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Seven Years in Sanctuary

Even the casuals saying that your games are to casual.
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Thanks for your efforts. The game was an awesome start for what it will eventually be. Your passion for the game is appreciated.
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You've been a part of hurting the brand name of one of Blizzard's three best brands so bad that I feel like your lucky you even get to stay on at Blizzard, Jay. I hope you realize just how many people feel this way.

That said, I'm sure you did work hard and put your heart and soul into this game, unfortunately you were the wrong person for the job. I'm not saying you failed in every way, but you did failed to realize that you needed to look at some of the things that made Torchlight two and other games so attractive for so many people to try after D3 came out, even though some of those games ended up being a failure in the end because they lacked many of the things that D3 DID DO correctly. I wish I could mash those games together and get the best of both.

Incorporating things like offline mode with higher drop rates, a choice to have permanent skill trees and stat allocations, LAN modes, more interesting stats on items and many other things could have been made a priority, but they weren't, and ultimately, the game director is the one who holds the the majority of the responsibility when it comes to making sure the right things are made a priority. Pandering to the ultra casuals is like teaching a classroom only as fast as its slowest learner, it screws the rest of the class. There are many remedies for this problem and many other problems D3 has faced. The economic problems of the game could have been solved by a post that wast at the top for at least a week, and none of its suggestions were taken! But hey, at least you got PL and MF right....
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I love what the whole team did with D3, no matter what anyone says I still love it. Thanks and good luck!
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I didn't play D1 & 2, didn't read the previous 217 pages and naively bought D3 thinking it would be worth the 59.99$ I dished out for it.

I feel sorry for everyone else who did like myself. If I had a law degree, I would seek justice for the ~10 hours I lost playing and beating this worthless game.

I hope Diablo 4 is free and addresses the concerns of the more "geekier gamers" who have legitimate reasons to be angry at Blizzard & the dev. team. It is the only way you will dig yourselves out this mess.

When did you beat this game? You haven't even got past nightmare? You only have 1 character. This game is worth every cent you paid for it. D4 most likely won't be free, so you probably won't be playing it either since you aren't a fan of the series. Finally, you have no legitimate reasons to be angry with ANYONE involved with this game. So go play and enjoy this game or kick rocks. Your choice.

read the comments made from other casual gamers to understand what I mean. I'm sorry if I offended the "hardcore die-hard D3 fans" with my comments, but on behalf of most casual gamers, I can truthfully say that this game is not worth it.

Also, in the spirit of acting immaturely, "OH NOZ OMG HE DIDN'T BEET D3 IN NIGHTMARE"
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01/26/2013 05:29 AMPosted by vexorian
Yeah, that was hilarious! I love that bosses are funny, as opposed to plain like in LoD. The only personality bosses had in LoD was "See player, attack player".

I hope you realize I was posting against that quote, humor can be added to game without making it for a 6 year old.
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I really dont care what ppl say...i do belive d3 is a really good game, you did a great job. GL on your new proyect man! :D
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read the comments made from other casual gamers to understand what I mean. I'm sorry if I offended the "hardcore die-hard D3 fans" with my comments, but on behalf of most casual gamers, I can truthfully say that this game is not worth it.

Also, in the spirit of acting immaturely, "OH NOZ OMG HE DIDN'T BEET D3 IN NIGHTMARE"

Just so you know, I am the "casual gamer". You are an ignorant piece of trash. Why don't you read the other comments because you said that you didn't read any of the previous pages. So again, you are an ignorant piece of trash that has no value behind any comment you might make.
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ya whatever Rob...

Just make sure to put Jay's name on a noticable spot on any future Blizzard games so we'll all know when to stay away.
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Heh guys this why diablo 2 is still going strong, d3 can be strong also, please dev team give us this back! Make the us be part of the game, let us be the hero that we live for not what you think what is fun for us but for use. Watch it and you will nderstand.
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People try to focus their Anger on Jay Wilson and Blizzard, but if you take a look at the bigger Picture, its everywhere. Something is going terrible wrong with the AAA Publisher Games this Days, and the People start to realize that.

They see how it "can" be done (working alongside gamers in kickstarter / indie projects), and they see how it "is" been done by the big Publishers. Thats where all the anger is coming from.

People like to get involved, and not completly ignored.

Most (big) Games are designed for maximum Profit.
DLC Content, Season Pass, Monthly subscription, InGame Shops, Minipets/Mounts/Cosmetic Items or even p2w objects like Boosts/Weapons etc for Money...or like here in D3 the p2w RMAH.

The main Essence of Games is lost...

the Digital Revolution is now ;)

One Voice you can ignore, many voices can be ignored as well.
But a collective Swarm will crush you.
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Agreed Xeno

Other companies are giving longtime fans the finger as well
Look at Sega and how they are ignoring Shining Force and Phantasy Star fans

Konami is doing it to the Suikoden fanbase
Square Enix is doing it to the fans of all their non Final Fantasy series'
Saga, Mana, Front Mission, all three are getting ignored outside Japan
Capcom is doing it to the classic Resident Evil fanbase
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