Diablo® III

Seven Years in Sanctuary

Thank your for all the efforts you have spent on this game. D3 is a game with so many unconventional feature while a lot of people expecting a simple improvement over D2. So, I guess the deck kinda stacked against you, so I understand if you might feel enough is enough.

Good luck in your new project, and thanks for giving me chance to play D3 (unlike some people, I think D3 is a good game, I enjoy playing it).
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What a nice man !
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Whilst I wish Jay good fortune in whatever his next venture is, I also look forward to a new brush sweeping clean and injecting the game with fresh ideas.
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Time to destroy the warcraft 4 franchise. Go Jay god! you can do it.
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Good luck on your future endeavors Jay.
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Kripparian for game director !!
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call kripp!
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like others have said, hire kripp or hire runic games to do it
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01/17/2013 12:00 PMPosted by Jay Wilson
that decision will affect the future of Diablo.

Thank God! I'm certain that diablo will be much better now.
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revive Cain before you go , murder!!!!
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01/17/2013 12:00 PMPosted by Jay Wilson
I will be moving off of the Diablo III project and transitioning elsewhere within Blizzard.

You have got to be kidding me, if it isn't the janitorial closet I am seriously done with all future Blizzard products. I am not even joking. I'm being so sincere right now. Even though you broke my heart and killed me. And tore me to pieces. And threw every piece into a fire.
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Damn! We'll miss you jay!

No just joking...

Good luck anyway on ur next mission, don't screw it this time..!
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1st goal of new Lead director should be..

Make sure communication with players is increased 1000%..

+1 also

Make the game about it self and not how to force you to the RMAH/GAH.

+1 to both of these.

Also please make more challenging events and balance the monster density in all acts (or give us more reason to play in all acts).

Good luck Jay.

And to the new soon-to-be developer, you'll need your luck and skill to please these fans.
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Not sure if it was you who pushed to get a d3 project going. If you did, thanks, a lot of people waited a while for it.

The game has many flaws, some things are enjoyable but it is still very far from being a "good" blizzard product.

As for game support, unless someone in that production team comes up with something ground breaking within the next year, you, the company and the people know that diablo 3 will be cast aside, which in many ways is probably already happening internally to concentrate all resources on the "Titan project".

Things that could have enhanced the D3 experience:

- Truly randomly generated dungeons
- An actual talent tree. Stop trying to bring the catering aspects of WoW into D3 and making everything so simple -- that goes for the Titan project as well.
- Stat point distribution
- It was announced that there would be over 3billion builds. And there are. You kinda forgot to mention only 1-4 builds per class would be viable.
- Better monster density
- An actual Cow Level. Ponyloland sucks and no one goes there anymore.

PS: If the Titan project is actually a Diablo universe type, ditch this, don't even bother releasing an expansion and add the things that could be in there to Titan, that way you can make an awesome Diablo game. If not, release the expansion asap because this game is dying -- or am I wrong when I say most people who copied PTR characters played for an average of 3-5 hours TOPS?
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