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What should barb above you upgrade next?


Awesome barb man. Maybe save up 700 mill for a cc mempo or get some inna's with str.


Yeah to get the innas with str you lose the vitality. Had them but wanted my vitality a bit bigger. Just waiting on the right CC mempo to show up. They aint cheap and I am not settling for subpar there.
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hey guys could use a hand again. clearing mp6 nice and fast can do up to 8 but its slower and not worthwhile yet. I'm wondering if you think i could do anything for around 30-50mill that would really help or if its time to wait for big expensive upgrades.

@ Bosis

maybe sell your ring(hungering seal) and and add the income to your 50m budget. get a ring with flat damage, atk spd, crit chance and whatvever else.
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Ok to keep the ball rolling so peeps dont get skipped.


I would look into some comparable IK irons. This way you could keep your bonus, AR, and afford to drop the IK belt for a comparable WH. This would bump you up quite a bit. Nice gear man nice gear.


I think your Skorn for your build is actually hurting you a bit. You just dont have the AS to utilize it yet in the WW build. Either bump up your AS A LOT or go with DW if you want to continue the build. Get a gem in that thang.
i had been duel wielding but found this weapon to speed up the runs. i took them gem out because i was upgrading gem :P what about inns with a high vitality give me some AS. the legs that is . do you think that would help?
@Bosis.. That's what I did.. Also gives that movement speed, so you can potentially drop Lacuni's.
Leorics' signet. get a +CC+CD+AS ring, and smash :D
@natalianna , weapons! Nice gloves :)
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pants / armour
@shortstack get a mace/axe, so you can get a free10% crit, from weaponmaster
ok went back to 2w not quite reedy for 2h. should i be looking for a new offhand?
Just upgraded IK gloves, dropped some AR in the process.
Also changed bracers and shield. I'm up 10K dps and about 6K hp. Down about 70 AR though.. I'll see how that goes.

If I DW and swap out a couple rings I'm up over 160K dps + elite bonus of SOJ puts me around 200K against elite's..

Kinda sucks running gear for XP.. :/
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@ thhoj upgrade your pants should be able to find some for about 10 mil.

Get some pants with Vitality, you are extremely squishy sir.

I'd say bracers for some much needed movespeed.

Y'all can skip me I need to upgrade everything ;)
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@ parihelion No, im not. but yeah thats what i was after next.
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@local33 Godly Barb. Upgrade those gems!
@Judo maybe a new belt with Vit or a better IK chest
well, i need some help what to upgrade next...

maybe getting a mempo for some as+vita+res
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