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Roll a "random" hero, Sunday Afternoon EST

Edit moved to Sunday in hopes of gaining more interest.

I had been playing around with the idea of creating a new HC character for fun and came up with an idea for a new mode. I'll outline the idea below if anyone else wants to try it with me. The goal of this is not to progress the fastest or create the most efficient farmer, but more to challenge yourself to make the most of a random skillset and just have fun with it. Here's what I'm thinking:

Pick your class

"Disable Elective Mode" (you don't actually have to disable it, but you'll only be picking one skill from each category.)

Then for each category go through each skill set and select one random skill. The easiest way to do this is outlined in the link response below!

Post your skills here in this thread.

During the leveling process, you may use any other skills in your selected skill category until the chosen skill becomes available. At that point you must switch over to that skill permanently for your hero (even with no rune available).

You can select/switch out which runes you are using for your skills as you please.

After you roll all your skills, for the sake of building a semi-functioning hardcore hero, you may drop ONE of your randomly selected active skills for another in its category. You may also do the same for one passive skill. My rationale for this is that you might end up with a witch doctor that has sacrifice, but no way to make zombie dogs. Or has the passive fierce loyalty, but no pets. Also with how enemy CC works, I feel that everyone should get access to some form of escape or CC break if they really want one. So swap out one of your actives and one of your passives.

And that's generally it. I think it will challenge me to have to make the most of a "mostly" random combination of abilities and get me to expand the horizon of skills that I play with. We could also potentially do a "reroll" at some point if people get bored of the skills they picked.

The only other thing to consider would be whether or not to allow twinking or not. I'm sure many of us have really great gear stashed away, but I think outgearing everything might take away from the challenge. I was thinking instead that you can use whatever gold you have to craft/buy vendor items as long as you use mats that you find from playing with that hero (try to keep them in your inventory as to not get them confused with your stash).

I'd like to do this with a group of four if possible sharing drops amongst the group (would be nice to have one str/dex/int char with a double up somewhere) and I was thinking on MP3ish. Let me know if you're interested, my tag is Vindrax #1508, post your character below.

Here's what I'm rolling:

Wizard (Barnaby)

Skill 1: Magic Missile
Skill 2: Ray of Frost
Skill 3: Frost Nova
Skill 4: Energy Twister
Skill 5: Storm Armor (Replace with Energy Armor)
Skill 6: Archon
Passive 1: Power Hungry
Passive 2: Critical Mass
Passive 3: Paralysis (Replace with Unstable Anomaly)

Edit: Added the skills I'm planning to replace.
Edited by Vindrax#1508 on 1/5/2013 4:12 PM PST
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this is fun actually, ive done this before for the one set up over in AUS/NZ http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6490399005

wont be trying it again till i get a few other goals out of the way first. good luck
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Oh wow that's really cool. Thank you for posting the link. I'm going to stick with my slightly different variation of the rules, but that is a much easier way to get a randomly generated character. Thanks for sharing!
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no problem! i totally support your crazy idea :)
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Bumping because I really want to do this tomorrow.
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Sure, its not like the NFL playoffs are going on or anything. :-D
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