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What should barb above you upgrade next?

Well it's probably due to not wanting to chase around the mobs. But your thought made me realized the biggest upgrade for HornGyuh would be to swap the weapons and get a cold SOJ. with 5% cold damage and 30% bonus to elites and swapping to the harder hitting EF, it would make his tDPS against elites increase by a whooping 300k!

HornGyuh80, wouldn't putting the echoing fury in your main hand produce bigger dps? The top end dps as well as overall dps is way higher on that mace than the axe.

Am I missing somethin?

Someone DO ME (that's what she said).
How about a review for me since I pointed that out? ;) ;)
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HornGyuh80, wouldn't putting the echoing fury in your main hand produce bigger dps? The top end dps as well as overall dps is way higher on that mace than the axe.

Am I missing somethin?

Someone DO ME (that's what she said).

Echo pros fear in nados. I wouldnt want that to happn even with a cold soj. Thx pickesjr, my main damage is from hota. Not nados. Thx too. person below please review them. I cant view them from my phone. Thxs.
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Firewalkers into Ice Climbers with move speed.
Lacuni Prowlers in the more distant future.

Max that move speed. Get rid of Skorn if you are WW'ing as the IAS from Echoing Fury and other items will make your nado's left behind from sprint stack a lot more dmg.
@Horngyuh -
Get rid of Black Thornes Chest, and go IK, get more Str, and keep the Vit, or even push higher vit like mine to make up from the Life% loss.

Put Echoing Fury in offhand and BOOM no more fear procs on Nado's from Sprint.

EDIT - or get Cold SoJ to help with the fear proc's if you choose to leave Fury in MainHand

EDIT2 - Sorry just read other posts. You already knew. haha. And your dmg would stay the same switching the weapons around because the only thing that would change is the Weapon master perk, which Axes and Maces give the same, which is 10% CC if I'm not mistaken.
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Some sick items you got there! Most items seem fine. But I think you can pick a better ice climber with more str or vit and with perf move speed cause they not that expensive to get
Yeah it's among the next upgrade, since I have Move speed from pants, and lacuni, i might just drop the move speed on boots, and go for a cheaper pair, and keep these ones for when I have Jousting pants on for more survivability.
Thank you for review.
@ Belorth

I think your next upgrades could be your hellfire ring (heh) and IK chest. You could also get a bit more DPS out of your amulet if you dropped the resists, but you might need to re-budget elsewhere as your AR is already pretty low.

I guess best to get your OH to a faster one!
echo fury sld upgrade man
Raygorn, you have a very nice barb. After looking at it i don't see any major upgrades other than possibly getting some more all res, and possibly down the road finding a ammy with 8+ CC. Basically yer at the point where you gonna have to pay big for small upgrades like the ammy and maybe some lacuni's down the road for movement speed which for me personally makes the game flow better and more enjoyable. All in all very nice barb.
@Pwnani i would drop those legs and get some str/vit/all resist legs unless ur gona try to pick up the 2 set bonus from those legs.
@Basstia you should upgrade your gems and that's about it.
@litrogdor - first would go the chest, then the boots.
you can probably take your own advice and update gems too ;)

I would say that your main hand wept should be upgraded next to a higher dps wept and preferably to an axe to retain the CC boost while also gaining attack speed.

I would say your helm, I personally like Mempho for the life % on it, would be better if you could get one with cc, I would personally love to get a Mempho with cc on it, but that cost a lot of $$$$.

Soild barb tho, nice work so far.
@RossTerra I would say get an IK chest, but then you would need to also get either lacunis or innas pants to make up the MS.

Get vitality on IK helm or IK belt. Otherwise barb looks good.
@zgfunkz sick gear , id probably upgrade your pants first , id get innas pants since you already have enough resist and hp and it would add a nice dps boost.

upgrade your offhand
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