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LS Weapon Advice WW

I got 85m and i need a weapon to go along with my EF, please let me know on what should i look for, Thanks =)
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High average damage mace without IAS (1.2 attack speed) then drop 1 piece of 8% IAS (prob. the witching hour) gear to settle in to the 26/26 breakpoints with WoTB.

Ref: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjPQvt06HFyJdHJjY1JSVEo5dkI5QUttMzY1Q0pWR2c#gid=41

I calculate you out to have 41% IAS from gear currently, your 26/26 breakpoint with a mace is at 33% IAS, and maces offer the highest average damage of 1 hand weapons (as well as spears which are useless).

What to look for:

1 hand mace
damage range of 600-1100 (or more)
life steal
crit damage (or high str)
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wow thx a lot wayneold =)
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I haven't heard of the 26/26 breakpoints, where can i lean more about it
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Looking at your EF, I'd say sell it, buy a .24-.25 APS, LS, socket EF, then spend 85m + whatever you have left over from selling your EF on a strong MH. Getting LS on a high dps mace is crazy expensive, but giving up a couple hundred offhand dps for LS when your EF is already missing a stat (should have either native crit damage or LS AND a socket, just a socket is wasting OH stats imo) will get you more dps.


Let me give you an example: right now, the highest dps 1h mace with str, LS and a socket you could buy with 85m is about 1040 dps. That's about 1120 topend.

If you sell your EF and buy a socket/LS EF, all you would lose is some offhand dps, which is unimportant anyways.

However, the most dps you can get with a 1h mace WITHOUT LS for 85m? 1180 dps. That's 1270 topend... and this mace has more str than the LS mace.
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01/10/2013 02:05 PMPosted by BlueFire
for pointers, my axe is worth between 250-350m, LS is pretty damn expensive....

This is worse than the weapon than what wayne posted. Prepare to pay alot for a weapon like this.

Maximizing dps on mid tier budgets is all about stacking as much dps on the MH for as cheap as possible. Adding LS there is going to tank the dps for the same price.
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I went high damage os mainhand and super stats os offhand. I spent a combined 170m for both items so there are good deals out there if you're paying attention.
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Great OH stats @ handgestures. Only problem is that you are only hitting 2.0 aps fully buffed on both weapons. With the massive cc you have, this may let you permawrath consistently. For more normal 25-30cc sets, 2.0 aps on both weapons is a lot tougher.
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Does that chart Wayne posted include the 15% IAS bonus you get for dual wielding already or not?
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