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Patch 1.0.7 Preview Now Up!

Ahn... so... How we supposed to get 5 NV before Rakanoth for the 50% chance to drop off the recipe?

Other than that, really awesome patch.
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Ahn... so... How we supposed to get 5 NV before Rakanoth for the 50% chance to drop off the recipe?

Other than that, really awesome patch.

Act IV is still useless, yes. You can get any of the recipes off of the other bosses in the game so it's not a big deal.
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Account Bound Items have no place in a Diablo game. We should be able to at least Give Them Away.

Health Globes should be removed from the Pick-Up Radius equation. And Health Globes should only be a Health Bonus. As it stands right now I won't play with Witch Doctors in higher MP levels because they consume all the Globes making them very ungroup friendly. Health Globes should drop like gold, what I see should be for me and only me. And the Pick-Up Radius increase should be optional for players that already know how to pick up gold, it sounds like a punishment for me and a reward for lazyness.

Reflect Damages still needs to be a Punishment. If it is going to turn on an off plus have a visual then it needs to do MORE Damage when it is active.

I don't play a Monk or a Wizard but I am extremely happy that they are getting a BUFF. However, Demon Hunters have been Nerfed harder and more often and we never get any Feedback. Give us some feedback, are we getting a few BUFFS or will it be another round of NERFS? What changes are we going to see?

I could care less about PvP but I'm glad the players that do care are getting something. I'm happy that Monks and Wizards are getting a little love. The rest of the changes smell bad, they smell like they've been rotting in WoW for ages.
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Wtf Mr. Wyatt ???:

1- No perma death ever on HC duels????... Wtf !! I wanted to kill other players like in D2.
2- No ability to search for Duel games???.... Wtf !! I wanted to join duel games like in D2.
3- No system to allow us set pvp rewards??? Wtf !!! I wanted to bet gold/loot or even life on duels..
4- 4 player limit for pvp???

And you want us to develop a "pvp" culture on D3??? Sorry but not with this current system.
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Looks promising to me. I'm very much looking forward to having more to do.
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How about an option to block all these negative A-holes on the forums???
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"substantial reagent and gold cost (3 Radiant Star gems, 20 million gold, and 1 Demonic Essence)"

Players that play the game for fun (game ... fun) can't really put in that much gold - without playing the AH or being silly lucky with an item drop.

please reconsider gem costs so they become an option for people that just want to casually play the game for fun.

why? We do depend on some luck for good items to drop (yay for the new recipes though) - but without an AWESOME drop or more AH action than game time will you get the 20 million gold (plus whatever is required before - I'm only up to 70% gems myself, still have all classes lvl60).

Sorry, but I want to play the game for the fun of slaughtering large groups of demons - that just doesn't give me the gold to make high quality gems. Again - please reconsider gem gold prices.
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Some reason to farm bosses...uber gearz...respawn timer isn't lame...a new crafting item that won't be expensive/near pointless in getting....YAY!

I think the only problems are that you're kinda breaking Ref Damage (now RD/Shielding is going to be confusing unless they're vastly different...), and the exp bonus is going to make previous farming kinda obsolete (and the whole "100 paragon will take FOREVER. LITERALLY. Unless you have no life." (510% exp....rofl....)

My actual comments other than hype/disappointment:

The "Uber Rare Equipment Recipes"...this will be sellable to merchants, right? (Prefferably for a decent price? C'mon, you got us shelling out 1.5m for the chest piece. For some of us (me included), that's a LOT of money. For others (not me included), that's hardly noticeable.)

Will the Marquise-level gems be tradable?

"The respawn timer in hardcore is still unchanged"? Why do you only have a sense of humor for one line out of the whole post?! (That was hilarious!)

Oh, and you ARE going to make NV stacks persist this patch, right? Otherwise, there's literally zero point in giving Rakanoth a 5NV drop...since practically speaking, it's not possible. (1-2, 3 if you have the best luck ever. 5 is unreasonable, unless elite packs start spawning in the Iskatu fight. Say, Iskatu doesn't have one...why don't you have him drop chest piece?)

PS: Don't want CHC/CHD to be the standard for epic damage? Yeah, uhh, not using CHC/CHD as main source of damage works for like, MP2-3, by MP5 if you're not using CHC/CHD you're going to take forever to kill anything. If it's not a requirement for MP10, then having pointlessly strong tank skills is.
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Ahn... so... How we supposed to get 5 NV before Rakanoth for the 50% chance to drop off the recipe?

Other than that, really awesome patch.

Valor goes to the next act now, so you just pick the final part of act 3 and go to act 4
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I like it a lot, but I'd just make a little change to the crafting part :
Item's parts would drop from those bosses, and not just recipes.
Would get people (crafters, at least) to play in different zones, and not just 1 to get the recipe and then back to 10000000 alkaizer runs.
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How come they didnt talk about how much dmg reduction will there be in pvp? or is it going to be a 1shot fest???
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01/12/2013 06:34 AMPosted by Njoy
How come they didnt talk about how much dmg reduction will there be in pvp? or is it going to be a 1shot fest???

Characters have enough damage reduction. People seem to severely underestimate that. That said if you're competing against a godly character and yours is mediocre then yes.
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those updates look great and all that, but what I'd REALLY like to see (because I'm an achievement collector), I'd like to see increased spawn rates on the unique monsters, as well as Bashiok, and Vendel the Armorsmith with Spirit Stones (or give more merchants the Spirit Stone)...because those achievements are laughing at me, and reloading checkpoints for them are getting annoying and boring :(
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01/11/2013 08:15 PMPosted by Lylirra
Hey, why is your post being edited by Lylirra?

Profanity. =/


CM using profanity? :O

good job Lyirra!....
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Was looking forward to PVP, but now i'm more excited for the rest of the 1.07 changes.

I dont 100% agree with everything, but im still 10/10 impressed with this.

As for damage reduction in PVP, look at your armor and resistances, there is tons of damage reduction in place atm.
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Awesome news !

On the gem notes, that's a great idea to change the ruby. However, why looking at the ruby while the topaz is even more useless in a weapon slot ? Please consider changing it as well : it cannot have a bad effect as they're completely useless right now. So unless you're willing to make melee attacker damage WAY more effective or a completely new stat, please change the topaz to have a wanted effect (life leech ? critical hi chance ? pick-up radius lol ? anything will do) !

Anyway thanks for the preview, looks actually interesting.
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