (Realm of Chaos)
Siege Breaker and Zoltun Kulle (Realm of Turmoil)
This poll has ended - Jan 16, 2013
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In patch 1.0.5 we introduced the Infernal Machine, a cursed device capable of opening portals to demonic realms guarded by "uber" versions of some of the most malevolent mischief-makers this side of New Tristram.
  • King Leoric and Maghda guard the Royal Crypts in the Realm of Discord
  • Ghom and Rakanoth defend the Larder in the Realm of Chaos
  • And Siege Breaker and Zoltun Kulle protect the Edge of the Abyss in the Realm of Turmoil

For those of you who've already been transported to one of the randomly-selected Realms of Pure Evil, we'd like to know which encounter is your favourite one and why?
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Darn, can't participate in this poll. I like my rings too much, so never bothered to do all the Infernal events lol ><
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Leoric and Magda. It's the only one that is actually hard on higher MP. The rest are just gear check or just annoying.
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I'll let you know once the keys drop.
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Magdha and Skel King, it's actually a challenging and engaging fight and involves more skill and teamwork than the others. The other encounters all you need is a reasonably geared CM wiz and the ubers don't budge.
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Ghom and Rhakanoth, I just sit there and spam my CM stuff for 2-3 minutes and they're dead. Easy easy.
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Ghom & Rakanoth because it is the only one that doesn't have bug.

I would like to point a major bug for each of SK/Magdha and SB/ZK uber encounter that has gone unfixed until now.

SK/Magdha - Magdha's health stops going down periodically (not invulnerable shield). Yes, it is that period where before she summons berserker minion. I don't whether this is intended but if we just continue attacking, her health will stay as it is until you STOP attacking then she will cast bubble and followed by berserkers. Why can't she just immediatly pop bubble and stuff when reaching a certain hit point?

SB/ZK - SB's grab. Oh, how very annoying. What is more annoying is if SB gets frozen or stunned during the grab/slam animation, the whole animation gets reset! This is especially annoying if you have a freeze wizard in your party and he can simply chain freezing SB while he is grabbing someone, animation keeps reseting and the one grabbed is...erm...perma-grabbed. Lame.

Pls. get to above fixed.

Back to topic. Ghom/Rakanoth is my favourite is also because of the enrage timer. It is not oike ZK's enrage where he 1 shot you. Rakanoth's dashing strike enrage doesn't 1 shot you (at least for my barb in MP8). I have never seen SK/Magdha enrage before so I can't comment on it (if someone would like to tell what happens when SK/Magdha enrages, appreciate it).

Enrages shouldn't be a 1 shot thing. It should be something much harder to handle but still manageable. If we survived the enrage, yeap, we have a good reason to be proud and take in a deep breath of relief. Again, 1 shot enrage is lame =.=
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My favorite pure evil encounter?

Jay wilson
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The Cow farm .Nothing like hundreds of evil moos to get your heart racing.
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My favorite pure evil encounter?

Jay wilson
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Also...I wish you guys would stop with the "Lil Orphan Annie" way of describing this game. Sounds like the commercials lil Ralphie was listening to on the radio during "A Christmas Story."

Diablo 3 brought to you by Blizzard...sponsored by Ovaltine!

This game has a mature rating doesn't it?!
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If I could get anything but act 3 keys to drop I'd let you know.
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I do like them all. I wish that Blizz would implement more boss fights with cool rewards.
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Hi lylirra :)


King leoric and maghda, because anything that has to do with fighting "king leoric" is pure awesomeness in diablo 3... his by far the best graphicly designed boss to fight versus and its the only portal that has the most action going on...

the other 2 portals are boring.. zzzzzzz while you do them..
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Ghom and Rakanoth, because they are easy and it doesn't take too long to kill them.
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theyre all boring and very repetitive and the rewards are rubbish


Also since the grammar police are MIA.

I'm guessing they are giving Lyl a pass on spelling "favorite" wrong because of well you know. Most don't have any interaction with females outside of their immediate family.
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01/09/2013 05:21 PMPosted by Lylirra
Ghom and Rakanoth

That's the one for me.
Because it's been giving me the highest organ drop rate so far.
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Originally posted by Desuex in http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6160726112
A lot of people who have put feed back here have talked about how they love/hate Siegebreaker realm or how they respect it because it is hard.

I do not feel this is the case: I rather dislike the realm for a few reasons

1) Being picked up is a whole crap storm of trouble -- whether you'd like to believe it or not, you die just because siege picked you up. Being insta-gibbed is not "hard" it is just "frustrating" -- ZK is no slacker by far and drops every single nuke cooldown he has on you while you are picked up from the ceiling to fire, then Siege does the finishing touch and slams you on the ground if you did not die already -I've tried various builds as a barbarian maintaining high dps, using defensive passives and high resistances with over 53k life and I still get insta-killed (not on occasion) about 60-70% of time. It is frustrating. -- and if that was not the cause of death, the bubble right under you was.

As an aside, I'm aware WW barb for this is ridiculously easy (sprint makes it menial and easy) but other builds cannot afford to use sprint because of incoming damage -or- the dps bar is that much higher.

2) Pick up bug -- if the 60-70% did not kill you, being stuck in siege's grasp for extended time does get you killed -- Being stunned during this occasion does extend the grip duration, however this can occur at times for reasons unknown while playing solo. I've done this realm over enough times to see it happen and again -- it is frustrating.

3) A more menial but still pretty frustrating bug -- the slow time bubble STOPS your move or auto attack skill you are doing (it never completes the animation and your char actually just freezes) vs allowing the skill or animation to complete with the reduced speed. The game just does not compute the sudden speed change and freezes your char unless you move, and if anyone has experienced that lovely turn of events when you've clicked your mouse button down one too many times on a mob (or simply held it down like most people do) you find your char EAGERLY wailing on the mob that you told it to go after -- regardless of the fact that you are insanely clicking on an empty spot on the playing field and want to get away.

This fight is simply not solo friendly for some classes (monks get it so easy with sweeping wind being active while picked up and getting all their hp back via life steal).

Ghom and Rakanoth need up-tuning, but I fear by saying this with what ends up usually happening is they become ridiculously up-tuned and become another problem.

Mahgda and Leoric fight is actually really well balanced -- the fight is certainly difficult, but nothing will "instantly" kill you (unless you stand around and do nothing).

The issues i mentioned with siege uber is probably one of the biggest gripes hardcore characters have with doing ubers and has probably ended many a hard core char (even as a team)

Please fix and people stop voting for that one because you feel it's the hardest -- hard =/= being insta gibbed.

I could not find better words to describe that frustrating couple of ubers.

My ideas are:

1)When Zoltun cast a new slow-time sphere the old one to disappear immediately.

2)When Kulles fire balls hits the ground to NOT cause DMG while the character is UP in the siege hands O.o

3)When Siegebraker releases the character not to just drop him in the Zoltuns slow-time, but trow him away like knock-back.

I hope this make sense Blizzard!
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King Leoric and Maghda, the only Ubers that forces you to think fast or you'll die fast.

Ghom and Rakanoth, hold left mouse button.

Siege Breaker and Zoltun Kulle, downright annoying, nothing more.
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