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Seven Years in Sanctuary

What gets me is not the hating on Jay, Blizzard or D3. There are fine, justified subjective reasons for not liking any of them, indeed even intensely disliking them. What does get me, however, is the commentary and analysis offered by total idiots, most of whom will never - never - be offered a job at any games company, let alone Blizzard. At best you people would be qualified to be the QA department water boys or something, eliciting little bouts of laughter from the dev team when mentioning your various "ideas" (though in your heads you're all probably more like Will in that Good Will Hunting movie - a yet-to-be-discovered misunderstood genius; 'tis the American way I suppose).

it really was fun to read your post and while i totally agree with you that some ideas are simply not possible to implement at a certain stage, as well as that there are many things that have been done well and are not mentioned even once (e.g. environment going transparent once they would get in the way of the cam, which is just one thing that is absolutely crucial but messed up in many games), i really have to knock you off your perch. who the hell do you think you are - mister anonymous - to judge capabilities of pretty much anyone not liking this game?
not everyone on the forums is 12-years old (even though many behave that way), you are just as well talking to well established people seeing gaming as a hobby and who could just as well claim that you would be nothing more than a water boy in their domain.

/A Creative Director on another very old and well-respected franchise

Any chance you are from ID? That would be hilarous.
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Though I don't like some of the things done in D3 but still thanks to you Jay Wilson for trying your best to give us the best of D3 the we are asking. Kudos to you!
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This is why I did not like Diablo 3:

1. The resets everytime you leave the game which leads to you'r waypoints are never saved which really destroys the MF part that I enjoy so much in Diablo.

2. Not being able to teleport with waypoints through Acts

3. The Action House made it into a Pay to win game. And the funny part about this is that the game is not Free to begin with. Free to play games that are Pay to win are not even that popular. So, how can you actually think a 30 Euro game that's pay to win would work out?

4. You where forced to play the game over and over again since you could not teleport through acts and farm Elite mobbs which from me is super boring and dont feel rewarding at all. The story and the gameplay is just not enough good to be played over and over again like you did it the first time.
MF runs in Diablo 2 becomes you'r little instance that you like to farm which feels rewarding to spend time to since you have done you'r research. Picked those areas by chooice rather than being forced to play a crap-hold-blizzards-hand-while-you-explore-fore-loot system.

5. The crafting system is a Joke.

6. No runes

7. No runewords!!!

9. The graphics. Looks like League of Legends.. Diablo 2 is dark and scary. The first time I played it I was 9 years old and I got so scared I hide the CD and did not pick it up until I was 12 and I did not even finish den of Evil since then I have been playing that masterpiece of game.

10. The sounds. Diablo 2 have THE best sounds I have ever heard in a game or a movie. They are just perfect! I did expect more on that part.

11. Diablo looks like a Female. Not like a tough !@# brutal monster like it did in Diablo 2.

12. The small path's. Blizzard holds you'r hands through the entire journey

13. The skill system. It's boring, you only get 7 active skills... Reminds way to much of something from wow like everything does. Daiblo 3 is more like a mini World of Warcraft..

14. No charms?!

15. The classes

16. The voice of the monk and Witch doctor

17. The Witch doctor class

18. Jay wilson. He might be a good game designer and everything I do not doubt that. But I do not like him since he is obviously not the right man to handle the Diablo series. None but "Blizzard North" should have done that to begin with. They made Diablo 2 for you. They made the best game that's ever been made so far. And then Jay Wilson go out say " $%^- that loser"?! That's the main part to why I really dont like him. How can you say that after destroying my favorite game series to those who did Diablo 2?
It's like I develop WoW 2 and completely misunderstood the game and none of the players are happy with it and instead of realizing that I go and tell the WoW team to go *!@# them self. Not very nice if you ask me. Judging by that act Jay Wilson was never the man to do Diablo 3.

