Diablo® III

Patch 1.0.7 Preview Now Up!

ADD % MAGIC Damage, DEAL% MAGIC Damage, and OTHERS.


plz have a check~~~~
i wrote it over 1 hour with my poor english.

i think there are some problems need to be fix.
2 days pass in US BATTLE NET.

more than 4 weeks pass in TW BATTLE NET.....

Nobody care...... =_=!!!!

plz have a check plz
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Check it out: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/8414560/ :)


Edit: More information from the developers is available [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7592581161?page=18#348"]here[/url]!

The preview doesn't mention whether or not there would be PvP-Specific game mechanics (for example, like the overall pvp damage reduction in Diablo 2). Would there be any PvP-Specific game mechanics?
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Does anyone know if the damage on rubies is getting an overall buff? Or are they just adding a useful amount of damage in the form of the new grade of gem that I'll never be able to afford?
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01/13/2013 05:10 AMPosted by prankmaster
So rubies will still suck major balls?

Pretty much since everyone is already heavily geared with CC, yes. Hate to say I told you so....

Ruby = ultimate leveling gem. They just made 1-60 about 4x easier than it already was....
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PvP arena only in Act1, while we can't teleport between Acts (backwards) with waypoints like we used to in D2. This is so weird and not logical at all.
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I'm copying my post from the eu forums, since those are being completely overlooked by blues. I'm hoping the blue in this thread might get off his/her high pony and reply. Thanks.

I'm gonna start by saying that I'm a monk. The changes shown so far can only be good news for fellow monks, even though the core problem with our class has not been solved and probably not taken into consideration. The problem I think rests with our poor mobility and lack of interesting offensive passives and lots of useless skills. Buffing some of the skills will probably reduce the terrible blandness our class has suffered from the beginning.

Overall, I like the changes. However, I don't know what to think about the introduction of more and more BoA stuff. This doesn't seem to be a good idea in this type of game. I mean, sure, Hellfire rings being BoA make perfect sense when looking at the big picture, but 5 new BoA items....I honestly don't know how this will play out. It will either induce new vigor into the game, or it will be really really bad. All in all, I'm curious how it will turn out.

I know they haven't released all the patch notes, even though I don't think they could've omitted something as big as new maps. What I really want above anything else is for Diablo to have the unique randomness PoE has, for example. Give us something else to farm other than the terribly boring Act 3 run. I'm 64 right now, and while I still like the game, I honestly can't be asked to do another Act 3 run. Don't tell me to farm the other acts, you know it's not efficient and I don't give a damn about that ring.

Giving us random maps, as in TRULY random would solve what I think are 2 core problems of this game: the obvious necessity to be as efficient as possible while farming paragon levels and legendaries which leads to the second problem: getting fed up with the same scenery by doing it over...and over...and over...and over...and over. Rinse and repeat. It's sucking the life out of me, and I honestly think that I'm not the only one feeling this way.

They're saying "oh, you hate the game? take a break." I haven't played in 2 weeks, and I honestly can't be asked to do this again, even though I wanna farm those paragons and legendaries. This is what I feel is the biggest problem with this game right now. Lack of content, literally. Solving this would bring a lot of players back to the game, imo.

I'd really like to see a blue's take on random maps. It's something I've been waiting for since I got to inferno.

What is your take on this and 1.07? Could random maps be that SOMETHING that's badly missing from the game? Let me know.
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does anyone think that upgrading to 1.0.7 will fix the lag issues that is going on at the moment in the Australian and New Zealand regions?

like are some of the servers down pre-1.0.7? ? ?
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01/13/2013 09:57 AMPosted by Calot
Still no fix for the stuttering/low performance?

would be great if they could fix this first before making any other official updates, with this lag, we can't actually play the game.

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I have posted a rudimentary remake of the official Monster Power Levels values for the patch 1.0.7 PTR.

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do reduce/increase damge vs Elit's,will take effect against another Nephalem when dueling?
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Sounds like this patch is going to take care of some things that the community wants and needs. I think these are good changes overall. And of course, some PvP.
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01/13/2013 12:49 AMPosted by Lylirra
So I can't just duel a friend in act 3 while waiting for another friend to get back? are you serious!? I have to go to act 1 JUST for a duel...are you guys ignorant to what players really want? all I read there was a bunch of nonsense

We've actually discussed adding a dueling NPC to each Act hub to help address the concern you've brought up (though that may not make it to the PTR).

How about you just allow us to go between acts like we've always wanted to?
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Impressive. Things are moving along a little too slowly but still impressed.

-The custom recipes is a nice start on moving away from the AH reliance.

-Reflect damage change was needed, pulse shields is a fair way of doing it. I think the reflect damage should be increased though since we now have visual warnings.

-Higher MP levels become more rewarding (xp and demonic souls)

-Basic PvP

Here is still whats sorely needed

- Random, huge, dungeons that pop up in the world occasionally with a very high monster density. Players have been tired of doing Alk's run for 4 months now.

-affix overhaul. Thorns, life after kill, and the custom class affixes need buffing and better arrangement. (Stop putting strength on wands and wizard hats!)

