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Chief Creative Officer, Rob Pardo you failed as an chief.
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01/18/2013 05:12 PMPosted by Rob Pardo
I was the executive producer on the project; I hired Jay and I gave him advice and direction throughout the development process. I was ultimately responsible for the game we released and take full responsibility for the quality of the result.

The lead designer for WoW. So I can assume you were the one that wanted this game to work towards the World of Warcraft direction, not the Diablo style. Makes sense. Maybe you guys will realize this is Diablo and come back to your senses.

Good luck Mr. Wilson with your future products.

Since Jay quit did any Mcsmarty pants ask for his loot/items?
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diablo iii is an epic fail.

Sorry , I have respect for all the effort spent on this game. But the awful truth is : game did not cover my expectations. Maybe after waiting for 10 years it was my fault to raise my expectations so high. In the end; they were so high that no game would cover them.
Though when i think about the storyline of the game ( childish structure, lack of depth etc.) the producers can well be blamed for choosing such an awful plot.
I remember playing Diablo 2. While I was playing the game it was like the game world was actually alive. When i quit the game i felt like the characters in the town (expecially in in the expansion act V) were living there even if my character was absent. And when i came back again i was merely joining their world.
Now....It feels like ....fabricated. I can put my finger to reason why to all this. Maybe I got old (34 now- though I can still have the same kind of feeling in some games...Skyrim for example).
Anyway, I've played the game for quiet a time now (more then 200 hours gameplay time) . I still hae hope that the game will develop....In the end...Thanks for your efforts...
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Bring back the following under a Ladder System and you will be going in the right direction:
- Customizable stat attributes (more customization = win)
- Keep the basics of the Ladder System the same, just like in D2.
***Additions such as Ladder Only items, armor graphics, recipes, etc. would be a good idea***
- Perhaps bringing back the Synergy system in some way with skill runes, ie certain runes when used together have an added effect

Just some things that you could incorporate from D2 into D3 and make the game more successful. Just make sure you get it right and test it before you release it, no more "...so we doubled it! Let's see how this goes!" please.
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Jay , I'm extremely sad because of you've decided to leave us .

I know that many of us were very hard on you , They never know how long it takes to implement something new and develop it into the game , They always ask for MORE and in a hasty way , I know you're not happy and you feel like " I did something good that people never appreciate it " .

How could someone work well in this aggressive atmosphere and success ?

The community of Diablo 3 is aggressive, hard to satisfy and they always have something to whine about , But Jay was trying , The guy was spending good deal of time thinking about new ideas to implement into the game, he and his team managed to improve the game by like 100 percent .

Diablo is a great game , It's very enjoyable and there is a room for billions of improvements , Jay made it , and everyone will know the difference between him and any other leader when he leaves , Jay is the best lead designer in the whole Blizzard .

We should be proud that Jay is leading Diablo , Everyone will know this soon .

We lost one of the best developers in the world to another game , We made him resign and i hate to say this but " We hurt jay , even some !@#$%es were talking ^-*! about him and his real life , threating him " .

We love you Jay , Diablo lost you and the game will fail without your presence , I'm sad.

Hardcore , Eu servers !
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It's been a terribly long time since I've played Diablo III, but I would still praise it as an amazing game and say that it's an impressive piece of work. I enjoyed it greatly while it was out and don't regret a second I spent playing it.
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Lesson learned is that an MMO is not the same as an ARPG, and people can be quite upset if you mix these things up.

I'm sure Jay will do fine in the next MMO project, no worries there.
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01/18/2013 05:12 PMPosted by Rob Pardo
I am very proud of the Diablo franchise and what the team was able to accomplish with Diablo III.

Really? You are proud of this garbage??? You guys probably worked hard on the fixes (according you guys), but the game hasn't improved since day one except bringing more useless and boring contents to the game.

It is really sickening that the customers have to hear "good work from you guys" all the time when it's actually poor work. WAKE up ok?
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And 82 pages later, just the usual wall of silence from Blizzard.
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Maybe now we can get a game director that liked the original games.
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I didnt much like Jay Wilsons views but its completeley true that some people are being a little ignorant and rude. Design in all areas takes an enormous amount of time. As a graphic designer I am very much aware of this. So anyone who isnt in the design world and has an opinion on how long things should take should probably be ignored due to ignorance on subject matter. Ideas are great but as for how long things should take is a whole other matter entirely.
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I simply LOVE D3, it's 100000000x times better dans D2 ever was... The skill system in D2 was simply BROKEN... To have to do another char because you "chose" badly you skills was simply CRAZY !!! So to all you lame TROLLS, You supposedly quit D3, but you are still here in the forums, complaining... Go play D2 and stop bugging us... I also LOVE the Auction House, Both of them. And I see to few positive comments about thoses. If you dont like them, dont use them... No one is forcing you to use them !!!