19. The looks by the gear and the stats of them. No + skills? well the skill system wasn't good either way.

20. How I want to play if the rumors are true. The version of Diablo 3 that Blizzard North had in 2008.

21. No duels. How can you not have that in the game? Half the reason to why Diablo 2 is so famous is thanks to it's duels. It's still one of the best game for Duels!

I could make that list go up to 100 without any problem but I wont since I think I made my point. I love Diablo 2. And I think almost everyone that have played it just loves it just the way I do. Diablo 3 was so far away from diablo 2 it was more like a mini WoW than a follow up to Diablo 2.
The launch of D3 did not bather me so much. I know things may just not work as planed.
The game was so much more disappointing that it did not even matter for me.

This is just my opinion. I dont expect anyone to share it or anything but I just felt like I needed to say what I felt about Diablo 3 since I love the Diablo series so much. Apart from D3 ofc..
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01/22/2013 04:25 AMPosted by hellsaura
and you have any idea how dumb this would of been? probably not being you suggested it.. just do this. take the Total d3 population and cut it by 75%... thats what you get for a pay-to-play game... ALOT of people do not play WoW simply because of it.

Try understand the following:

Any company needs focus on making profit, to expect them to do otherwise is.....Blizz is not a charity.
If D3 is trully the best, then its going to suck out WoW subscribers. This is not hard to forsee.

So now why would Blizz kill their WoW subscribers? Only way D3 is allowed to become its best is if it becomes a sub service and does not hurt blizz financially if people leave WoW for D3.

D3 needs becomes a sub service so Blizz can justify spending millions and making it shine at its true potential.
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All this talk about the 'spirit' of Diablo in a game with:
- no offline mode
- no random dungeons
- gearcheck gameplay
- gearcheck gameplay ATTACHED TO A FREAKING RMAH.
- pathetic itemization and item design
- compulsory pets (companions)

And an utterly unserious, goofy approach to VO and character interactions (including that hideous final battle with lady diablo).

Not to mention the unfathomable idea that what people really really wanted at launch was a game that would take months to beat via a constant gear grind in solo player. =/

And all of that is working around the unprecedented personality issues on public display.

Honestly dude, I am really really nervous for Blizzard as a whole with someone with your instincts for 'fun' being involved heavily in a new project. That said it does make me feel better a little as far as the chances of Diablo3 being... saved? (I dunno.)

As for Rob Pardo's comments, no, we don't get to work with the staff at Blizzard. So, it's irrelevant how good Jay seems, or what a great bro he is to hang out with in the office. All we see is the final result, and, um... WOW THERE WERE SOME ISSUES. Stuff that never in a million years should have gone wrong.

This IS a very sad thread. But a bunker mentality is not going to help with that. Lose the alpha mentality ENTIRELY, guys - words and personality count for nothing in your jobs. All anyone ever sees or cares about is the result.
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Rob, please, aswer me...why the Diablo 3 story (i'm talking about the plot) is so...mmmh, cheap? D2 story was so strong and absorbing and i'm so disappointed about the D3 one.
Thanks in advance for your answer.
Good luck.
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01/22/2013 04:43 AMPosted by hellsaura
Blizzard makes it just like WoW where you need to pay even more to play a game, everyone leaves, no profit. no improvement. why does everyone leave, game is crap. get it? unless you like paying for a bad/incomplete game?????

They can give us the expansion as a sub service, with 10x the dungeons, awesome PvP, Hero customization, 10x the itemzation.

Then you can stay here chasing pink ponies cos $18 per month is too much for you to spend on entertainment.
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01/22/2013 04:23 AMPosted by Limbonic
Any chance you are from ID? That would be hilarous.

I guess we will never know. Shame. Great lulz potential there. Creative director of "well-respected franchise"on friendly Diablo 3 forum. Fresh endgame content for this week.

Also, "id".
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I remember when Blizzard used to listen to their player base and were known for top notch support.

Rob Pardo's defiant defence of the state of the game (and Wilson) is how Blizzard play now.

