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Common guys... stahp it

Remember when TL2 was such a big hit and people keep telling it will destroy D3?
Now you guys use PoE as a substitute since TL2 is like not that popular anymore (Shout out to people that said TL2 is teh best diablo game evah)

common guys... stahp it. I don't play D3 that much anymore but damn the community is so..ugh
I feel sorry for the devs I really do. But we can't blame the D2 hardcore fans but you guys are really annoying. D3 will never be D2 same goes to D2 will never be D1, you guys are doing the REMAKE OF THE CallOfDuty FAN WARS.
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The CoD wars was the battle of the Modern Warfare franchise and the Black Ops franchise for the people who don't know.
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ehh, admit it. for a Blizzard game, D3 was a disappointment. It might not be a bad game, if released by no name group, out of the blue sky and without expectations, but

a) It has a name Diablo
b) Its released by Blizzard.
c) It had been in production for, what... 8-9 years !?

They had intentionally built up our anticipation thinking they will hold the bar. They didnt. Diablo 3 isnt a bad game, it is just disappointing game. That is why everyone is so mad. Also RMAH. What is the point for grinding gear if i can be more effective by working few more hours overtime and buying something i would need to farm a month for. And what is the point after that ? After you get enough gear to clear everything. Why farm more ?

On the other hand, we have TL2. The game that was produced by same people who were in Blizz N. its 1/3rd of the price of D3. It does not aspire to be as awesome as D3 was pumped out to be and everything it promised, it delivered. And a LOT more. And that is why people consider it to be better.

PoE. Its !@#$ing free... FREE. I had given devs $50 just for that. Nothing you will be able to purchase via their microtransaction system will affect the gameplay. The diversity of PoE is staggering. if one understands the way builds work, the possibility of creating a viable build unique to yourself is 100%. Want a spellcasting barbarian style hero (marauder?) Can be done. You will not be as good a caster compared to pure caster class, but you will be a whole lot more tanky. Melee mage built around staff hand-to-hand ? Done. All of that game play, free. Courtesy of those who believe that gaming industry should cater to gamers, and in return make profit.

In D3 i feel like i had been granted a courtesy of playing their flawed gem of a game for an exorbitant donation of $60.00 which, i have to say, does not feel comparable to other two games.
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01/13/2013 03:16 PMPosted by itzmelorenz
Remember when TL2 was such a big hit and people keep telling it will destroy D3?

I don't know who said it would "destroy D3" but it sure as hell is a lot more fun and rewarding. Doesn't need to have a constantly huge playerbase for years to be a better game (as of right now).

01/13/2013 03:16 PMPosted by itzmelorenz
Now you guys use PoE as a substitute since TL2 is like not that popular anymore

I seem to find games easily when I play TL2. Where do you get your info regarding popularity from? Just looking at steam stats shows ~7-8k concurrent players at peak times and steam doesn't count anyone that doesn't use the steam version so I'm quite sure it's more than that. Or does it need a million concurrent players for it to matter?

As for PoE, I dunno. I'm not paying to get into a closed beta for a free game so I won't know anything until open beta.

You know, it's funny how I wind up defending D3 from the ragers in the General forums but wind up defending other games from D3 fans it in GG&H. Not important, just something I've noticed.
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Plenty of people play TL2, there are always multiplayer games but a lot of people play single player. As for PoE I have yet to try it, it just doesnt look like my type of action rpg, I'll end up giving it a try though.
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I joined poe closed beta in june after I got bored with D3. So i've played the game for over a half a year and I'm still really exited for open beta to begin. It's a really addictive game. But I understand that everyone has different tastes. My drug of choice is poe.
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