- Salvaging overhaul. The AH is flooded with a baziillion legendaries and the ones you find nowdays are generally useless because of it. A system is needed to take them out of the market. Giving legendaries a small chance to salvage into one of those demonic souls is a good start.
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The thing is, thousands of legendaries with bad rolls are already being salvaged into brimstones. I'm up to a stack of 102 just from all the ones I found through regular farming and salvaging (kept separate from my commodity stack during the mass buying and selling when brims were selling at 80k on AH). One thing blizz can do, is find a new use for brimstones. I've heard ideas floating around where legendary stats can be rerolled at the blacksmith using a brimstone and other materials. Why not do this? A caveat can even be added, in that once a legendary is modified in this manner, it becomes account bound and can only be salvaged into brimstones and other basic materials if you need to get rid of it. Hell, you can even extend this feature to rares.

To make it more specialized, it could even be a tiered crafting option: 1 brimstone to reroll all stats randomly(legendaries still roll according to their predefined affix loadouts). 5 brimstones to reroll only 1 stat of your choosing to another random stat (cannot be used on fixed affixes for legendaries, random stats will limited to available affixes for that gear slot). 10 brimstones to reroll 1 stat of your choosing to the same stat with a different value (obviously only applies to +stat buffs, +% skills, +max/min dmg, and other stats with numerical values). Could also make it add a new random stat for items with less than 6 affixes(except for legendaries which don't roll more than 5 or less affixes according to fixed item stats. This gives rares a potential one up over legendaries). This will consume most the brimstones that have been horded, and make legendaries and rares with semi-good rolls worth keeping instead of being chucked on AH. It also make every legendary drop useful to some degree as a WIP to be further improves or actively used crafting material. It'll also lower the exorbitant prices on the same $$$billion listings we see for legendaries with godly rolls we see every day because we would all have a chance at making one ourselves.
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I dont understand how changing monster density is such a big issue that it "could not make it" into a patch. I would think it would be as simple as changing 1 variable in the code.
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simply put, if you had the ability to escape, fight evenly, or kill other Duelers/PKers, then you liked anything goes, or it made no difference to you. If you did not know how to avoid/escape, or fight back, and you constantly got humiliated/abused, you thought PvP was stupid and unfair and you cried about it. Losing surely is not fun in any way, but the fact is all games are more exciting when your !@# is on the line and you have no idea what kind of opponent you might have to face next. Schooling up your opponent is where it is at, in all games ever made. Getting that headshot, the final blow, the last touchdown, the ultra finisher, nothing beats that in any game, and its even better when you know your opponent really deserved it that time. The "carebears" so to speak, people who basically do not enjoy or understand the concepts of competition and challenge in games, are the losers who ruin it for the rest of us, who actually do understand what A GAME is supposed to be about.

The losers who can't stand losing, and are unwilling to learn how to stop losing, instead make it so no one can win or lose anymore.... thanks, i hope your carebear mentality serves you well in real life - where no one ever tries to beat you at anything, where you never lose if you do not want to, where everything you want is handed to you, and where everything you ever do is 100% safe and 100% fair.

I was one of the top PvPers in the EuroPvP league in D2 pre 1.10. I strongly believe PvP should be consensual. The attitude that "wanting skill-based pvp" = "sucking at the game" has always seemed extremely odd to me. Wouldn't it be -more- hardcore to win against someone using your superior skill at the game than using your statistical advantage and/or a surprise attack? There is a reason all the serious PvP leagues in Diablo 2 had custom rules - They evened out the playing field so that PvP turned into a game of skill rather than one of statistics. Now, I personally see the fun in the scenarios of Diablo 2 where someone entered a game with players of equal levels and declared hostility before trying to locate them on a map, but seriously, how often did this happen? 9/10 times it was dumbed down to high-levels griefing levelers, people tp-ganking with Hydra, or PvP-equipped burizons with Cleglaws hunting PvE-builds. Most PvE games where someone game in to gank ended with everybody but that player sitting in town, or leaving the game. How is this fun for the people involved? How is this player "hardcore"? Actual skill at the game often had zero influence on the outcome of these scenarios.

If there was some way to ensure that "world-PvP" in D3 would be fair, exciting hunts, then sure. But I don't see how there can be - where there is opportunity to cause grief for other players, most of the so called "hardcore elite PvPers" will jump to the possibility.

Either way though, like in Diablo 2, most people who play PvE will have PvE-oriented builds. This tilts the stacked odds even further in the aggressor's favour, since gankers will have their builds centered around killing other players. PvP can never be a skill-contest until all parties are - both mentally and game mechanics-wise - prepared for it. No matter what the scenario is (dueling, TvT, hunting, etc). And if it doesn't come down to being more skilled at playing the game, I don't see how all of you "hardcore, skilled players" can advocate it.

I agree with both arguments here. It can really suck being under geared and having some random join the game and kill your whole party repeatedly. On the other hand I always loved when some punk joined a game and hostiled on a group of well geared players and ended up being the one getting his !@# handed to him. Why not just make an option to toggle pvp on or off when creating a pub game? If people dont want to have to worry about getting ganked they can join/create pve only games, while the people who want pvp or just dont care can leave it on.

Also to answer about the hunt being more exciting in open world pvp, i believe it would be in D3. You have to keep in mind that the mechanics of teleport have changed, and also that there is no more enigma. People will not be able to join games and tppk you in a matter of seconds. Even if they have some idea of where you may be, they still need to run there to get to you.
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Blizzard doesn't need to change monster density. All they need to do to incent players to go to another Act besides Act 3 is to have a temporary buff to experience for not playing an act. It would make shifting around Acts more desirable. The change would be simple since it only needs global counters to keep track and reset as you play more an act.
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as long as Blizzard allows multiboxing in D3, pvp of any kind will be a joke and uselss.
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