Diablo® III

Seven Years in Sanctuary

no hard feelings , but seriously u didnt do a good job and i cant lie.

i dont question your heart , i question your ability.

d3 bringing in record sales because of the blizzard brand and what d2 did.
the dropping numbers of players online after a few mths dont lie.
even your bosses can see the numbers and do the math.

there is a huge list of stuff that went wrong with d3 and they have ripple effects.
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Respect that he owned up to it and despite my disdain for many of his decisions the game isn't bad and broken only because of him.

Good luck in the future Jay
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I have an immediate opening for a house cat position if you are interested. Please advise.


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Thank you, for all the development. Good luck in your new projects Sir Jay.
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WoW expansion: the Realm of Jaycraft. Going to sell millions day 1.
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everyone write here if you want David Brevik back. We believe he'll make this game better if he's lead again.

----------------------------- Bring in David Brevik---------------------------------------------

Diablo fans still love you,Brevik.
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01/17/2013 12:11 PMPosted by Nootnoot
Respect the decision, good luck

Anyone honestly believe he did this by choice? The sheer number of times he messed up (like telling the original creator of Diablo...) and the sheer number of people who complain about this game, upper management probably just had enough and said no more.

Edit: Oh and basically you are saying you are "bored" with this game and moving on. LOL, now you know how we all feel. I still can't fathom that you played D2 as much as you claim and think D3 is as addicting. See I'll leave out as good, or any other qualifiers. D3 just isn't nearly as addicting or rewarding; therefore in most people's book its not as good...even if it was truly better.
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the north remembers
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Good. Maybe there is some hope left for this game. I'm hoping that it will rise from the ashes and be worthy to carry the once great Diablo name.
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So Blizzard listened to the community?This is the game saver right there.Maybe the fun will be brought back into the game now.

Bring back David Breivik or some other Blizzard North heads!At least these guys know what makes a ARPG good unlike Jay "Double it" Wilson.
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It's time to celebrate.

When someone who doesn't have a blockheaded view of gaming like Wilson comes in, this game will expand greatly.
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240 post/replies in less than an hour? I never thought that this forum is that active...

and credits to Jay to start all this
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Cool, i dont have any personal issue with you or someone in the D3 dev team, but i seriously hope the new dev leader will actually know something about diablo and what made D2 so good that ppl still play it, after like 13 years.

"Your" game/D3 ain't bad, but at some things you guys just have no idea about what you're doing.

Good luck for your next project.
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