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Patch 1.0.7 Preview Now Up!

This looks like a nice patch not everything is great but it is a great patch.
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01/12/2013 08:33 AMPosted by CAUSTIC
I do not quite see the point of getting into a random game just to try and find someone to Duel, which outside of bragging about beating a complete stranger who also had nothing better to do, there's no reward.

The reward? The reward is having fun. Just like in every other PvP game ever made. Rewards and PvP progression are a modern invention that isn't really necessary. If you need false digital prizes to keep playing the game, then you really don't find it fun and should probably stop. If the gameplay can't keep you interested on it's own, it's not a good game and you should stop. Don't ask for things just to trick you into addiction.
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01/11/2013 08:55 PMPosted by Iria
Check it out: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/8414560/ :)

Yay! Thanks for the update!

Any word on the details regarding the PVP damage system? Is it strictly going to use the same numbers against monsters? If so, won't that lead to extremely short 1-hit-KO matches?
Maybe now people have a use for white items lol PVP fights were players are only allowed to use whites so as not to 1-shot everyone lol
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what a chance:P the only lvl 60 i got are monk and wizard xD
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Yay! Thanks for the update!

Any word on the details regarding the PVP damage system? Is it strictly going to use the same numbers against monsters? If so, won't that lead to extremely short 1-hit-KO matches?
Maybe now people have a use for white items lol PVP fights were players are only allowed to use whites so as not to 1-shot everyone lol

I think we underestimate what all the damage reduction we have will do to player damage. I much rather they leave resilience style PvP reductions out so we get a chance to actually test it as it is. I can really see a super defensive build being able to pwn some super glass cannon builds. I mean no one even tries to build super defensive builds now since that's the most inefficient way to do PvE content right now and farm gear.
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Looks like a well-rounded patch. I hope you continue to focus on game elements that both add to and detract from playability.

Please take into consideration the relationship between the requrements for crafting a hellfire ring (and presumably other similar items post-patch) and a gamer's return on invested time and effort. your fans will greatly appreciate it.

1) get 5 valor (ok, this part can be fun... especially in the right MP setting)
2) Find the freaking Warden, rarely score a key regardless of MP level...
3) rinse... repeat, with dismal odds... until you have 9 keys
4) 5 more valor, then Ubers, burning those 9 keys... with a dismal return on investment

ok, now 30 or more key runs to get another 9 keys, because zero organs dropped in your uber games (and no good legendaries) after all that

Now, craft! and after ALL your time and efforts you find that the rare ring you already have on is better than the hellfire ring you crafted. cant sell it on AH, cant share components with friends who are trying to make one... really Blizz. you've done SO well with the rest of this game, It's trylu a work of art! Did you guys playtest this part at all? It's WORK, not fun.
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love you lylirra
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01/11/2013 09:12 PMPosted by DEATHX
so now barb will become even stronger with ias in rubys only is lame what about putting ias in all the gems so that way all the classes can benefit from the ias no matter what class you are playing ?

how can anybody be so stupid?
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For the love of the Thousand and One Gods, please increase the drop rates for jeweler plans and blacksmith plans. I've found exactly one jewel recipe since 1.0.5 went live. The rate seems far, far too low. Sounds like the Marquise will drop faster than everything you need to get to the point at which you can make it.
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So I can't just duel a friend in act 3 while waiting for another friend to get back? are you f*cking serious!? I have to go to act 1 JUST for a duel...are you guys ignorant to what players really want? all I read there was a bunch of nonsense
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Not bein tricked from update to do further grindin for nothin but npc junk.
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Hooray!! I am very glad Blizz didn't allow PK'ers to take over D3.. if you "want" to duel you can go to someplace else and duel your heart out and leave me alone.

why should Blizz allow dumb PK'ers too rule this game..

