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At 50(ish) again - need input!

Ok so I've made it this far twice before and died. 54 Monk died in Act 1 Hell (MP3) and 53 Barbarian died in Act 4 Nightmore (MP10). This time my 51 Barbarian is at Act 4 Nightmare (MP0). I've already shed 2 peices of my Cain set and I still need to replace the helm once a few of my auctions sell. I also plan to get a reduced level req weapon.

Outside of that I'd like any advice for build, stats, etc. to help ensure I don't bite the bullet getting these last 9 levels. I'm not going to increase the difficulty level or anything stupid this time!

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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I would also like to hear where to grind to get from 55ish-60.
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Just play it safe and don't rush it. I've lost a lvl 59 monk to fallen maniacs first time around when I wanted to push through clearing the keeps in Hell on MP1 for that little extra XP at the end.
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Buy a reduced level requirement weapon and just waltz right through hell... then sell the weapon for profit :)
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Well I will likely reach 60 in A1 Hell. I was hoping for Barbarian experts *cough*Sherwin*cough* to take a look at my build and stat allocation and see if there are any glaring issues. I know my class pretty well but I just want a "2nd expert opinion" on this.

Playing very aggressively on MP10 is what got my last Barbarian killed. I'm not making that mistake this time. That, in and of itself, may be the change that is needed...but I don't want to leave any stone unturned this time around!
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I've upgraded my helm and one of my rings. Couldn't afford a red lvl req weapon worth really going for so I'm going to have to wait for a few more auctions to sell. Once I get my weapon I should be good to go...
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It all depends on how safe you want to be. Gear wise, reduced lvl requirement gear is the way to go to have the easiest route to 60. Get a high dps weapon (700+ dps), and then grab All Resist + Vit gear. You will have plenty of damage from the weapon alone allowing you to just grab whatever cheap -lvl requirement gear you can find with All resist, vitality, and not worrying about your main stat as much.

Also, you can hit 60 in act 1 hell. It just depends on how fast you want to go. On mp10, you continue getting XP all the way to 60. At around 58-59 it gets pretty slow, but it's still possible. If you want to be super safe, stay in act 1 hell on mp10 until 58-59. Once you are there move into act 2 to get your last level.

Also, I have a couple decent pieces of reduced level requirement gear if you do not have much gold on you. I saved them from when I leveled my first character to 60 in case I wanted to use it again. However, it's been sitting there for so long collecting dust if you would like to make use of it, I'll hand it over at no charge to help you out. Shoot me an invite if you want to look at any of it Vekz#1728. I probably won't be on much longer tonight but I'll be on sometime tomorrow.
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Thanks a ton Vekz! You were right, I noticed a difference right away, I could practically stand in desecrate! Now i just need to get me a nice weapon and I'll be all set for the push to 60. Hopefully tomorrow will be fruitful!
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pretty solid armor and hp you have there... all you need is a reduced level requirement weapon and getting to 60 will be a breeze for you... i just got my 2nd char (a WD) to 60 after my loosing my fresh 60 monk due to my own stupidity..

good luck getting to 60 !!
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Act3 skycrown is a good place to lvl from 53-60.
just keep repeating the quest. lotsa mobs, nice and easy.
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Get a good -Lvl weapon. I have a 905dps 2hdr to equip at 51 with 320 vit. It helps me sail thru those last 9 levels.

Get Asheara's set at level 52.

Best advice I can give you.
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I am through Act4 Nightmare now. Diablo down. Thanks to Vekz I am in good shape for AR now. I got a new weapon this morning but it's not great. It does have LS though so it can probably get me to 60. I may grab a new one but I dunno...I don't have much cash and my auctions don't seem to sell but one or two at a time.

I'm in A1 Hell now so wish me luck!
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Sounds like you got some good advice already so good luck on hitting 60 and completing Hell!

I just re-started playing my monk again (stopped after completing NM at level 52 back in September) and am playing her through Hell on MP3 right now. I took a break from playing D3 in October so when I resumed in late November, I didn't begin playing HC again until mid-December due to some occasional video freezes (only video would freeze but the sound/game was actually ongoing) and very intermittent rubber banding while playing SC.

I went with my then level 26 wizard since she only had 10 hours but I lost her at level 35 to the above freeze during my encounter with Nekarat. Re-rolled and lost that one at level 20 when the video stutter occurred against those snakes during the Khasim Outpost quest. Re-rolled again and played my current one to 60.

Getting there with my monk (level 57 as of this post).
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