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Patch 1.0.7 Preview Now Up!

01/12/2013 05:04 PMPosted by WhoKnows
Could you guys also increase the base movement speed to what 8 or 12 is now.. no movement speed at all is painful game play. it make having movements speed a necessity or atleast add a sprint buffer like d2

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The only new item addition to this game, the top tier gem, can really only be obtained by selling stuff on the AH. LOL

I'd be really interested to see how many man hours were put towards programming the "new content" in this game. I suspect very little in relation to the amount of time they had to work on it. Dueling sounds relatively basic, especially with no mechanic to put weight to the duel (betting gold, items, or at the very least getting your opponents ear!)

Blizz should seriously just hire some of the best modders of TL2 and put them on staff. TL2 blew the cover/mystery off of the amount of effort it takes to make ingame changes. This is especially obvious in the case of the new gem tier....the programming for that, including the incorporation of the crafting recipe menu, world drops, and item effects can be accomplished in a few hours.

This is very sad.
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Will this issue be addressed in patch 1.0.7? It did not mention in the patch notes. Thanks in advance.


hmm.. looks like you are talking about Reflects Damage.. yeah.. the notes covered this.
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Man .. this game would be awesome ... if I picked it up today instead of last May. How much "Lost" XP or lost chances at these new items . So after spending hundreds of hours doing the SAME thing how many are going to do it again just for a "chance" at a few new drops? No thanks.

If this was in from beginning? This game would have been a lot more deep and less a disappointment.

They spent the first few months too much worrying about exploiters and protecting the precious AH .. then they worried about class balance (even though PvP didn't exist) .. and then they've slowly added some depth .. and how much wasted development time on the scrapped PvP arena?

In these days of games pushing out DLC every month or two .. getting a few "enhancements" and balance tweaks every few months isn't going to cut it.
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Bout time they increase the base pickup radius, patch looks promising.
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I'm wondering... Will those essences ( required to craft new items ) be tradable?
If they are.. It'll kinda ruin the point of making the items BOA?
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I love how fiery brimstone prices skyrocketed even though the new BOA items are RARE!!!!!
I dont know if I am the one not understanding something or if a lot of people are not realizing that fiery brimstones are needed for crafting legendary recipes not rares.

The patch is definitely going in the right direction, gives players another reason to actually hunt at higher MPs, not to mention the fact that it makes most set armors obsolete, cough couch overpriced piece of shaiza called immortal king and for the people that use inna's pants and mov speed boots a nice dps boost courtesy of the new bracers. Hurray for a lot of overpriced items being less and less needed and more affordable.

Really glad i didnt quit this game, cant wait for 1.07 and the new patches yet to come.
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Hey guys! Wyatt Cheng recently followed up on some player questions over on Reddit. The main thread can be found here, but I've highlighted his responses below (along with links to their original locations).

Looks like they're doing EVERYTHING people suggested so far.
Give this game a years time and it will have become the game we would've liked to see on release.

Wyatt: Thanks! We've certainly all seen people leave the game and come back. One of the interesting things about being a non-subscription game is that this is okay - there are a lot of really fun games out there! Our job is to make sure that when you do come back, you are coming back to a fun experience. What I want to see is when people do fire up D3 again they think to themselves "Wow, this game is better than I remember" or "I really loved the game before but I [insert issue here] so I quit playing. But now I see they fixed my issue and I love playing again!". I love seeing comments like that on sites such as this one (/r/diablo) and definitely reaffirms the team's desire to continue working to make this game as good as we can :)

Thanks for stopping by but please don't let another 7 months go by without posting! You'll find the rabble rabble pitchforking can be kept to minimum with tiny replies like this. Keep up the good work.

Wyatt: This subreddit is a wonderful community where people talk about builds, publish research, advertise new videos, spread news or just share the latest "TIL". It's a fun, constructive, unique community. I think the communication and ideas shared between players can often be richer when the developers aren't overly involved.
That said - increased communication is a great idea, and it's something we're always thinking about ways to do better.

except monster density....I'm so sick of act 3.

Wyatt: Unfortunately increased monster density in Act 1 and 2 in Inferno difficulty did not make patch 1.0.7. It is absolutely something we would like to improve, and it is still on the list for the future. I spend most of personal play time in Act 3 as well: Keeps 1, Core, Tower, Bridge, Fields. It's a matter of degrees, it'll never all be balanced 100% equal in all zones everywhere you go - but they need to be comparable within a certain tolerance, and we're definitely outside that margin right now.

