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01/21/2013 08:56 PMPosted by Shadywack
I'm wondering what the OP expected when he posted in the first place.

a bunch of "gl's .. and can I haz your stuff" posts
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01/21/2013 08:56 PMPosted by Shadywack
I'm wondering what the OP expected when he posted in the first place.

Probably birds chirping, flowers blooming and the relaxing sound of thousands of people thanking him for completely trashing their favourite franchise.
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It is not ok to worship blizzard employees thay are not gods that can do no wrong. I want a game not a fanboy shrine.
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01/18/2013 03:35 PMPosted by Traveler
Finally got this fool out the door! However, he is moving to another area within Blizzard? Great... what franchise will he destroy now?

I bet they don't let him anywhere near WoW...

I really do hope his good bye post doesn't work out the same as the other 50,000 good bye posts I've read on this forum.

This has so much win LOL
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200 pages of QQ / FO jay.
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I’ve worked with many, many designers at Blizzard and Jay is one of the best. He has a great career at Blizzard ahead of him and I guarantee that you will enjoy Jay’s game designs in future Blizzard games.

I will never even think about touching another game which has Jay Wilson's name on it. May the gaming Gods help Blizzard if you ever think about allowing him to touch any game in the future.
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01/21/2013 08:56 PMPosted by Shadywack
I'm wondering what the OP expected when he posted in the first place.

yeah its like he wants us to think he is a good guy who is just doing his best. he produced a horrible game based on a wonderful, storied franchise. he should be ashamed of himself and blizzard should be ashamed of themselves for shipping such a lackluster game.

he is no better than those thieves at the Federal Reserve.
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ever thought maybe he was either asked or forced to make it.

I really don't think he wanted to post here ever again.
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01/21/2013 09:30 PMPosted by Hydroglific
Bring back the runeword ideas. I don't know why that was scrapped and forget accound bound items. DIABLO NEVER HAD ACCOUNT BOUND STUFF THIS ISN'T world of warcraft. Seriously bring back teleporting and mana pools. IM SICK OF WALKING AROUND. There isn't one game out there that has teleporting like diablo 2 had. So make it happen and trust me it'll be heaven for this franchise.


let us fight all bosses in one game without playing the storyline from beginning to end... make farming them feasable.

D2 -- kill boss on hell mode -- get all sort's of set n uniques -- 99% were stuff that belonged in normal -- but was fun to watch em drop -- and useful sometimes for new chars
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Hopefully the new Director they bring in is able to fix some of the things still wrong with this game.
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FACT - the game severely underperformed to its predecessor even after 8 months it has been released

it is normal that the TONS of diablo franchise fans are bashing/QQing at the game
and when a product fails, people need to find a person to blame...so they all end up bashing on Jay wilson

i mean this thread would have never appeared if you BLIZZARD would have released everything within a person's tolerance of poor game design

we wait 8 months, and all we see is a bad paragon system, pointless PVP system, furthermore bad legendaries, terrifying balance and underperforming skills/runes, duping, no itemization, no improved chat system, no improved social system,


at the very least, acknowledge the needs of the game, and tell us an approximate time you would address them

there are so many things YOU need to address, and yet NOTHING is being done
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01/18/2013 05:12 PMPosted by Rob Pardo
The Diablo community deserves an even better game from Blizzard and we are committed to improving it. We have a talented team in place and have no intention of stopping work on Diablo III until it is the best game in the franchise.

Rob, I thought of the best analogy I could think of to explain what happened with D3 and why so many Diablo fans and Blizzard fans were dissappointed by it.

Rob, imagine you worked at EA instead of Blizzard, and imagine you were creative director for their sports games, and were in charge of making Madden 2013. But instead of making Madden 2013 a football game to continue in the franchise history, you made it a soccer game. You could make it the best soccer game ever, sell half a billion copies, win awards for it all across the world, thus proving it's the best selling game in the franchise (and vg history). But all the original Madden fans will be frustrated by it being a soccer game now and not a football game. Some will revolt, some will boycott, some will walk away silently, but everyone of them not looking for a soccer game will be frustrated to some degree.

