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If you love Diablo as much as we do...

Oh we do... that's why raged on the forums for 7 months and now....

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I'll say what I have said 1,000 times over in game. If you want a game like D2 go play D2. Most of the people who speak poorly about this game have put hundreds, if not thousands of hours into it.

I am sorry, there aren't any games on the market right now that I have played as much as this one in the same price range. Simple as that. Sure, id like to add things to the game as well as make changes. But you can say that about everything in life.

Rob Pardo, much respect to you. I have never had a problem with Jay Wilson or any other blizzard employee for that matter.

Unfortunately I cannot say the same for this immensely disrespectful community. You can come to these forums at anytime during the day and find numerous threads talking down about the game as well as the creators.

So my final words. If you do not like this game. P L A Y S O M E T H I N G E L S E.

They play that much in hopes that it will get better and because they love the Diablo franchise. Just because they played for 1000 hours doesn't mean they can't speak out on what they think is wrong or want to see improved. Granted, some people have a very vicious way of doing it, but they provide feedback nonetheless. You can goto any Diablo related website on the internet and read the SAME exact complaints about the game, and they have been ongoing since the games release. The complaints are not and never were unique to these forums. When the game director moves to another project and the CCO takes the time to make a post like that, everything is not "ok" Let's stop pretending that it is. Diablo is a fun game and I many others enjoy playing it. It fell short on many levels and people expected better. They had Diablo 2 to use especially when it comes to loot, and that didn't go well at all. That's just one example, there are many others.
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ok Rob...then you helped ruin this game with those infernal auction houses. if you want to make things right, get rid of them, fix the itemization disaster, and return Diablo to the item hunt it's supposed to be.

and while you're at it, real character customization would be nice. what's there now is just bad and utterly boring. what you call build diversity is a joke. the blacksmith is useless, as is the gem crafter. get rid of all the WOW mechanics....fix item stats, bring back unique items, runes were awesome in D2 and need to be in D3. turn off that blasted red glow that surrounds my screen when health is low, fix the awful dialogue, randomize maps, get PVP in the game as was promised long ago..!!!

bring back the dark feeling the game use to have. get rid of that utterly stupid, embarrassing whimsyshire nonsense....

the two of you killed the diablo franchise...FIX IT!
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It is safe to say the game is headed in the wrong direction. No skill tree and no control of stats points make the game very linear and no depth. The skill runes system in D3 is just....dull. You guys take off all the good stuffs in D2 and LoD and instead make a game that is not sure to be called a successor. Result is a big disappointment to me. There is a reason why D2 LoD is still a classic even today.

But enough of that, I still respect you as a game developer. And I do wish you learn the lessons and move on to other projects.
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01/18/2013 05:12 PMPosted by Rob Pardo
This thread saddens me greatly.

Not all of us were jerks... It kinda makes me sad to be lumped together with the scum of the forums. No hard feelings though, I (and others) enjoy the game whether you recognize it or not.
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Auction House
Bad itemization

One must go.
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I can't seem to sell my complaints on the RMAH.
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01/18/2013 06:33 PMPosted by OZH
WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME ON THE FORUMS to write something like that??????

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Mr. Pardo,

Can you honestly say with a clear conscience that Diablo 3 made all of its sales from being a well designed game with intense fun boss battles and Visceral combat? With a seemingly open world where there are many many demons which you can smash mobs relentlessly.

No you cant. Diablo2 PvP was Visceral combat. The cow level was where you smashed tons of bad guys and had fun. (remember those Lightning Fury Amazons). And your first fight with Mephisto when he just slammed you with an ice ball, but you managed to persevere.

Diablo 3 was riding on the coat tails of Diablo 2. (which you helped design and why you are proud of the Diablo Franchise.) the declining numbers prove this. Blizzard knew the initial sales were all they were going to get. Blizzard selected the greed route. Blizzard just didn't plan on this backlash. A lot of people have swore off your company. Word of mouth travels fast.

For Gods sake you couldn't even make a Chat interface that close Diablo2's. There's a post somewhere from a blue stating how Blizzard didn't feel we needed chat at all. Thankfully you quickly recanted however we have crappy chat that sucks compared to Diablo2's. This tells me your Super Awesome designer Dream Teams are not from the PC gaming industry but from the Console World. Get people who do PC's not do Consoles.
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Am I the only one that finds it lame that we actually get replies from the team when more than half of the community is angered? It would have been really nice to get some communication going from the people that work on the game from the beginning, instead of CMs, that make polls about random things, which have nothing to do with the development of the game. Take a look at the Runic Games forums. They have excellent communication with their player base and you will never find a thread full of so much hate like this over there.
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I love this game, keep up the good work and thank you for listening to us.
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Please do not ever come back to Diablo, but this game does not spoil.
Lovers of this saga will be grateful.
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Change needed to happen for the present and future success of the Diablo franchise. Fairly or unfairly, you became the name and face associated with the release and direction of D3 for better or worse. Truth be told, I think you mishandled the game itself and the community. But, now these things lie behind you and can be learned from in a way unique to your experience. Good things can come from all of this.

I really do wish you well with whatever is next and hope your part in it is a "smashing" success.
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01/18/2013 06:43 PMPosted by Makina
I love this game, keep up the good work and thank you for listening to us.

Ignorance is bliss.
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Wow. bro, Rob, your post is actually doing more harm than anything.

I am getting annoyed here.

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME ON THE FORUMS to write something like that??????

Forums have been criticizing/burning/flaming/hanging Jay for a LOOOONG while and you have never posted even once to protect him and direct the anger to yourself.

NOW, you remember to do that after he is leaving his position?

This alone makes me feel the dishonesty that lingers in Diablo division of Blizzard.

couldnt have explained my feelings about this any better...
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