Diablo® III

What should barb above you upgrade next?


A better tri factor gloves? Also, a barb soj instead of wiz (reckon it was from your dismantled wizard), if all you're looking for is cold damage and high damage vs elite. Max fury will help increase your hota crit chance.

My profile as below.
@spyky a echoing fury with similar dps and a socket will boost your dps greatly. what should i upgrade next? or witching hour and ik gloves since you already have lifesteal on your off hand
Ik belt. Choose a skill you want to use. You can easily afford it.

Uhhhh.....I guess your gems?!

If anyone upgrades me I have a 190str mempo (so I kinda don't think I need a helm).
@lord Zeus
I would go with a little better weapons. Try to get both over 1k the stats on both are awesome though.

One of your weapons for one with some life steal, but otherwise very nice.
@twamp boots I'd say
Katron #1379 I would say prowlers to include CHC or Ammy could be better.
By the way wearing my MF/EXP gear so Don't count off hand
Waycooloz could use atleast a single item with pick up radius (same as me), I think it would go a long way into helping WW builds pick up more stuff and access health globes.
@raghu get a unity ring cheap as hell and crazy dps and loh
@Unholy An expensive echoing fury with socket/life steal and other good stats + dps > 1000/1100
@Gurubu, some resists on that chest piece or lacuni (until can afford cc) would be huge.
@Taco5, Nice gear !! :D I would maybe change your ammy to have more STR and keep that CD, CC and dmg..!! I might change your weapon too, MH to have a high black dps weapon with CD STR and Socket !!! Well done !
Change your ikboots for some ice climbers, u allready have 24%mov speed form lacunis and innas.

You need crit damage on both your gloves and your amulet!

Get some lacunis bracers. Max move speed is nice to have.

I would go for a high vit IK chest in your case. Should'nt have to lose any DPS but will throw you into some great HP.
@TechJunkie - BadFish character.

Your gear is really good. I think your weakest item is the 3 not so good stats on your hellfire ring. Which I think your biggest upgrade would be a better hellfire ring.

I think it would be best to get a good IK Belt, It'll give you the 2 set bonus, and some LS which you have none of
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