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Is it confirmed that SW snapshot will be changed? Where did you read this?

Edit: Found the blue comment in the preview, seems like it's a good thing I decided to cash out :)
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Ubers are easy with a monk and patch 1.0.7 will make it even easier, just use a stun build with sledgefist, a lot of LOH and tank amounts of life and a lot of atk spd. CM wiz + my monk = easy ubers mp5ish. mp7 is a little harder.

FYI the bell attack is a big "spirit spender" so expect a huge damage inc with the bell (which is great with stun rune but must have at least 20% crit for bell to work well) just a hint blackthorns AMMY AND BOOTS give TANK health LOH and Atk spd.

I use blackthorn ammy + boot
inna chest + pants
andys(crit+speed+dex) or radiance(crit + dex + set) or tzo krin gaze (atk spd life and spirit regen)
gloves dex/life speed crit
atk spd crit dex ring hellfire vit ring
witching hour for speed and cd
lacuni for atk spd mvmt spd + crit

crippling wave + fist of thunder tele move for main attacks
sanctuary bubble inc duration
overawe or atk spd inc
blind ext dur

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shenlongs set
950+loh fist with dex + atk spd
+ dps set fist

sledgefist for ubers with combination of crystal fist or SS.

still havn't really decided but I I usually use shenlongs set or

sledgefist and ss or shen LOh fist

crystalfist is great too adds a LOT of vit, dex and can have LOh + os


play the game!!!!
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I must be blind, can someone link the exact place blue is quoted as saying snapshot would be addressed?

I guess that opens up my inventory space tho!
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Everyone above this line got trolled.
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It isn't the end of the world, just sell your second set of swap gear and use that gold to upgrade your regular set so that you'll have a better chance of doing ubers or whatever at a higher MP. You shouldn't need to use the snapshot "trick" to get past the content, if that is the only way you can do it then you need to spend some time figuring out a way to get legitimately better.
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It was a blue post in the comments on the 1.0.7 preview post.

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Image of her response, 4th page form end of the above thread.
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Image of her response, 4th page form end of the above thread.

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Monks who were going as far as swapping sets of gear for snapshots deserve to be perma-banned imo.

Blizzard's patch preview was written for the casuals and herpderps to read and giggle and bubble about. Pretty much so far all I've heard is that there are going to be monk changes. And I don't like change
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01/13/2013 04:10 PMPosted by Lanyx
written for the casuals and herpderps


01/13/2013 04:10 PMPosted by Lanyx
And I don't like change

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all i have to say is.....s!#t happens :)
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All I know is monks are pretty under powered as they are right now, SW(cyclone) is a must have for any high mp and have 2 life steal weapons is as well, I think we need passives with life steal or have it on our belts cause we are a melee class. As far sw goes, keep the mechanics of sweeping wind the same as it contributes greatly to our sustainability cause of the procs of cyclones gives contriubtes life steal. just fix the gear swapping, if you switch gear after casting have cancel sw so they cant exploit it. To be a tanky class with half quaility of dps passives, and tanky passives is a joke, and dodge is a joke stat to begin with.. Int gives all res, Str gives armor, and dex gives dodge, chance based mechanic that doesn't apply to all types of dmg.
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Troll threads are bad.
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