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What should barb above you upgrade next?

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@Millhaven: funny you say that ... shoulders is one of the most expensive slots left for me to upgrade. You have apparently never included pickup radius in your searches .. because my stats including pickup radius + vit is 500m+. Alas barb has precious few open mod spots to include pickup so it's tough ... any ice climbers, lacunis, or vile wards with nice stats + pickup are insane.

@Rotweiller ... get thee an IK belt and IK helm. Both can be had with pretty nice stats for very cheap and the 2pc bonus will make up for losing AR on the helm. You will lose a little life from the belt but the life steal is more important than a huge life pool. In the long run this is the way to go.
ah yeah, although i love pickup radius i have never considered it important enough to need, it is damn nice though.
I spent alot of time thinking about some depth diggers or innas pants, but i thought the massive life loss wouldn't be worth the dps gain which i would probs lose anyway trying to replace vit on my other gear, i also reckon the 450 loh would make up for the AR loss.
very good gear, probably my next upgrade would be an echoing fury with socket and life steal (like mine but more dps of course) in place of your sword.
Before someone replies to mine... when reviewing my profile, please leave lifesteal or LoH out of the equation, thank you. Oh, and the AV helm, I know I need to replace that, just do not have the hundreds, upon hundreds of millions...

@etxebe, I would say you could probably switch your belt for a witching hour, you'll lose the LS, but I have none and survive fine, and you can get way better DPS. You could also look at getting another ammy with IAS, CHC, and CHD? Other than, great gear!
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Its a tossup here for me. I would either replace that chest to really bump up your vitality OR that mainhand. Your gimping your damage there. Get yourself a good mace with high end top dmg over 2k. Your DPS will go up quite a bit.
@Techjunkie, You can look at MH to have CD for base damage increase. However it would be expensive.
@cvvikram I believe you can get perfect Gems, and better paints. ;)
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@Venom Get an offhand with more relevant stats and alot higher atk speed :)

Leave feedback for my low paragon barb, as he is my baby right now :)

No heros on profile ~

Upgrade that chest of yours. Not sure what your bank looks like but maybe an IK or something with vit and res as well. Doing that would allow you to upgrade those bracers later with something a little more rounded or for some cc lacunis.

I'd be saving for a CRIT Mempo or a Trifecta glove(Go with a rare if you run a IK belt in higher MP) your at the point were upgrades cost a load.
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i could use a hand.

have 150m to spend.
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def ditch andys helm and tals, and go for mempo/ik armor. vile ward with the same amount of vit would be nice too
i wanna get all those. but which first save for str crit memo or get my vile ward and ik chest first ?

thoughts on boots?

Get your IK chest first. You really need some vitality. BT is a good option as well. Build your foundation, make sure you can survive then work on damage.

Crit Mempos are expensive. Don't get stuck on Vile wards. Mary rares have just as good if not better stats for a lot less money.

You can hold on your boots for a while. You need the movement speed and going to IK with MS is also very expensive. You have other areas to improve first.
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The hell fire ring :P
i wanna get all those. but which first save for str crit memo or get my vile ward and ik chest first ?

thoughts on boots?

hmmmm, vile ward would be cheapest out of the three depending on what VIT IK armor you want. if ya got the money hell at that point get the most expensive thing out of the way first which is the crit mempo. The boots are good temporary till you get IK armor, u can get movement speed ice climbers or if u wana go balls out get a high vit innas temprance
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yeah I know not crazy about the HF ring either but just got burnt out running those things. Have like 52 machines right now just no energy to do them...lol
Or you can do what I plan to do replace your hellfire ring with a good SoJ for high MPs but keep it for paragon farming.
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