Diablo® III

Error 3007

I know there is a lot of thread already created for this error but from all those threads I did not find any solution and not even a substantial reply from any blues.

So I ask once again. What is wrong with your server?

I'm from the Philippines and using a DSL connection, I can connect easily on the Asian and Euro servers but I get a painful Error 3007 on the Americas server. I have checked with my ISP and all is good except for Diablo 3. I can play any online game and connect smoothly but Diablo 3.

I DEMAND (not beg because I paid for this game) a definitive answer. Do you want US to switch servers? Are you forcing US to switch servers by blocking our IPs or what? or are you working on your servers to fix this issue? And please don't give me those troubleshooting tips because I assure you I've already done that a thousand times and there's nothing wrong on my end not even on my ISP. Don't even give us those 'we MAY release a patch for this' reply.

I will give you one definite answer, don't make us wait for another decade to wait for a patch or a 'Diablo 4' because from my current standpoint I don't want to buy anything from Blizzard ever again. Don't get me wrong, I like Diablo 3 as a game but when it is handled like this (by Blizzard), a tetris game is much better.

Disclaimer: I just read my post, just excuse my BAD english, grammar, construction, but you all do get my point. I was furious, angry, and disappointed writing this post and I tried to control myself.
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same here. and because i cant see my LAN icon ...i cant do the work around. before everything was ok. with this latest patch..it messed up my game. Is diablo 3 a game full of workarounds? started from release up until now...it's always a workaround. darn.
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atlast someone yet again posted... i have the same problem as well. i already made a thread, sent support Ticket, did all that was posted and a "probable fix" and broke one of my LAN Cards. will there ever be a concrete solution to this undying problem?

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im actually not having the problem on my pc
but in my laptop I was able to login to Euro and Asia Except for The amerian server kindly give us a fix
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I got really pissed when the tech support replied to my ticket:
The issue is not with you or your ISP. But one of the networks that your ISP connects with is having an issue. Your ISP should be able to contact them about this.

That was vague and that reply is close to the definition of what an INTERNET is. Surely if I can't connect to a certain server it is obviously having an issue connecting to a network. It maybe their server or the host of their server or whatever but that is clearly out of the scope of our ISP, at least not here in PH.
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close your diablo client Type at the start Menu Search c:/programdata then delete the folder blizzard entertainment ( cache of the game ) then launch diablo again. hope this works for everyone of you.
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same here, suddenly cant connect to Americas server, EU and Asia is fine.

SmartBro ISP
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Changing your DNS servers settings

Go the Control Panel.
Click Network and Internet, then Network and Sharing Center, and click Change adapter settings.
Select the connection for which you want to configure Google Public DNS. For example:
To change the settings for an Ethernet connection, right-click Local Area Connection, and click Properties.
To change the settings for a wireless connection, right-click Wireless Network Connection, and click Properties.
If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
Select the Networking tab. Under This connection uses the following items, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) or Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and then click Properties.
Click Advanced and select the DNS tab. If there are any DNS server IP addresses listed there, write them down for future reference, and remove them from this window.
Click OK.
Select Use the following DNS server addresses. If there are any IP addresses listed in the Preferred DNS server or Alternate DNS server, write them down for future reference.
Replace those addresses with the IP addresses of the Google DNS servers:
For IPv4: and/or
For IPv6: 2001:4860:4860::8888 and/or 2001:4860:4860::8844
Restart the connection you selected in step 3.
Test that your setup is working correctly; see Testing your new settings below.
Repeat the procedure for additional network connections you want to change.

Have tried chaning my IPv4 to
After changing, open diablo it connects, then revert my DNS server back.
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Was having this problem occasionally yesterday, and now whenever I try to log in I get either 3007 or 3003 errors. I tried using alternate DNS but it makes no difference. WTF Blizzard. Either fix your server or give us offline play :(
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01/07/2013 05:34 PMPosted by Aikilu
close your diablo client Type at the start Menu Search c:/programdata then delete the folder blizzard entertainment ( cache of the game ) then launch diablo again. hope this works for everyone of you.

Already done that, as advised by tech support but nothing happens.


Have tried chaning my IPv4 to
After changing, open diablo it connects, then revert my DNS server back.

I tried this, together with reporting to my ISP that I can't connect to Americas server. I logged in again and it connected me however Im now having problems with the Authentication server. ~sigh when will all these ever stop.

I think I will be qualified to be a tech support agent after all these tweaking and troubleshooting. If you are not that techy you won't survive playing this game.
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i stopped for two months and after going back. I cant go back LOL this problem is old. Want to try a tracert. Whats the IP for Americas server? please help us.
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Sick ant tired of this. I can login and play a bit but then I get error 3007. C`mon Blizzard, transfer my character from AM to EU server, I swear I will not ruin it`s economy with my 3 kk.
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its really frustrating. :(
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never had a problem with logging in until this morning.. now I can't get in.
Didn't see a blue post anywhere about it.
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customer support provided me with this links its seems that they are working on the issue
i do wish they fix it asap

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7393109698 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7392969288
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found a somewhat temporary solution on this

step 1: change your server to euro or asia
step 2: log in to those server
step 3: before it connects to the server press cancel
step 4: change your server to The Americans

could take a few tries to work so be a little patient
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I'm having the same issue.

Blizz = Joke
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Won't even let me cancel to try this.
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