Diablo® III

Seven Years in Sanctuary

A little late, the game is broken and the lore was ruined...
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Best of luck for your future project.
Diablo III is a great game but its far from what diablo fan expected.
Now let's hope blizzard try to get blizzard north back together so we can get a game true to the diablo franchise.
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01/17/2013 12:06 PMPosted by Thermite
Brace yourselves, the Barb nerfs are coming.........

I too agree with this....*sigh*...well? we've had a good run (like the wind...)
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Jay God working on Warcraft 4, bank on it.
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If you have your feelings right and not decided by your team, I wish you good luck in your next carrier, maybe some other style of game will be better for you.
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ITT: lots of idiots, as usual.

Good luck Jay. I like D3.
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I hope that you have learned the lesson.

Thanks for your work.

And now we wait to see if is only Jay's fault
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Blizzard probably didn't like how he wasted years on PvP and then getting rid of it and start all over. I wish I have a job that I can "work" for years and then go into a meeting and said " I don't like it so I'm going to try again".
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Posting in an epic thread.
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Bring in David Brevik!!!!

Also, I don't like or approve of what Jay did with Diablo. But I know that countless people did. Thank you sir, for your time and dealing with the ridiculous trolls you encountered along the way. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.
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But Santa Jay....
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Now that Jay is gone can Cain come back...
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Whoa Nelly! Did not see that coming. Guess you guys got what you asked for.
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I'm gonna miss hearing from you despite everything.

Seven years is a long time I suppose. Talk about burn out.
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Here's hoping your severance package isn't account bound.
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While I don't agree with everything you've done, you have continued to improve D3 since release and I thank you and your team for your commitment to make a game your fans want.

Good luck.
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