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Patch 1.0.7 Preview Now Up!

So I could have spent about 60% less time xp grinding if I waited for 1.0.7 (mostly leveled on mp8)? Does Blizzard really put no value on the time players have spent to progress through the paragon levels so far? How about the claim they made that getting to para 100 was supposed to be the same time investment as getting to D2 L99, then triple the xp bonuses on higher mp levels? How is this not spitting on my effort? Don't waste your time, quit this game for two years and when you come back chances are you will automatically hit p100 as soon as you kill Diablo in Hell difficulty!
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is the PTR playable? I'm european and if I try it says to me that a new patch is available, the game will close and it will download the patch, but nothing happens...

some 4 you?
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Just in case not mentioned earlier,


a) allow party leaders to kick immediately
b) vote kicks by non party leaders to only require 1 person in player game
c) vote kicks by non party leaders to only require 2 persons in 3/4 player games.

NO questions asked, no distance requirements, no limits to number of kicks/vote kicks.
people who are vote kicked cannot be matchmaked back into the same game.

if not you can be assured higher mp pub games will be filled with leechers, scrubs and bots
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FFA dueling... What a massive disappointment. Even in D2, u could have have team DM with the party feature.

And what about fixing the Achievement that nobody can get....
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01/11/2013 10:33 PMPosted by Fury
So I could have spent about 60% less time xp grinding if I waited for 1.0.7 (mostly leveled on mp8)? Does Blizzard really put no value on the time players have spent to progress through the paragon levels so far?

And what would you be doing with that 60% time you would have "saved"? That's like asking for a discount on a product you bought 3 months before it went on sale :-/
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great updates.
This is a pretty huge patch.
The new crafting items (especially gems - not sure about the equipment ingredients) are giving people reason to do uber hunts.

And put a 20mil cost to craft 1 gem is gonna reduce the gold available to in game which will raise the gold value once more.

very clever..

could you pass to the dev team about making (or crafting) new potions?
I'm pretty sure there is already a thread discussing about this issue.

I have like around 1000 or nearly 2000 Mystic potions in my storage.
I bet there are a lots of people who don't pick up potions anymore (even I rarely pick it up, but still manage to save lots of them)

We can't sold it in AH nor use it for something else.
The only reason I still pick it up, is because I sometimes gave 100-400 potions to friends or any other players that use lots of pots.

It would be great if the dev team could improve about potions.
and the default 12.500 life recovery is kind of useless now.
The previous update about extra health from globe affecting potion usage are great. now why not improving the potions it self for a greater good?

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01/11/2013 10:27 PMPosted by Connatic
Thanks for ruining pvp for me blizz. Why would I want to duel random strangers that will probably far out-gear me?

Pretty much the same in D2...and people seem to love that. You can just inspect someones gear and asked what their base DPS is. At least this system doesn't "force" you into griefing/PK situations.

Same as in D2, aka it sucks... I was looking forward to a focused pvp system, not this band-aid fix that makes you go out of your way to ask people in chat or whatever to form up a party just for dueling, and then you have a high chance that they will crush you or gang up on you in "FFA" mode. I don't care how unrewarding or shallow their deathmatch arena seemed to their QA people... it sounded a lot better than this...

I just would like to know how many more months until we get a real pvp system? A year after it should have been (at release)? Longer?
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5 stacks before rakanoth seems unlikely
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btw: pass this on. the problem with monks is spirit generation, eg: perma spam wave of light (eg: 1 wave of light every 0.25 seconds sustained) is far better than a nuclear 50,000% damage wave of light.

also: are cyclones pets?
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01/11/2013 10:48 PMPosted by Thorzian
5 stacks before rakanoth seems unlikely

Don't you worry, Act 3 will remain to be 1000% better than any other act for xp or gear.

I'm guessing the patterns are random drops, not specific to each boss, so you won't need to hit every boss for every pattern.
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They should take out the exp gain idea... for all the people who worked so hard to level to where they are... it would be unfair. everything else is a good idea though for patch 1.07
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You realize.... that spirit spenders are not the problem right? Its the resource itself thats the problem. Spamming over awe will always have more synergy than using any of the spirit spenders simply cause of synergy and every other spirit spender taking a huge chunk of a resource that does not fill on its own. .
So i can attack while casting a huge damage increase on my auto attacks or i can use a spell wich has a cast animation and uses a huge chunk of my resource. Ya damage is definately the reason no1 uses spirit spendors.
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Where is the ID All at?
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wth is PTR?
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so if theres zero reward for dueling...whats so different about deathmatch ? wth man.
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there was never any griefing in d2 anyone who actually played this game could tell you this stop making stuff up wyatt
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I hope there is stuff with WD...right now it's pretty weak at times for two things, "Scaling Mana...so the higher the level slowre you can cast." and were a ranged class...with 2/3's of our buffs requiring suicidal close range.

love the rest though :>
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01/11/2013 11:18 PMPosted by ANFO
They should take out the exp gain idea... for all the people who worked so hard to level to where they are... it would be unfair. everything else is a good idea though for patch 1.07

Yeah, and while were at it remove the new crafts and gems as they arn't fair for people that already got good items.

This is a bad argument, things change, people at this point have no excuse to say, "it's unfair that months later others get faster." would you complain if expansion added areas that made leveling faster? What about Diablo 2 when the expansion raised max levels on mobs? You got to 100 before others and benefits that was your advantage.
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Didn't see people complaining their asses off when a 35% exp ring was added and MP levels existed and base inferno difficulty was nerfed, but now that higher MP levels reward higher exp, the whines come out? People seem to be forgetting that they get a 42% exp bonus via rings (if they use a follower), 29-31% from helm, and 75% from NV. That means having a base exp rate of about 245% without leoric's. 510% at mp10 (still nobody sane will farm mp10 for experience) means you get triple the exp for 34x the hp? Doesn't seem too big of a deal to me.
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