D3 is that different from its D1, D2, and Rogue roots. As it stands now, the game is -get to cap, grind gear 99% of the time, progress 1% of the time(if at all); all the adventuring, exploring, encountering, hero-building roots of the genre don't exist. D3 can be a great game, can make the most fans for your company and the franchise, but how will you get players back who are looking for a title that satisfies their appettite for the original genre's gameplay?

I think your company was honest up front that you were making your own version of a game in the Sanctuary universe. I even posted on these forums D3 should have been named Sanctuary, since it didn't really feature Diablo-style(Rogue-style) gameplay but some new gameplay based off your studio's observations of what makes action rpgs enjoyable. (All my old posts were deleted after the Brevik insult, so don't bother looking for them.) And if you'd saved the title D3 for another project a lot of us would have forgiven your team and tried something new and gone on the ride with you.

So what all of us Diablo-style(Rogue-style) arpg fans are asking is: Does your studio want to make games for us? So many contradictory statements made by your staff about features we enjoyed from the original gameplay (and other arpgs) has caused us to lose confidence in your studio's desire to do so.

Diablo-style(Rogue-style) gameplay satisfies a desire in us that other games do not. We play arpgs from Bethesda, Bioware, CD Projekt Red Studio and a dozen other studios to satisfy other arpg gaming desires. Can we count on Blizzard to ever again feature Diablo-style(Rogue-style) gameplay? Or should we just look at other studios and franchises?
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01/18/2013 05:17 PMPosted by Sÿlak
The Diablo community deserves an even better game from Blizzard

Agreed! Thanks for the post! :)

personally I'd rehire the people who made Diablo 2 & Diablo 2:LoD rather than having the WoW team handle it, it's like having a stone mason make a piano for you, they don't mix what people expected was a dungeon crawl hack n slash what they got was -> Online MMO Hack n Pay Korean "Mu Online" Clone yes online is good but trying to fashion a game after an old arch type that has nothing to do with the diablo series never works out.
As you've seen allot of the Diablo 1-2 hardcore fans after finding how short Diablo 3 was, how many plotholes there where (the prime evils souls being destroyed means theyre gone cant come back) leave a lot of iffy feelings with players they went to and I quote "Torchlight" and as they quote made by the original minds of the Diablo world. Owning the games intellectual rights is good but tweaking it to make the opposite crowd the "online crowd" go gaga pretty much made those who enjoyed the series feel like they got shafted and given the middle finger.

As a kid growing up I remember playing Diablo 1 back on its release for the PC in my high school computer lab with my friends lan play and enjoying the option to play online or offline as a given choice, as such I believe the community feels like they are being forced this watered down game, the problem for that lays in the fact that it was attempted to be made into something it is not and with all the hype given for it over the years you where given a very large pair of shoes to fill.

Simple suggestions:
1. stop nerfing every class and balancing because a player complains "that barbarian is surviving attacks to him better than my wizard" it is quite obvious a buffed up 400lb musclar warrior will survive hand to hand combat or a dainty book worm, when you "rebalance classes & nerf" it makes players feel like they are being forced to play an MMO rather than a Hack n Slash dungeon crawl that the series has promoted from the beginning.

2. Make the acts longer, in Diablo 2 you did not leave act 2 when you played with just a friend of "your level" for about a a week or two because of the large maps,randomized dungeons & extra quests to do besides the main quest, yes one of the main things that people do miss where the side quests such as Act 3 finding the dagger to reinforce the villages barrier from demons with a reward side quests for players that are part of the main game but not necessary to do to complete add flavor for the player.

3. Allow a generalized Lan play option for players who do not want to deal with the lag from your b.net servers, personally the servers have been laggy since Diablo 2 a little compromise with the player base makes the general public usually very grateful, when most players I know found out about the forced "you must login to even play the game" for Diablo

3, let's just say there where quite a few racial terms involving frugal & tightwad involved, not to mention the people who don't have an internet connection who never knew about the online play until the launch date couldnt play the game cause of this.

These three small changes might bring back confidence the player base you lost from Launch date and rebuild the trust you lost with them for these shenanigans.

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Best wishes, good luck on the Titan project, I hope it is as good of a game as WoW used to be.
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D3 Meme:
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