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Patch 1.0.7 Preview Now Up!

Normal PVP will come 1 year after d3 release.
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this patch is pretty awesome. I cant wait for the PTR to be live
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Devs post on reddit because these forums are a cesspool of haters and fanboys.
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Check it out: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/8414560/ :)


Edit: More information from the developers is available [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7592581161?page=18#348"]here[/url]!

ty stephanie! and blizzard... you have restablish your image with this patch for a diablo franchise fan such as my self!

Best games ever.. D2, d2-xpac, d3

man i cant wait for expansion pack for d3...
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Are you gonna fix Shen "Victory" bug in 1.0.7?
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I love the changes! Only thing...how should it be possible to get 5 stacks before you get to Rakanoth in Act 4?^

Wyatt: I did not mention it in the blog but Nephalem Valor should carry over from Act to Act.

The Patch Notes represent a collated list of the things that have changed in a patch. When choosing which changes to list in a Patch Preview, it's the design teams opportunity to provide some additional commentary, insight or explain the reasoning behind the changes.

BEST CHANGE .. FINALLY killing iskatu with nv5
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This is the worst pvp idea ever...
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Getting parangon 100 2.5x faster!?

Scandalous, the game is evolving like WoW did: getting noobish to satisfy the "2 hours gaming per week" noobs.

A friend made parangon 0 --> 100 in two weeks. If they apply that nerf, he will be able to do that in 5 days. So he'll be able to make 4 characters level 100 in a month, this is ridiculous, that won't mean anything anymore.

I'm really suspicious concerning the futur of D3. Version after version since the game was launched in May 15th of 2012, this NERF after NERF. Will that game be so noobish in 6 month that 4 years old children can play it with their feet? I'll be gone somewhere else before that happen.
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lol another ptr what is tis a ptr each time a patch comes out
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simply put, if you had the ability to escape, fight evenly, or kill other Duelers/PKers, then you liked anything goes, or it made no difference to you. If you did not know how to avoid/escape, or fight back, and you constantly got humiliated/abused, you thought PvP was stupid and unfair and you cried about it. Losing surely is not fun in any way, but the fact is all games are more exciting when your !@# is on the line and you have no idea what kind of opponent you might have to face next. Schooling up your opponent is where it is at, in all games ever made. Getting that headshot, the final blow, the last touchdown, the ultra finisher, nothing beats that in any game, and its even better when you know your opponent really deserved it that time. The "carebears" so to speak, people who basically do not enjoy or understand the concepts of competition and challenge in games, are the losers who ruin it for the rest of us, who actually do understand what A GAME is supposed to be about.

The losers who can't stand losing, and are unwilling to learn how to stop losing, instead make it so no one can win or lose anymore.... thanks, i hope your carebear mentality serves you well in real life - where no one ever tries to beat you at anything, where you never lose if you do not want to, where everything you want is handed to you, and where everything you ever do is 100% safe and 100% fair.

I was one of the top PvPers in the EuroPvP league in D2 pre 1.10. I strongly believe PvP should be consensual. The attitude that "wanting skill-based pvp" = "sucking at the game" has always seemed extremely odd to me. Wouldn't it be -more- hardcore to win against someone using your superior skill at the game than using your statistical advantage and/or a surprise attack? There is a reason all the serious PvP leagues in Diablo 2 had custom rules - They evened out the playing field so that PvP turned into a game of skill rather than one of statistics. Now, I personally see the fun in the scenarios of Diablo 2 where someone entered a game with players of equal levels and declared hostility before trying to locate them on a map, but seriously, how often did this happen? 9/10 times it was dumbed down to high-levels griefing levelers, people tp-ganking with Hydra, or PvP-equipped burizons with Cleglaws hunting PvE-builds. Most PvE games where someone game in to gank ended with everybody but that player sitting in town, or leaving the game. How is this fun for the people involved? How is this player "hardcore"? Actual skill at the game often had zero influence on the outcome of these scenarios.

If there was some way to ensure that "world-PvP" in D3 would be fair, exciting hunts, then sure. But I don't see how there can be - where there is opportunity to cause grief for other players, most of the so called "hardcore elite PvPers" will jump to the possibility.

Either way though, like in Diablo 2, most people who play PvE will have PvE-oriented builds. This tilts the stacked odds even further in the aggressor's favour, since gankers will have their builds centered around killing other players. PvP can never be a skill-contest until all parties are - both mentally and game mechanics-wise - prepared for it. No matter what the scenario is (dueling, TvT, hunting, etc). And if it doesn't come down to being more skilled at playing the game, I don't see how all of you "hardcore, skilled players" can advocate it.
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I'm not happy because my account was locked.I will not play Blizzard's game anymore
From a fans
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Please do remove the “Inventory limited...” message. Everyone knows it but it keeps boring me....

The vision of Azmadan is way big and shiny, everything behind is disclosed for too long.
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01/13/2013 01:03 AMPosted by Urgle
Sadly, pvp has been more and more carebeared to address folks that don't understand what they are purchasing when a game has a label warning, this game has pvp.

You are all 31 flavors of dumb.

This game is PVE with a pvp facet... not the other way around. And yes, PKing people who have no intention of player vs player gameplay who happen to misunderstand the settings for preventing pvp in their created games is EXACTLY what the term griefing means.

Stop being a sociopath and understand that not everyone wants to be randomly killed by some malcontent with daddy issues.
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Getting parangon 100 2.5x faster!?
Scandalous, the game is evolving like WoW did: getting noobish to satisfy the "2 hours gaming per week" noobs

Paragon was never meant for pros FYI. Just another form of progression to keep noobs playing. It's the main goal isn't to get people to Paragon 100 faster, it's to give some extra rewards for playing on higher Monster Powers (which people want), without being required to play higher MPs as the most efficient loot farm. People need to face it that having more time to sit in front of you computer does not make you a better player.

I more interested in the quality of life buff this creates for the new classes I want to level to 60 through Normal-Hell. It will make it less boring, and I'll advance faster with more appropriate EXP gains.
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why not BUFF the DH ~ it's so weak now!!!
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Wyatt: Sorry for the confusion. The new Ruby gives flat damage increase, much like the existing rubies do. However, because of the way the math works out, the higher your attack speed, the more your character benefits from a flat damage increase.

For example, let's say Your attack speed is 1.1 If a Ruby adds 20 damage to your weapon, then it is adding 22 DPS to your weapon. However, if your attack speed is 2.4, then that same Ruby that adds 20 damage to your weapon is going to add 48 DPS to your weapon. Essentially, flat damage benefits higher attack speeds.

Our goal with the tuning on the new Ruby is that if you have high attack speed, and/or your skill build leans heavily on skills that don't crit (such as Hydra), then you may prefer the flat damage granted by the Ruby over the Critical Hit Damage provided by the Emerald. The exact tuning point has gone through some internal testing but we'll be monitoring things on PTR as well. I expect some clever theorycrafters will figure out some breakpoints for when to use one gem or another.

i still dont get what the marquise dopes, and will the ruby change?? you sound like a politician. many words, few answers.
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In my opinion being able to join someones game and go hostile against them and run up and kill them is fun. It's more gratifying to me when the player doen't want to duel. That is why Dark Souls is one of my top 5 games. But an arena is better then nothing.
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This patch sounds like a good thing. I just hope it delivers. Good work Blizz.
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