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Good luck in the future Jay Wilson.

I have loved D3 from the get go and enjoyed all the updates as well.

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If only you guys had delivered game that was made when you first announced diablo 3 thats the game we all wanted. Excluding the RMAH!
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This thread saddens me greatly. I know that the Battle.net forums have earned a reputation for rough justice, but I do not believe justice is being served by how people are speaking about Jay’s departure from Diablo III.

I am very proud of the Diablo franchise and what the team was able to accomplish with Diablo III.

You were proud of the money that piled in. There is no way in hell the game that was released warranted a more than a year developmental stage. The story is mediocre. The class/skill system is an absolute joke. The itemization is the worst I have ever seen in an ARPG. The required internet connection so Blizzard could have more money pile in thanks to the RMAH and the excuse that it would help stop hackers and botters. How's that working out? Here's a suggestion. The players aren't stupid. Don't treat them like they are. This game only sold because of the success of Diablo 1 and 2. Blizzard North knew what they were doing. Thanks for ruining their work.
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Anyone so heavily invested in a video game that they're hurling these kind of insults at the director has serious personal issues. It's a game, nothing more nothing less.

You're the true Fanboys, just like the Star Wars Fanboys that harassed the kid who played Anakin until he quit acting. Grow up and stop being jerks just because the internet removes the consequences.

Also, if you're posting a wall of text in this thread, there's something deeply, deeply wrong with you.

its just a game? yes it is just a game but why did i pay 60 bucks for a game that did not meet my specifications, no fun value no replayability. so wtf are you rambling about? you should get what you paid for right? this is not the case i feel like ive been had. the first hor of gameplay is fun so i just paid 60 bucks for an hour of fun gameplay...hmm sio your telling my when you buy a nice dinner at a restaraunt you expect high quality food at a reasonable price. instead you get reheated leftovers that eventually make you sick. thats how i feel with this game I didnt not get my moneys worth. so before u say its just a game, how about yes its just a game that you paid good money for and expect it to be worth the value of it. Im not going to pay 60 bucks for JUST A GAME. heh
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Blizzard, you need to be firm with your decisions.

There are tons of players who enjoy this game, please don't let it be ruined by the whiny casuals with less than 10k elite kills polluting and spamming the forums with their terrible suggestions.

1) Nerf to invulnerability/shielding/reflect damage

There is no more challenge to the game with the current elite affixes, combined with MP, it shows you have completely given in. Again, there needs to be more difficulty in this game. Let the casuals whine, stay firm with the difficulty of the game that YOU want us to handle.

Introduce more affixes, even white mobs need a buff as they are simply all too weak.

2) Monster Power - 10 levels

You are practically spoon feeding the players with too many level choices.

Reduce them to only 4 MP choices, and at the same time, increase the density of monsters with each increasing difficulty. Rename them base on difficulty:

Easy - similar to MP 1 (might as well make all acts in Inferno level 63)
Hard - similar to MP 5 (double the spawn rates of white mobs in all acts)
Insane - similar to MP 10 (double the spawn rate of white mobs in all acts, double the elite spawns)
Abyss - ??? (Blizzard should make players wet their pants for this one)

3) Health Orb Revamp

They are just too boring currently, need more.

- Rename orbs to essence
- Introduce essences that work like shrine buffs
- Introduce more variations to essence
- Introduce new item/skill/passive affixes that increase the durability of such buffs or make them work better (Eg Doubles the time of fleeting essence upon use)

4) Introduce more "fun" monsters

We love the treasure goblin, why not introduce more and make some of them exclusive to only higher difficulty levels?

Lost Soul - A wandering soul that 100% drops a random essence buff upon killed. Has the ability to cast Witch Doctor's Horrify skill. Disappears after 15 seconds.

Shadow Thief - Drops 1000% more gold upon death (stacks with GF). Only spawns in Insane and Abyss modes. Immune to freeze/stun and has the following affixes: fast, illusionist. You lose gold everytime the thief hits you. Escapes through the shadow after 15 seconds.

Treasure Pygmy Lord - 100% chance to drop a random legend item. Only spawns in Abyss mode. Immune to freeze/stun and has the following affixes: fast, extra health, illusionist. Escapes through a portal after 20 seconds.

Last but not least,

5) Nerf Run Like The Wind (Important!)