JAY, Respect, you did a GREAT job !!!
Keep up the good work guys !!!
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hey jay we need big big big arena, two team , all team 200 player and big war this best diablo ...
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Tbh i dont know Jay Wilson anymore than anyone else here.

But it definitely just seems like "abandon ship" product is sinking. also another question that im sure many will be asking, i know i am. is that is he allowed to ruin another game?

Will it be Warcraft 4?, Diablo 3 expansion? what will be ruined next?.

Its not even that you guys totally balls to the wall destroyed Diablo series, that makes me sad or angry, its the fact that you absolutely refuse to accept you messed up and correct your mistake. because of some misguided loyalty to employes, share holders whatever.

I think instead of leaving a project, it should be fixed. what about the other people on this project, im sure Jay wilson isnt the only one who has been on it for 7 years. so for them its just tough luck, the lead designer, is bored or whatever, then gl to the rest of the team with the sinking ship.

How about actually stepping up, and fixing Diablo 3. and listening to the community. Instead of leaving the project i actually think Jay Wilson should be charged with fixing this game with the rest of the team.

-Remove the auction house, rmah and normal.

-tweak droprate and make items more interesting.

-new skill system either skill tree, or something like path of exile or diablo 1, you can get skills from gems or books, let players play the way they wanna play.
Fix the whole cutscene mess, that we have to spam esc so many times to play,

-Let people actually join a game and play in the other they want, if they wanna kill Diablo first and do act 1 then act 3, that should be an option.

-Fix act 4, its a mess, there is just no way around it, its the worst damn act in the game by miles. If this is not the definition of rushed, im not sure what is.

-Try to revive ingame community, which your company damn near killed off. I mean for gods sake there are more nice and active people in the chats of Path of exile, than in this huge major triple A title. its digusting to what how you threat the community and implement social features, its abyssmal even.

-The game story really treats people like they cannot think for themselves, the way the villians act, the same after every failed, haha im still gonna get you bwahah this setback is nothing. I remember when Blizzard made deep interesting stories you actually had to think, the villians did not explain their every move and tell you what they were doing.

Instead of talking about how proud you are of something, you should listen to the fans, and accept that product has many flaws. and if even in a normal job you messed up this big, you would be fired. You can talk about sales being a success all you want.

Fastfood sells more than any other food in the world. is fastfood amazing?. EA makes fastfood games, is that what blizzard wants to be know for?, just making games that sell.

Its saddens me greatly what is happening to Blizzard a company that once stood for quality and listening to fans. now thinking they know better. its like the music in your games this whole new atmospheric stuff, its so bad. Warcraft 2, Starcraft Broodwar, Warcraft 3, those games had music with HEART, SOUL and FEELING. But again Blizzard knows best or so you think.
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Thank God you are gone. You effectively led the destruction of one of the most popular franchises ever, and released one of the most disappointing sequels ever made. The fact that it took years to do so is even more disturbing. Diablo III works great now, but the state that it was originally released in was nothing more than a glorified beta. Good job alienating die hard fans and newcomers alike with the desire to make money quickly, rather than release a quality game.
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I have an idea for all you trolls and whiners, get laid! Stop humping Blizzard's forum!

That being said, I just wish mister Wilson all the best in his future projects and may you be free of this "community"! About D3, well it's not the best of games I've seen, but you did the best you could and that's all we could hope for.

Also, best of luck to the future Game Director!
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01/21/2013 08:53 AMPosted by Zuzax
And 82 pages later, just the usual wall of silence from Blizzard.

Well atleast they fired that jerk..
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I have an idea for all you trolls and whiners, get laid! Stop humping Blizzard's forum!

That being said, I just wish mister Wilson all the best in his future projects and may you be free of this "community"! About D3, well it's not the best of games I've seen, but you did the best you could and that's all we could hope for.

Also, best of luck to the future Game Director!

Because people have opinions contrary to yours does not mean they do not get laid, nice juvenile response... He did the best he could? Really? I didn't spend money to purchase someone's "best effort" at a game. What a pathetic statement. The game was OBVIOUSLY released early, and was an ENORMOUS disappointment. This would be quite clear to anyone that had played either of the 2 previous games. Stop sucking up to Blizzard, it won't really get you anywhere.
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Sooo good news :) But way too late :(
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