Diablo® III

Monster power analysis (for real this time)

Choose any route you like on MP0 and time it. Do the same route on MP5.

If your MP5 time divided by your MP0 time is less than the ratio of 32.59/15, then it is more efficient for loot.*

You can do this for any MP, substituting in the appropriate time limit.

*Provided the 50/50 ratio of loot from elites versus whites holds true for your chosen route.

ohhh yeah that makes more sense. I'll have to play around with it. thanks for the info
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No where does MP10 ever become the most efficient way to farm.

Thats because you stopped at 600k dps. At some point MP10 becomes efficient. You also don't mention effective DPS leading everyone to believe that they should farm a certain MP level only based on their sheet dps and regardless of class or skills.
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The Time Limit should ont be measured in time but more in factor to your usual time.

MP0 = 1
MP1 = 1.05
MP2 = 1.1

or something like that.

Overall nice statistics thanks for that.
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So one more chart then? It's actually just identical to the expectation of loot. I'll add a note to the op.
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sad to see droth has only one comment in this thread, and still doesnt agree that higher mps have a value of sorts
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The main issue is the chance for a white to drop gear varies alot. Some white mob have 2 gear slots by default and get no bonus. Some whites have a very small chance. Bonus is activated after 2 stacks. You end up just farming keep over and over in higher mp.
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