Diablo® III

What's Your Favorite Realm of Pure Evil Encounter?

Which Realm of Pure Evil Encounter is Your Favorite?

King Leoric and Maghda (Realm of Discord)
Ghom and Rakanoth (Realm of Chaos)
Siege Breaker and Zoltun Kulle (Realm of Turmoil)
This poll has ended - Jan 16, 2013
Realm of Discord and I expect this one to win.
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Siege and Zoltun, do it without CM and it's a fun little dance with ZK dodging and SB pulled into a corner. First time in d3 where it felt like an old vanilla WoW raid boss and we had a genuine feeling of a victory. We did it with everybody in 100-150k dmg gear and no cm on mp8, hence the challenging aspect.
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01/09/2013 07:12 PMPosted by Triumph
Ghom and Rhakanoth, I just sit there and spam my CM stuff for 2-3 minutes and they're dead. Easy easy.

It's sad that in today's games, "easy" is considered an equivalent of "favorite" or "best".
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100 Gnome Mage
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Maybe I like tank n spank so i go with ghom&rakanoth, but leoric and maghda are a pain in the butt and refuse to stay frozen. Kulle is soooooo annoying with his slow bubble of doom and dropping rocks on your head.

Albeit I've just barely made my first 3 rings.

I'll also note that the skeleton archers in leroic/maghda refuse to move so when someone does inevitably die the archers just camp their corpse so you cant res them.
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Voted Skeleton King/Maghda because I love the Skeleton King.

Kulle/Siegebreaker is fun since they take a little bit of strategy if you don't run with a CM wizard.

I like Ghom/Rakanoth but it's by far the easiest encounter. With enough lifesteal, the only time my health is moving is when Rakanoth charges someone and I have one less target to drop bells on.
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I find it interesting that the Demonhunter finds the Ghom/Rakanoth battle challenging, yet the other classes find it really easy. I hate those two together. Rakanoth will always pop in on me when I am little low on health and end the battle. I can only do this one with MP3. The other realms I can go to MP7 with fair comfort.
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Which Realm of Pure Evil Encounter is Your Favorite?

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90 Orc Shaman
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I gotta say my fav would have to be Siege Breaker & Zoltun Kulle as it's the only one I've done so far. xP
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I'd say "Ghom and Rakanoth defend the Larder in the Realm of Chaos" so far because it doesn't have mechanics I consider annoying.

Maghda's refusal to bubble while still being invincible gets a honorable mention in the annoyance department, but Kulle & Siegebreaker really like to lay it thick with the teleportation, slow time bubbles and grabs. That grab and barbarians with frenzy-smite or bash-clobber... STOP ATTACKING! AARRRRRGGGGGGGGG! If siegebreaker is stunned why doesn't he drop me?
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SB & Kulle.

I've gotten into sooooooooooooooooooo many free portal groups due to groups getting stuck on them without a decent CM WW wizard :) free portals = always good
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I say we introduce mega ubers.

You must fight the following all at once
-Zultan Kulle
-The Butcher
-that woman who vomits zombies

halfway through the fight you will hear this. "ENOUGH, let us see you how you fare in the realm of terror!" where you fight shadow versions of all of the above and your shadow clone.

When you've done that you teleport back and continue the fight.
Lol do that on MP10

(to answer the polls question, my vote easily goes for Leoric and Magdha. Such a fun fight)
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5 Troll Warrior
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Way to forget the "haven't done any ubers" answer in the poll.
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Siege Breaker and Zoltun Kulle is impossible for me and my monk. I can do the other ones at MP6, but I can't figure out the Siegebreaker + Zoltun one at all. I tried all kinds of skills switches and various gear mix (not necessarily what I've shown on my profile at the moment), and I'm pretty sure I can take down those two individually, but together I can't even get one of them down to 50% health. I can tank the siegebreaker and his rush or grab, I can eat the fireballs that Zoltun throws just fine, but I think it's the slow that kills me. I think the only way to beat it now is to do a snapshot sweeping wind, but I feel that's kind of taking advantage of a flaw in the game mechanics... so I don't know. I'm stuck.
I would appreciated any hints from fellow monks.

edit: forgot to add: I guess the other way to go about it is to find a party such that another player can help pull the two bosses apart.. so there's that. But I'm talking about soloing it for the time being.
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I stopped doing ubers weeks back as it became boring really fast and to be brutally honest the rewards do not match the effort.
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i like gohm and rakanoth becuase thaose are the ones i can really take on together.

magdha arcane Enchanted is a royal pain but. nothing can beat the annoyance of koule's FREAKING TIME BUBBLES. my god their so annoying...
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What I consider to be favorite = easy? Ghom and Rakanoth

SB - annoying for the grabs and challenging for it's RD
ZK - annoying for its disappearances and slow orb

Ghom - easy once your LS/LOH is high enough
Rakanoth - easy

SK - painful only when he walks
Maghda - annoying arcane and invulnerability periods, painful butterflies

Please make SB smaller as I sometimes can't see the top part of SB and its health numbers.

Edit: SK - annoying blinks too far for my FoT thunderclap to follow
SB - painful charge
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