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Seven Years in Sanctuary

01/22/2013 08:45 AMPosted by Xiphoideus
me and my 8y old son recently downed diablo and the game is back on track ... im lovin it...

Sorry, but a recommendation by someone who lets their 8 year-old son play Diablo 3 is one to disregard for me. Your decision but I find it irresponsible, just like Blizzard to release a game concept like Diablo 3.

how old are you when you play Diablo for first time? biach please
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Please get rid of the aution houses, it feels like its AUCTION HOUSE the game. and when its not AH OR RMAH is pick up sticks with lvl58 items in mp 7.. also make mf effect roll rates not how often useless gear shows up :P
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This game has been somewhat of a disappointment to me, my brother, and friends. All of who are familiar with the franchise and had played the previous games. Exempt one of my friends who was new to the franchise and also thought the story was poor, and the gameplay got boring very quickly.

I could understand the hate that everyone is feeling. I wouldn't have the right to tell them to chill out. Everyone will and have expressed their anger toward Jay Wilson whether it's constructive or not. I don't condone life threats that's over the top. I will say the man poke and prodded a beehive of the fans who invested several fun yrs on this franchise and expected the best from Blizzard. Cause in some sense he (Jay Wilson) talk to us like were delusional people. Making statements that we ( Diablo fans) must of played some other Diablo game cause that's not how he remembered it.

If you take a look at the forums you would see the most common content of what the Diablo fans had been looking forward to before the release. Specifically what was shown in one of the Blizzcon events.You cut out a lot of what you thought was fat, and you summarized it, and then simplified it so that most of the content wasn't much of a selection and lack so much customization that wouldn't last long. All that work you had done and showed on a previous Blizzcon events and it felt like this game went back to the drawing board in the mid part of the development stages and half assed it for release (excuse my language).

As for you Mr. Pardo, it saddens me greatly to see such poor quality in a game specially from a Blizzard product. And to be honest the company has been showing it's lack of enthusiasm of getting into the fan bases head, and or getting some common ground, or put more work into reading feedback and suggestions

Mr. Pardo you shouldn't be proud of the game you put out. Your just showing just as much lack of care for the fans as Mr. Wilson has. And it all comes back to this statement made by a blue poster " We did what we thought was fun for you. "

As for being apart of the issue of hiring Jay Wilson and not keeping him on a leash before his mouth/fingers does any more damage not just to the franchise but Blizzard as a name. I also suggest you step down and change your position so you won't have any involvement of getting certain people into positions they obviously weren't right for.

As for this statement made by you

01/18/2013 05:12 PMPosted by Rob Pardo
I’ve worked with many, many designers at Blizzard and Jay is one of the best.

I would be careful what you say from here on out, you also maybe ruining the reputation of other developers in the same company that probably wouldn't want to be compared by a man who has now known to tarnished franchise. For the sake of your friends, co-workers and employees and blizzards name. Seeing that this is in public viewing forum. That can be translated in many ways mostly not so pleasing to the fans and could backfire.

Now how far is Blizzard/Developers are willing to go to fix this game? The fans can give you the ideas you need the time to pick out out what would be possible. But I guess no one can promise us anything when it comes to overhauling some of the games mechanics. But this also comes to how much do you really value your fans? how far are you willing go to for them? how much sweat, and work are you willing to do to fix the problem that this game has? We will see in the later future patches, I can only hope for the best and watch.
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01/18/2013 05:12 PMPosted by Rob Pardo
If you love Diablo as much as we do, then please continue to let us know how you feel we can improve the game. If you still feel the need to dish out blame, then I would prefer you direct it at me. I was the executive producer on the project; I hired Jay and I gave him advice and direction throughout the development process. I was ultimately responsible for the game we released and take full responsibility for the quality of the result.

Rob Pardo, this is such BS. I, for one (and probably of small group of us), know how the corporate world works - especially when video gaming companies are swallowed up by large companies with a intent of making money. In fact, I don't even blame you and Jay Wilson for this whole mess! You guys were just doing your JOB and told what to do. Employees with stings attached leading back to 'big boys" floor. But that is no excuse for this crap of a game. I can't believe not one person sat back and said "This game kinda sucks! Alot of people are not going to like this direction we've gone.". This game missed the mark with the Diablo franchise. Two things killed this game:

1) Flashy graphics and no strategy
2) Auction house

Really? 20 trillion gold for a piece of armor? WTH? Or spending real money for a good weapon? That's Activision shareholders putting in their 5 cents regarding gameplay. And in regards to strategy - WHERE IS IT? THERE IS NONE! And yes I've played the game to inferno. Killing Diablo and it was like "This it it?". OK! And screw the paragon crap. You and evryone else knows that was done just to keep players from leaving 'Blizzard National Bank'. I felt like I was wasting hours to get to paragon 100 - and for nothing. You want suggestions - here's a suggestion - just call it done with D3 and move on to D4. Stop wasting your time with patches - all it does is stress your employees out and forcing them to "be transfered" or quit. And don't tell me it hasn't happened because of this farce.