I do believe that they should allow you to use your current setup to duel your buddy and not some nerfed setup, otherwise why would someone want to duel..
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- no fix the broken economy.
- no fix the same boring routes.
- no fix hellfire ring/current crafting (yeah, new ones BoA...)
- no fix ID all at once.
- no fix prices of gem crafting. (instead of fix they added new one even expensive haha)

And PvP will be One shot party since there is no damage reduction before combat start. Great patch indeed.
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You want to improve Monks and Wizards? Start by giving their sets some decent bonuses. 0.33 spirit regen is a joke. And Monk is a melee class yet his set pieces need to hit the jackpot to have Vit and a resistance. Tal Rasha's helm needs to be a Wizard Hat with APoC. The legacy Tal Rasha bonus is better than the current one, and regenerating 2 extra Arcane per second is not very impressive.
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What about this little bug where you CAN'T DUMP account bound items - like the Recipe to Staff of Herding... You have to create a Trash Bin to get rid of it! =/ Now with more account bound items I see this is going to be a problem!

Make it sellable (even for 0 gold) or make it drop only once.
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Nice. Can't wait for patch...
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After reading them... this is pathetic. They're putting bandaids on broken arms. They're trying to convince people the game just needs a little tweaking when the whole problem is with the design of the core mechanics.

New items that have even higher core stats don't fix the fact that this approach is boring. After tons of farming trying to get Hellfire rings, this is just going to end the same way: Casual players with one role and fanatics playing 16 hours a day with tabs full of terrible rolls and 1 or 2 godly ones.

So, the only PVP area is in act one? We can't just step out of town anywhere? The game wasn't designed for it and it shows. That also highlights the continued theme of "players don't know what is fun." 8 months for a feature that should have shipped at launch.
Pickup radius and death timer are a joke. Those are hot fix items that should have been addressed in beta if Blizzard listened at all. The same is true for reflect damage and molten. These both became absurdly overpowered with the 1.05 rework and should have been hotfixed... Technology just wasn't there, I guess.

A new gem tier!? 20 million gold? Blizzard again balances a game targeting the .1% of the player base to the dismay of "average" players. Yes, gold inflation from botting is a big issue, but 20 million is a pittance to those with BILLIONS of gold and it's also a lot more than most players have ever had! Instead of adding NEW gems and adding DIVERSITY, they persist in the incremental homogeneity. What's the new emerald going to be, 200% CD? Why not gems that raise attack speed, increase AOE range, add projectiles, or a million other NEW, FUN, and CREATIVE ideas?

This is laughable. They're not addressing the actual problems with the game. They aren't addressing the lack of actual choice in character development or gear choices. They aren't fixing the fact that itemization is a travesty. They aren't opening "free play" to travel to any act at any time. These are decent changes, but they took way too long to think of them, they'll take too long to implement them, and they won't go far enough with them to fix the real problems in the game.

TL;DR, way too little, way too late.
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As presented, the new crafting seems as useless as current crafting (a rare with main stat and 5 random props):
- For gloves/amys you need to get 3 props (cc/cd/ias) out of 5 randoms, and then for each a small chance to be high value. Without any calculation, I guess that one needs to craft at least 100000 gloves/amys to get a trifecta.
- Bracers and pants will be useless no matter of stats because Lacunis and Innas have ias/movespeed which the rares cannot have.
- Chest armor will as well be useless as set chest armor are very good and have set bonuses

Also, the increase in xp/mp also makes the current hellfire useless. People are wearing that for xp. Wearing a better ring than hellfire would now easily allow the same xp efficiency at a higher mp.
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I'm glad to hear they're looking at monk spenders since I'm personally not a fan of the overawe spam because it's simply not interesting.

A suggestion for one spirit spender could be to allow exploding palm to stack when calculating the DOT.
I understand that stacking the explosion would likely not make sense, but I love this skill and hate that I feel I cant use it at higher MP if I decide to engage a boss because it's completely useless compared to any other spender since I can only cast it once at a time instead of spamming it.

Another could be to make cyclone strike to simply do a meaningful amount of damage. While the vortex is situationally beneficial, the complete lack of damage (you lose damage considering you could have used that weapon swing to use a generator which does more -damage) Even if it did 175-200% it wouldn't be a complete waste and could become an interesting change up from the same old generator spam.
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