Mr Pardo, instead of accusing unsatisfied customers of poor behaviour I suggest you and other senior Blizzard employees address the underlying, and very real, causes of the discontent.

D3 was only "successful" due to the players love of D2 - a game developed by the "old" Blizzard. Now that the honeymoon has turned sour I suggest D4 will be a very tough sell. In fact any Blizzard product will be a hard sell to me, and millions like me, who have seen Blizzards attitude to its players turn contemptuous.
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01/18/2013 05:23 PMPosted by Ozzmoziz
If you love Diablo as much as we do, then please continue to let us know how you feel we can improve the game

shut down both auction houses

This, with the force of a million suns, this.
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This thread saddens me greatly.

I hope it does. Maybe it feels a little bit like the disappointment that I felt over Diablo3 and over ruining the Diablo franchise. Maybe it's just my fault, because I love D2 so much and played it for so long, so that my expectations were too high.

Since it is already said what's wrong with the game, I only tell you my biggest let down of Diablo 3: the skill system.

It is so bad, I have no word for it. No Hammerdins, no Trapsen, no !@#$%...... How could that happen.

I want to know at which project Jay Wilson will work in the future, so i am sure, that I want pre-order this game.
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01/18/2013 05:23 PMPosted by Ozzmoziz
If you love Diablo as much as we do, then please continue to let us know how you feel we can improve the game

Additional Characters would be Great (PALADINS,ELVES,DWARFs and Real STYLE NECROMANCERs)
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Good luck!
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We all knew that there were some strong feelings in the fanbase, but even so, the fact that there's still so many people needing to vent, 204 pages in, is really great. Possibly terrible, yes, but great.

On a positive note, I'd like to nominate someone for the lead designer post. Now, I've seen a fair few posts calling for Dave Brevik to come back to Diablo, and while I understand the appeal of having the "father" of the franchise back at the helm, I don't think it's happening. Partly because D. has his own new game company, a fat contract with Marvel, and a new game in the works, but also because the prospect of walking into this crapstorm and trying to turn it around is just... daunting. For anybody, really.

And that's the problem; given how much acrimony there is among and between the members of the Diablo fan base, it might be awfully hard to find anyone willing to take this on. So, here's my solution: Rob Pardo should take over the reins himself.

R. has stated, in this thread, that the vision for this game, and the quality of this game, are something for which he takes full responsibility. If we take him at his word, then the burden of responsibility for fixing this mess should also fall on his shoulders. I'm not sure what else he does in a day, but if he has the faith that he claims in the people that he's hired, then he should be willing to delegate some of those responsibilities, which he devotes the time and attention to Diablo that he wasn't previously able to. He can even have J. help him, there, since the "new project to be named later" presumably hasn't started yet.

Once the ship is righted, then Blizzard can go head-hunting, looking for someone to take over for the xpac(s), console port(s), &c., and R. can hand off Diablo to that person in a healthy state, ready to built upon, rather than in an ailing state, with bitterly divided and alarmingly angry players. Those who've stuck around, that is.

That's my $0.05 -- maybe not worth that much, but we don't have pennies up here, anymore.
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The comments might be harsh but this is due to the hype which was in part created by Blizzard, the design choices only taken to maximize profit and not to develop a good game and so many broken promises. That will make many people upset and Blizzard is known to have a rather immature community.
So no surprise there.

I found the game very disappointing and after one playthrough I slowly gave up on it.
I am a dentist and if I do a poor job I will be held responsible. Why should Jay Wilson or Blizzard not being held responsible for a poor job? If I overcharge a patient and then do a poor job I have to accept criticism, don't I?
Torchlight 2 is a way better game which can be modified and it costs less than half.

Blizzard needs to work on making good and fun games again and not only think about maximizing profits.
The reason why they try to patch and "improve" the game is to make more profit of the RMAH which is one of the problem's root in the first place. Blizzard, you are a cat biting its own tail and then complain it hurts too much!

Make a decent game for a decent price and then you don't have to feel sad!!!
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