Diablo® III

Seven Years in Sanctuary

Dear New Lead Developer,
Can you make Diablo 3 more like Jimi Hendrix and less like Justin Beiber?
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yea jay wilson is the example of who needs to grow up (FYI)

Really, you are not Brevik and Brevik can suffer himself the super offense of being called a loser. So it is completely pointless to get offended for another person. Also Brevik was a complete Jerk and not the grown up either, so it is lame to pretend it was completely undeserved. So, really, let go.

Since people love taking that quote with zero context:


We have Brevik being nasty and bashing the whole of the dev team. Chris Haga makes a facebook post about how he feels completely belittled by Brevik. JW in an attempt to make it easier says that "... loser" line. Yes, in a private facebook discussion, in an attempt to make one of his employees better.

I wonder what will happen when you make a social media comment without thinking that outsiders may be reading and they make you pay all the consequences to just that.

Brevik wasn't being nasty, he made no nasty comments at all. He said he would've made the game different and that Blizzard lost a lot of ARPG experience when Blizzard North shut down, both very true statements. Breviks comments echoed those of what fans have been saying even before the game was released. To me, he answered the questions honestly and didn't bash anyone and certainly didn't throw anyone "under the bus". I don't know what you're seeing that I'm not in those articles and no, I don't think it was deserved.

In any case, that's all over with now. We can only hope the new director makes Diablo 3 a better game. My opinion of it always and still is that it's a fun game but not worthy enough to be called Diablo 3 but rather a Diablo remake. There was too much taken away from the preceeding games to call it a true sequel.
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How many of you guys are aware of the fact that before Blizz North left they were making World of Diablo ??? Would you still defend Brevik if he had turned Diablo into what Warcraft is now? ;)


haven't heard a single word about jill f0ckin dat loser aswell lmao

I wouldn't like Diablo be MMO. But the game Blizzard North was doing was a Diablo game even if it was MMO, and in no way resembled WoW. While Diablo 3 does resemble WoW. The irony...
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01/29/2013 07:57 AMPosted by MeisterNutt
From my side I found you made a good job. I play this game, and only this game, since his release in may 2012. I have a girlfriend, I work and sometimes i spend some money for better equip. With the new patch 1.07 things gettin easier for guys like me, who have not that time to play (about 300 hours since release). Let them talk what they want. Most of them have no Jobs, no girlfriend and no family but much more time to think "I am the God of War". Take it easy, drink a beer or two and think, you are not alone!

That's streotyping & putting yourself high above the community.

If you dont agree with what most of the community thinks, that's fine.
But try not to do personal attacks.
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Hey, I just thought that Pardo should have thrown Jay Wilson at Starcraft Ghost, a place he should have been long ago, after extending the D3 developing for long.

I only hope that Tom Chilton recommends a replacement. Ever since he brought Marco Koegler to WoW I bow to his every opinion.
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01/29/2013 08:23 AMPosted by Buggward
Some of it, like the RMAH, or the AH in general, I don't blame you for. A company has to make money, yes, but the mess that is the AH system, I blame on Activision.

Someone got really greedy and then made a lot of people mad. I mean really how much do they make on the WoW franchise? Starcraft? Diablo? they are making money why did they need more
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Best of luck Jay!!
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Always keep the respect, never insult others work even when it's their fault.

Good luck D3 team.
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Peace Jay Wilson

Good luck in the future, and enjoy the new project.
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nobody should ever put a fat person in any kind of leadership role
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Thank you Mr Wilson for a simply superb sequel to Diablo 2 (Blizz North did the best they could). It is fun, pure fun.

The story writing brought tears and laughter. The gameplay was balanced and fun. Drops were not too frequent as to make them worthless. The RMAH was a delicious addition that greatly enhanced the game (and demonstrated what ethical gaming could be). All that was promised was delivered.

Those few unhappy players should look at the sales figures and be silent. They prove D3 is fun.

My only disappointment is that Mr Wilson didn't stay on until the fun ended, but I am sure he will continue to give Blizzard good service.
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02/02/2013 08:46 PMPosted by Peacemaker
All that was promised was delivered.
Huh????????? Did I really read this? ALL that was promised was NOT delivered and still has not been delivered.

The game came out and sold incomplete. The RMAH did not come out for about a moth and a half after the release of the game. Where the hell have you been this whole time?
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