I know this part of my reply is going to piss off some Diablo 3 players - mostly the "Wow, that was cool looking!!" kids and players that like seeing there in-game names up in website spotlights. I play Path of Exile. There is no 'play to win' crap. There is no stupid AH. It has no gear-grind endgame to it! It's a good solid game designed by developers that WANTED to give gamers a great ARPG game. Though it's not the most glitzy and "wow in your face graphics" type of game- it is a good game nonetheless . Grinding Gear Games listens to suggestions and didn't shove a final product down our throats (just went from closed beta to open beta). Seeing that kind of dedication to a game made it easy for me to buy a supporter pack to show my appreciation for what they've done. That 'customer first' approach brings in loyalty to a game and/or franchise. With Blizzard/Activsion, that got thrown out with the daily trash. Good luck Jay Wilson. And Rob Pardo, take some time off to go home and play Diablo 1, 2, and Lod, come back work and start working on Diablo 4...
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I tried to enjoy the game and got bored of it after about a month. I stayed on and played casually for another month, looking at every patch note and hoped for something that will fix the game. Then I thought I ll give it a rest and come back to play in a week. That was Jul or Aug. I have not logged on to Bnet/D3 til now to post this comment.
Not hating anyone, Jay or Blizz, just felt like I waited for 3 yrs and the feeling was..wtf? this is it? Like you looked forward to camping for weeks when you were a kid and the day comes and it RAINED n RAINED n RAINED~~
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I have been playing this game since it was released. The improvements have been many since release. I just wanted to thank the dev. team and all their work to improve D3. I for one appreciate it. Looking forward to 1.07 release, especially the monk class buffs, and the experience buffs coming. Thanks Blizz. !
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01/18/2013 05:12 PMPosted by Rob Pardo
This thread saddens me greatly.

This game saddens me greatly.

01/18/2013 05:12 PMPosted by Rob Pardo
I hired Jay to head up the Diablo project

Out of everyone in the industry capable of designing a ARPG why would you hire a man who has only developed RTS's?

01/18/2013 05:12 PMPosted by Rob Pardo
I was ultimately responsible for the game we released and take full responsibility for the quality of the result.

There are several interviews where Jay is caught stating that some aspects of Diablo II were bad game design. Do you share his philosophy's? Are you one of the guy's who let half of the Blizzard North team walk?

Look man. You guys can apologize until you are blue in the face. The fact that it's taken all of you almost a year to admit the shortcomings that we, the fans, have been telling you since BETA is borderline pathetic. We told you the art design was garbage. We told you the story seemed like a B movie. We told you that we wanted our Necromancer, Paladin, Druid, Amazon and Assassin. We told you we wanted our skill trees. We told you we wanted to be able to duel. We told you we wanted our stat points. We told you we didn't want a RMAH. We told you we wanted a more randomized world. We told you we wanted D2 inspired itemization.

You didn't listen. None of you did. Okay so Blizzard North wasn't working on the project and new people were brought in with new ideas. That still doesn't take away how much you changed. You took what could of been a perfected blueprint that Diablo 2 was, ripped it up, threw it in the trash, and forgot all about it. Diablo III has NOTHING in common with Diablo II other then sharing the same name.

There is no excuse for the amount of change and problems that are in Diablo III. The only way I will ever respect this company again is if they make a true successor of Diablo II with the art direction, itemization, classes, story, and gameplay that the franchise is known for.

If you were to make a World Of Warcraft 2 you wouldn't let Thrall die to a Murloc. You wouldn't take away skill trees. You wouldn't set the level cap to 20. You wouldn't completely change the skill system. You wouldn't make it free to play with a RMAH. You wouldn't change the art style and turn it into a sprite textured environment. You would make a true successor of World Of Warcraft 1. Just like you made a true successor of Starcraft II.

This game failed because you didn't make Diablo 2.5. Letting North walk was a giant mistake and you guys know it. Fix it, or shut up.
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Hey, Jay. Before you leave, care to explain what Blizzard intends to do (or not do) regarding duping?

