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Advice needed, build & gear

currently i was farming at mp2 @ thinking of move to higher mp (maybe mp3 or mp4) but i feel kiling speed very slow....just need some advice is there any problem with my build or my gear? Thanks!
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Your gear looks decent. I believe you can do mp5!

But then what makes you think your kill speed low? I am basically similar dps as you and I can 2-shot white mob @ mp5/6. Elites just need some patient and it is no problem.
I've seen that you only had like 5xx LoH, you can consider to get some form of LS or more LoH from your weapon.
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Your gear can do more than mp2 so what I suggest is to change up your skills a bit since your are a bit shy in your Life Pool. I suggest you use STI for a passive to boost your armor and perhaps use a defensive aura like Time of Need or Hard Target to make you less squishy until you boost your Life.

You are already using SSS and Serenity to avoid those arcanes or power through when surrounded. If you need another stress relief valve you can try Blinding Flash with rune to increase damage for limited time. This can give you a burst of damage and will stop incoming damage for a couple of seconds to get you out of tight situation if SSS and Serenity are on cooldown.

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Trix...I blow things up in MP5 very nicely. Reflect Damge packs I need to be a little careful with, but other than that it's fine. You should def be able to handle MP5.

I farm MP3...but I'm thinking selling all my Witch Doc gear (est. 1.5Bil) and gearing a Monk for MP10.
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sorry give the wrong info actually i only have 89k unbuff dmg

@yahhaur i will try to add in some LOH from my offhand fist, thx

@captainCarl nice gear, i wish to use shenlong's set but it seem like very expensive, i will try too add in more vit to boost my HP, thx for your suggestion and last question do you facing any problem wih RD mob because you only have LOH not LS

@IPawnYou you have a good WD, i have WD too but still using low end gear haha.. thx
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