"We're also increasing the base pickup radius by a small amount." Easily the best change.

Wyatt: Just to make sure we're setting expectations correctly, the radius increase is modest. As mentioned in the blog, for melee characters who are very particular about saving their health globes, we wanted to make sure we didn't increase the radius so much that melee characters picked up health globes unintentionally.
So, kinda imagine a health globe dropping a melee range, we increased pickup by LESS than that. I'd tell you the exact number but I don't remember it off the top of my head and it'll be in the patch notes anyways. The bump is small.

I'm confused about the ruby. Did they change bonus from +damage to +IAS when applied to weapon. And what is this Marquise do?

Wyatt: Sorry for the confusion. The new Ruby gives flat damage increase, much like the existing rubies do. However, because of the way the math works out, the higher your attack speed, the more your character benefits from a flat damage increase.

For example, let's say Your attack speed is 1.1 If a Ruby adds 20 damage to your weapon, then it is adding 22 DPS to your weapon. However, if your attack speed is 2.4, then that same Ruby that adds 20 damage to your weapon is going to add 48 DPS to your weapon. Essentially, flat damage benefits higher attack speeds.

Our goal with the tuning on the new Ruby is that if you have high attack speed, and/or your skill build leans heavily on skills that don't crit (such as Hydra), then you may prefer the flat damage granted by the Ruby over the Critical Hit Damage provided by the Emerald. The exact tuning point has gone through some internal testing but we'll be monitoring things on PTR as well. I expect some clever theorycrafters will figure out some breakpoints for when to use one gem or another.

I'm so happy they didn't mention One With Everything.

Wyatt: One With Everything is not changing in 1.0.7. We still recognize it as an issue, but 1. We do not want to make any change that invalidates the existing gear people have acquired. 2. We have to weigh the cost of any change vs. the benefit of doing so. Does One With Everything feel mandatory to many monks? Yes (though not as much as it used to be). Is fixing it urgent? No.

I love the changes! Only thing...how should it be possible to get 5 stacks before you get to Rakanoth in Act 4?^

Wyatt: I did not mention it in the blog but Nephalem Valor should carry over from Act to Act.

The Patch Notes represent a collated list of the things that have changed in a patch. When choosing which changes to list in a Patch Preview, it's the design teams opportunity to provide some additional commentary, insight or explain the reasoning behind the changes.
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Can it be clarified if Brimstones will be used in the new crafting?
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I just want to thank whoever bought all of my rubies tonight, that was awesome.
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1. Please create new maps in the new version. It's real bored playing the same thing again and again.
2. Modify some spells and runes. Most are not widely used.
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Wyatt: I did not mention it in the blog but Nephalem Valor should carry over from Act to Act

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Lylirra, I forgot to mention this in my previous post, but clarification would be wonderful here: With NV carrying over from act to act, currently the only way to get from act to act is to do the final boss/transfer quests. Are the devs finally going to be implementing access to all act waypoints from a single menu so we can do away with this?

Another option for the devs to implement would be that once you have completed a difficulty's compendium of quests, you can disable the quests altogether via an in-game toggle much like Monster Power enabling uses. This would mean you still have to quest through a difficulty at least once before you can jump through acts randomly, but after that, you could disable the quest system and jump through via waypoints like you could in Diablo 2.

Keep in mind that disabling the quests would also disable checkpoints, which for many would be another plus. This would allow players to either keep the checkpoints, but be limited to a single act outside of the boss/transfer quests, or go unrestricted with the caveat that if they did, they're going to have a long run back to their corpse.

Also, once quests are disabled, all bosses are opened up, but again, no checkpoints are enabled so if you want to "farm" them, you'll have to do it the long way (meaning the closest waypoint is your only option and that's usually a fair run away).

Think of it like ActRaiser for the SNES - Quest Mode for Diablo 3 would work like Story Mode in ActRaiser, where you had to do the various quests to get to your objective, and Unrestricted Mode for Diablo 3 would work like ActRaiser's second playthrough where it was the bosses only without the storyline requirements (only Diablo 3 will still have the "levels" that you have to run through obviously, something I wish ActRaiser had done instead of Bosses Only).

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fixing the servers would be a good start before they make any of these 1.0.7 updates.

been laggggy for like 5 days now...
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FIX the LAG SPIKES please....
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Thank for the updates and the links :)
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