With the implementation of increase in spawn rates, and given that at least 80% of the population plays a WW barb, this needs to be nerfed badly because it will be very VERY easy for them. The higher the spawn rate the easier it will be for a WW barb to proc, have infinite WOTB, and lifesteal/leech from the mobs like no tomorrow.

- Remove the proc rate for the skill to lifesteal/loh
- Add a cooldown of 15 secs to prevent players from skill spam to get infinite WOTB
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Its terrible that parts of the community live to troll. I find many of the posts constructed in such a way to just attack people and provide very little constructive feedback or any opinion worth any significant value. There is part of the community that just loves being unhappy and to revel in the negative circle jerk that often becomes certain posts on these forums. If you don't like the game then play something else go somewhere else because most of us don't think you are a useful part of the community.

Honestly some of you are lucky you can hide behind the anonymity of the internet because in polite company your comments would have you with few friends and very little meaning in life... but I guess that is why you troll hear.

Attacking someone who couldn't possibly live up to your expectation (because there honestly to high) is deplorable. You need to realize that the people who developed this game put a considerable amount of effort in this game and still do. I played near opening day and have seen the game improve dramatically while it is true there have been some missteps the game is only getting better.

Good Luck Jay on your future projects. You really created something new and different with this game and it gets better with every patch you will be missed!

I can't speak for everyone but peoples "expectations" were that the foundation that was built with Diablo and Diablo 2 would be improved and expanded upon. Not gutted and thrown in the trash. And then, give interviews talking down to fans. That's why people are upset. The expectations weren't too high. They just weren't met, at all. The same complaints are all over the internet and you tube, not just these forums
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Blizzard, you need to be firm with your decisions.

There are tons of players who enjoy this game, please don't let it be ruined by the whiny casuals with less than 10k elite kills polluting and spamming the forums with their terrible suggestions.

umm most people under 10k kills prob started and quit because its not the game it should have been how hard is that for people to grasp??
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No no no no no! 12 years in the making and for what? Guys, even if we compare the released version of Diablo 3 to the released version of Diablo 2, Diablo 2 still comes miles ahead in terms of atmosphere, characters, voice acting (really nice top notch voice acting in Diablo 2, as opposed to the horrible, 0 effort in Diablo 3... although to be honest, the Scoundrel seems to be the only one with a good voice actor who seemed to put effort into making the character a redeeming feature of the game, rest of them seem to be "ok, let's underact or overact and get paid for it"), replayability, boss fights, level design, randomness of maps, gameplay (waypoints from acts to acts, town portals whenever you wanted), classes (you had a righteous paladin or a kickass necro in D2, but hey, at least we have a wizard in D3 who is all "look at me i am yolo swag"), story (don't even get me started), secret level (so we have cows that walk on 2 feet and wield giants axes vs ponies, teddy bears and flowers... OK), freedom of choice with attribute points and skills we decide in what we put. And the list goes on.r And I've covered vanilla Diablo 2... not to mention the extra bonuses LoD bought.

And I don't want to hear any excuses! It took them 12 years to release this game... it's a broken subpar lukewarm effort with the name "Diablo" stamped on it! There aren't any excuses and you know why? They had a perfectly working formula with Diablo 1, 2 and Diablo2: LoD. A formula which pleased and kept people pleased for years to come. A formula, which with today's advancement could've made this the best Diablo game to date!
But no, we get a game which is unrewarding, frustrating, and a slap in the face to any Diablo fan who knows what makes Diablo, Diablo!

You claim to listen to what people post on the forums? Here's a list of what most of us want (and it's been posted many times before with 0 attention)

1) Why are monsters so scarce? Increase monster density!

2) Why are boss battles just a minor stepping stone to the next act? In D2 ALL of the boss battles felt epic, hard and rewarding since they dropped something you, or someone you know could use. Here, it's noting like that! They feel like... nothing! A freaking elite pack is harder than a boss... it's a joke and disgrace.

3) 0 randomness... And we do mean 0 map randomness... why not make the maps bigger and more random with bigger monster density as you increase the difficulty? Would increase the replayability by a lot!

