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Anyone knows how SOJ works?

When using SOJ with Chant Wand (fire dmg) and Energy Twister (arcane dmg), should I get an SOJ with +Arcane Dmg or +Fire Dmg? I am not sure if the elemental damage follows the weapon or the skill. Thanks!
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I always thought it followed the weapon but read somewhere it may not...very confusing...
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I discussed this already with Boozor, kind of in fact, and I'd say go for arcane ... I think the fire elemental added effect would work only with spectral blades (direct attack from the weapon...). ; )
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BoO, I thought I got a good deal on an SOJ last night but I now see I should have asked first. Sorry for the repeat question and thanks for the response!
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It doesn't matter what elemental type you get, it will give you the same dps regardless. Only your weapon will affect how that bonus is changed (well, and your total dps, if you're just looking at the actual dps gain from the affix). A black weapon will give you 100% of the bonus damage to your dps. Using a Chanto will give you less, with the actual percent depending on your total damage on OH and jewelery, but will likely be around 50%.
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In this case, element doesn't matter.
It will add 5/6% to your non-elemental damage (the non-fire portion of your chants and any +dmg stats on the rest of your gear).
Then twister will take all of that and convert it to arcane.

So no matter what element you have, it's always the same amount of damage and it's always arcane (when using twister).

[edit]Loroese was faster
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stone of jordan element only matters if you are doing weapon damage. The only spell that does pure weapon damage is spectral blades.
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Thanks for the responses! Any sns wiz using a black wep?
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Unless you're using spectral blades the type of damage you deal is determined solely by the spell you cast.
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I prefer cold damage for both SoJ and tal's ammy -- seems using different spells you can 'snare' enemies (quit attacks) and when they dies they break into ice... kinda cool. but DPS increases regardless of attack type for sure...
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Now that everyone talked about how it works but i have a better question. Whats its worth?
Stats are as shown

6% lightning damage
+15 Arcane power
30% Damage against elites
5%CC on twister
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