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Silver's (Free) Gearing Service

Hey Silver,

This is a great thing your doing for us noob Monks. I just finished my first run thru Inferno. Pretty low dps and could really use some help; so I'm putting my hand up as well.

I'm traveling for work this week, so hopefully you don't burn yourself out before the weekend. :)
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I'm looking for some improvements, but really I only have a couple of questions. Which one item would benefit me the most to change? What stats and numbers should I look for on that item?

I've been told that I need some LoH and then I drop some resist for DPS. So I've got a super healing OH that I use sometimes (mid-900 dps, 885 Loh, 2.8 LS, ~300 dex), but I really don't like the dps decrease I get from switching ( no socket :-( ).

Right now, my thought is that I have a bit too much life. I also think that my weakest item is my amulet; which was a lucky drop, but the lack of Critical Chance makes me sad.

Anyway, I'll be online most (if not all) nights this week (off and on) and many times this month; so add me to the queue and I'll see you when we both have time.
~Bob2Chiv #1134
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Hello, I have 60 mil and would like to know if MP8 is possible.
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I accidently sent you 2 friend reqs, but the point is, my monk needs some lovin, and i have a cool 50m to spend on her. Any and all help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Xane Frostwind
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Hey, I could really use an advice regarding my monk.
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Would be interested in any suggestions you have for my monk, you have him on your friends list now as Rigg.
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Hi, I'm kinda stuck on what to do with my monk. Have a respectable budget to work with. Please add me in game to chat? Thanks Elcarim#3992
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Hey Silver, gonna add you later tomorrow. Whenever you have time, just let me know!
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Hi Silver! You've helped me before, during the holidays, regarding advice on how to increase my DPS. It helped a lot, I had around 40+K before, and I was able to increase it thanks to your advice. However, I still haven't reached that 100K threshold, and I was hoping to get some help again. I'll add you soon. What you're doing for the Monk community is definitely valuable. More power and Thanks!
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Guys, please do check if your name is on the list. If not, post on this thread or add me in game (if you have already, send me a msg to remind me), I wanna make sure I don't forget anybody.
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I'm planning on re-selling my gear because I feel like I made bad decisions in gear.

I would probably have an excess of 800mil after all my gear sells over the weekend. Do you take gearing services for that much gold?
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Alright, added you!
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Thanks for adding me Silver! Andredoc here
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Hi Silver, I am totally rebuilding my monk. My budget is on the low side, but can you help me? My bnet name is Hope#1846.
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To all who posted : Awesome, keep 'em coming. Again, just make sure your name is on the list, and if it's not, you have my express permission to nag me until it is. =)

Yelyah : As I mentioned in the OP, 800 mil is definitely not a sum I'm used to working with. I can certainly give you ideas and such, but I'd be deathly afraid I made you spend an absolutely gargantuan fortune (to me, anyhow) in an erroneous fashion, since I have absolutely no experience with that level of gear.

All of the above being said : I would still recommend that start by spending a much smaller amount, and spend 50-100 mil, say. Why? As I write this, you're a Paragon 7 with precisely 850 elite kills. Not a whole lot. Point is, you don't have a lot of experience with the class, and probably don't fully know what you're doing yet. (Don't take this the wrong way.) My advice - and I'm sure others will back me up here - would be to spend a smaller amount of that fortune, get comfortable with the class, get to know its attributes and shortfalls, and most of all, get to know what YOU want out of it. Who knows - maybe you'll want a 2h build, maybe you'll want a more niche build like LPS, etc., etc... So when you have found that, and when you've done your research and have tried a few combinations and KNOW what you want, THEN you spend the big bucks.

Another issue is the upcoming patch. I would have no reservations about gearing someone out for like 50-100 mil and focusing on EHP first, because EHP will never go out of fashion. BUT - beyond that, I would wait until the dust settles with the new patch, prices have stabilized, and the full impact of the upcoming changes is known and has been properly analyzed and documented. And again, THEN you start spending big.

My 2 cents.
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Silver has just finished pimping my monk!! Barely survived mp0 but now mp6 is a walk in the park with only 15mil. Thanks a lot man!
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Running both DH and Monk, any assistance would be great.
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ls add me to the Queue too.

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Awesome thing you are doing here
Totally agree with your philosophy of spending only a reasonable budget till you get used to (with sufficient elite kills) the type of build that works best for you, before blowing a much bigger budget
Might add as well - our monks have pretty similar stats - 2 dual 1.4wpns, DPS, CC, atkspd, LS

One thing that I might add is, life regen might be a good option to pursue as well, in place of LOH. Lots of gear options have slots for this, and it doesn't cost much more as well (or at least until more people realize how valuable life regen is for pvp)
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Do it,
pay attention,
try to learn,
give a tip,
spread the word.

Dude knows his.....building.

50 M budget came in well under, tipped aprox one third of remainder.

Worth it.

I'll be back when I've got another 50 - 80M to run a weapons change program.
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