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Rob or Jay or whoever is responsible. You built a game around the AH/RMAH then created 99.9999% crappy drops to force MOST people there. I'm NOT OK with that. Its been months since I found a better drop for my Wiz. I'm NOT OK with that. I finally gave up and had to farm for hours upon hours to get enough gold for maybe 1-2% better piece for my character. I'm NOT OK with that. Can you see where this is going????
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Not everyone used the sites to buy items, the item hunt was what the game has always been about be it solo or with friends. But now with the auction houses they changed the way loot drops and its significantly lowered the longevity of the game.

The game became boring extremely fast. Really without the loot what is the point of this game? I don't feel rewarded when I play, it seems like all I am is a gold farmer! I feel annoyed at the lack of skills I can use and even the animations aren't that great. If this was another game the short falling's might not matter so much but its Diablo! the game people waited so long for is now nothing more than a dumbed down hack and slash!

I have to say I blame a lot of this on the idea that it was also being made for consoles. How many great game franchises have we seen ruined to turning them from great PC games into bland consoles games, the money to be made has drawn the developers away, the lure of kids buying so much DLC and paying money for the most trivial items imaginable. Diablo has been on the playstation in the past but this was a pc game which was ported to the console. They even showcased it with a 360 controller at one point! no wonder the old system has disappeared it has been geared for easy use with a gamepad! Think about the UI the 4 player only multiplayer it all screams consoles.

Please listen to the people and try and change the game for the better, make the auction house an optional entity, make loot great again, make the game dark and add genuine horror, change aspects of the story so that we care about the characters! There are a lot of post in this thread which have some truly great ideas, listen to them, learn from your mistakes and this game can still be great!

Diablo is like a tree, it can grow in many different ways but it must always start from its roots!
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I'm going to have to agree with the majority of the points that many of the haters are stating here and say that Diablo 3 was, as a whole, a massive leap backward and an overall disappointment to the gamers whom Blizzard founded themselves upon.

I won't regurgitate lists of problems; if you want that, browse the forums for 2 hours.

The bottom line is: No matter what the corporate suits who have never even played a video game in their lives told the Diablo 3 team to do, the outcome does not fail to fall short. The video game industry only exists because gamers purchase games. Preying on brand loyalty, while a legitimate business tactic, only pays off if the customers continue to want the product throughout further iterations.

I would think it is safe to say that the overwhelming majority of once die-hard Diablo franchise fans do not consider themselves such after this... atrocious money-grubbing fiasco of a game.

Sorry Jay and Rob. I truly am. I wanted this game to be perfect more than I have ever felt for any game in my 20+ years as a dedicated gamer. I tried so hard to make it fun as I logged countless hours in it. But the truth is, to me and many others...

No matter how "financially successful" it may be, to the heart and soul of your business -the gamers- Diablo 3 just did not deliver.
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JW's post gets an A+ for a long-winded attempt to spin the truth. Allow me to plow through the bu||sh|t and translate the aforementioned spin session.

Active player counts have been plummeting. New game sales bottomed out months ago. RMAH sales are in the basement. Player discontent remains high. Development on the long-promised PvP system was so BAD it never got out of testing, which inflamed the anger of the already discontented and alienated playerbase even more. The failed PvP system also ensured that a large number of retired players, who were just WAITING for PvP as an excuse to return, will never come back.

Now tell me...who gets the blame for all this? Whomever is in charge, that's who.

The powers-that-be at Blizzard called Jay in for a little chat, busted out their charts & graphs and gave him a few choices. Resign, accept a transfer to another Blizzard project (otherwise known as a DEMOTION) , or refuse to make a choice and be fired. He made the most reasonable choice.

Whether this turns out to be good or bad in the long run remains to be seen.
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01/18/2013 05:12 PMPosted by Rob Pardo
If you love Diablo as much as we do, then please continue to let us know how you feel we can improve the game.

Its a bit too late for that the ship has all ready sunk and the captain did not stay to sink with it.
Need to start from scratch again and make a new ship that can sail.
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I came here to post a final complaint, but you know what? I've changed my mind. There is enough hate in this thread already and it isn't helping or changing anything.

So to Jay, I wish you well in your future endeavors. I sincerely mean that. For all the complaints I have about your game, you deserve a respectful goodbye. Please consider the constructive criticism and let it shape you into a better leader. Don't take any of the hateful remarks personally.
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No matter how "financially successful" it may be, to the heart and soul of your business -the gamers- Diablo 3 just did not deliver.

+1 Word.

Ironically D2 won all kinds of Awards for actual game play, environment, music, video, etc. D3 won two awards: (I'm not talking about awards from random gaming sites, I'm talking about recognized awards) Most copies sold at opening and best music score. Ironically copies sold =! a good game and who the hell listens to the music while playing the game? Its turned completely off on mine, I either have other music blaring. Classical concert music is alright, but I prefer to hear the hack and slashing and some Metallica or something.
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