4) And a big one: WORST LOOT IN THE UNIVERSE!!! What's the use of hours on end of grinding when all you find you vendor? Why is the AH a necessity instead of a commodity? You think it keeps us motivated to search for stats on equipment, put in a max gold buyout and scroll? We payed money to play AUCTION HOUSE!?!? No! We payed money to play Diablo! But there is no motivation since 99% of the time we find nothing that we need... not even AH worthy to get some gold off of it!!! So fix the loot system by tweaking the RNG thing! Remove USELESS stats from items which no one want, make class specific items have class specific stats (no more int on barb belts, dex on wizz wands, str on monk weapons or intelligence on DH x-bows).

5) No class diversity! In Diablo 2, anyone could finish the game, at any difficulty, with any class and what build they wanted! Here, it's just WW barb. Most people (even I played it for a while, but it felt too cheap and anti-fun for me, so I switch to a DH, then a monk... and no, it wasn't a crap geared barb either, I could farm MP5-6 quite easily) play a WW barb because it's the most forgiving class in this game! Quit nerfing classes, skills, builds etc because the game is broken in the first place! You don't give us an environment, make us adapt to it, we realize what the best way to face it is, then you go "yeah, you are having fun incorrectly, we'll nerf". It' doesn't work that way! This isn't WoW! This is an ARPG! Buff everything big time, buff the monsters too! Buff attack speed, skills, classes, talents, passives, elites, bosses, BUFF EVERYTHING and stop nerfing!!!

And these are just some things we have been asking for a while now. You cannot tell me they have worked 12 years on this. The game feels too rushed, too mediocre to be given that amount of time. Heck... even if it was 2-3 years it still would've felt the same.

And yes, you will piss a lot of people off my saving all the good stuff for the expansion (it's a huge slap in the face for us you know?. Better put that in now, ear our trust again and WE GUARANTEE IT you will be happy with the expansion sales.
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01/18/2013 05:23 PMPosted by Ozzmoziz
If you love Diablo as much as we do, then please continue to let us know how you feel we can improve the game

shut down both auction houses

01/18/2013 05:23 PMPosted by Ozzmoziz
If you love Diablo as much as we do, then please continue to let us know how you feel we can improve the game

shut down both auction houses

shutdown both auction houses? the gold auction house makes it so much easier to sell my items that i legitimately spend hours farming and to buy the exact item i want with the gold i spent hours farming for. the real money auction house is what keeps this game updated constantly because blizzard is making money off of it and does not want to lose money because that is what a gaming company requires to make good games - money. so stop with this no auction house bull!@#$ and look for real improvements to the game.
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Blizzard, you need to be firm with your decisions.

There are tons of players who enjoy this game, please don't let it be ruined by the whiny casuals with less than 10k elite kills polluting and spamming the forums with their terrible suggestions.

umm most people under 10k kills prob started and quit because its not the game it should have been how hard is that for people to grasp??

Then you should just quit and stop spamming the forums with crappy suggestions?

That's what I do when I dislike a game I downloaded/bought, I don't come back.

How hard is that for people to grasp? If you love D2, then go back, it's still there for a reason.
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Best news of 2013 for d3

d3 will become better
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01/19/2013 08:54 AMPosted by Eerazor
You are not entitled to anything. You are entitled to play the game. You can moan and groan if you do not like it but in all seriousness - thats pretty much the entitlement you get.

actually we are entitled to recieve full product for the money we payed, not beta version.
When you buy a hamburger, do you expect it to have meat inside or do you expect it to be gone? cause for me its pretty important, so just shut up instead of trying to sound smart when you dont even understand the issue


Your post have no respect for people who buy d3 , we are entitled to the best possible game, didnt blizzard entice us with the beta, interview upon interview of all the game dev and the leader , the youtube video, the advertisment of diablo 3? Hell even jumping on the bandwagon of diablo1 and diablo2 the game that gave the resouces and potential o make a diablo3 happen, you pay 60 dollars for the game and then 150 plus for CE and you get nothing that resemble d2 in game play.so we are not entitled? Go out and pay 60 dollars of leaded fuel for your car that uses unleaded fuel and see if you will tell the gas station owner oh that is allright that u misplaced the unleaded sign with the leaded sign gas. I will go and spend another hundres of dollars to fix my car , your station wont have to pay for the damage you done on my car and the other probelms because i am unable to use fo r car for my daily usage. Eeazor you see we spend our hard earn money on thtis game because of those adverstisement, and than we spent countless hours on this game so that we can enjoy what was promised to us based on the review, so you see our time is precios and we demand those time be worth for the brand that they adverstise it.
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