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Silver's (Free) Gearing Service

Great job going Silver.! This is great for the Monk community!

Forgot to mention my budget is around 125M

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To all who posted : Awesome, keep 'em coming. Again, just make sure your name is on the list, and if it's not, you have my express permission to nag me until it is. =)

Yelyah : As I mentioned in the OP, 800 mil is definitely not a sum I'm used to working with. I can certainly give you ideas and such, but I'd be deathly afraid I made you spend an absolutely gargantuan fortune (to me, anyhow) in an erroneous fashion, since I have absolutely no experience with that level of gear.

All of the above being said : I would still recommend that start by spending a much smaller amount, and spend 50-100 mil, say. Why? As I write this, you're a Paragon 7 with precisely 850 elite kills. Not a whole lot. Point is, you don't have a lot of experience with the class, and probably don't fully know what you're doing yet. (Don't take this the wrong way.) My advice - and I'm sure others will back me up here - would be to spend a smaller amount of that fortune, get comfortable with the class, get to know its attributes and shortfalls, and most of all, get to know what YOU want out of it. Who knows - maybe you'll want a 2h build, maybe you'll want a more niche build like LPS, etc., etc... So when you have found that, and when you've done your research and have tried a few combinations and KNOW what you want, THEN you spend the big bucks.

Another issue is the upcoming patch. I would have no reservations about gearing someone out for like 50-100 mil and focusing on EHP first, because EHP will never go out of fashion. BUT - beyond that, I would wait until the dust settles with the new patch, prices have stabilized, and the full impact of the upcoming changes is known and has been properly analyzed and documented. And again, THEN you start spending big.

My 2 cents.

I appreciate the honesty and advice but I'd have to let you know that I have a lot of experience on monks. If you check my profile again, you'd see that my barb has 11k elite kills and my DH has 7k. I have a total of 37k elite kills. That's a big chunk of discrepancy. The 19k deficit is actually from the very first nephalem I created. Which happens to be a monk.

The reason I'm asking for your gearing service is because I'm an impulsive buyer and tend to buy what I think would be best for me when in fact, it isn't. So basically, I know how monks work, I just suck at buying gear lol
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Hay Silver,

Id love to have some ideas on what you would change so I can get a higher DPS. I will run through my stats with you when your ready to look into my monk
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Finally found your thread!! haha.
still waiting in line. :)
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Could you add me to the long list :) Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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01/18/2013 04:57 PMPosted by Yelyah
The reason I'm asking for your gearing service is because I'm an impulsive buyer and tend to buy what I think would be best for me when in fact, it isn't. So basically, I know how monks work, I just suck at buying gear lol

Yelyah : I can certainly try to help you spend your prodigal fortune if you'd have my services. =) I'll try to draft up a budget as to how the money would be best spent for maximum effect, but I just want you to be fully cognizant that I am NOT the best person to speak to for those kinds of sums. If you accept that, then I'll happily work with you. =)
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Silver was a LARGE help to a broke fool like myself. He even hooked me up with some freebees (which i intend to repay him for). Almost to good to be true. I'm still waiting for the part where I log on and all my stuff is missing :P
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@Op, this service i really awesome. see the first class i leveled to 60 pre 1.0.5 was my monk(shaomaster) i love its gameplay mechanics but eventually gave up on him because everytime i get out of the gates(new tristram) he is a dead meat and that's when i decided to roll a barb. but i decided that once my barb reaches plevel 100 im gonna play my monk again.

all those inna's you see in his profiles where either looted or given by friends but since i found this thread, i need your help and expertise on gearing/shopping for him @ an initial budget of 50m and upto a max of 75m. what i have in mind is a balance build, enough damage output, sustainability and good damage mitigation.

im gonna add you and see when can we meet up ingame since im based in Qatar(middle east) atm.

thanks in advance

P.S. since ur doing this for free, i suggest i donate 5M to your cause of gearing players of your choosing for free.
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Bump for Edit 2.
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I mostly just lurk and never post on here, but I wanted to be sure to write a quick recommendation for Silver's great service.

I had the good luck of selling some decently expensive items early on, and quickly squandered the gold on a half-baked setup of overpriced items. I spent well over 100mil and was still having trouble with mp3. For the selling price of one overpriced weapon from my previous setup, Silver rebuilt my entire set (minus one item) with a good bit of gold to spare.

I haven't fully ran my character though its paces yet, but I know for a fact that I can play mp7-8, and was doing mp4 ubers tonight with total ease. With this new basis, I'm confident that I can get to the dps and mp levels I had absolutely no idea how to even approach previously.

I can't speak highly enough regarding the effectiveness, ease, and expedience of Silver's service.
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hi I'd love to have your help silver... i can go 1b max cheaper would be better =p
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If you could just take a quick look at my profile and point out the obvious holes in my gear that would be greatly appreciated :)

I have about 125 mil to spend
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Op is of a tremendous help. I had to go through the process of re-gearing my monk and with his help and advice, i more or less now know what to look for in my next upgrade.

Thanks once again!!
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Silver knows his stuff. If anyone asks, this guy will get you to MP5-6 ready easily. Just keep in mind monks, despite Serenity, are not supposed to just stand in molten,desecrate, and arcane. If you play wolololo retarded, then you're never going to be able to do high mp's no matter what gear you have lol.
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I need help in gearing up my monk to handle mp 10 farming.
Silver, can you help me out?
will try to add u in game and see.
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add me to list !! :)
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Add me to the list as well. Kind of want to get away from my EF, but I know its a such an op weapon that its hard to. My budget is 40m, I feel as though im stuck, not sure what to upgrade from where I'm at. Syphoned#1637
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my monk skills and knowledge arent 100% but I am willing and interested in helping some individuals with their monks as well..

I would ask that you be patient with me is all.. i like to take my time even with my monk and find just the right gear for me.. if you are interested in having a hand and if silver is cool with it i would like to help out a few as well.. just add me when ever you have the chance..
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I was wondering if anyone could take a look at my character and give me pointers, my budget is around 50mil just tell me what i can do to get me to mp lvl 6or7
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I may be able to point out some...
Your crit chance may be too low.
For a low budget, you can get a pair of nata boots (with fire resist and AR) to get the 7 CC to start with. You can sell ur "poison resist" ice-climber to get gold for the ammy upgrade. (i believe u are a fire monk here..but u are not using the 1for all passive)

I would upgrade the oculus to get a ring with CC/CD. I would just keep killing ubers till I get a good roll of hellfire ring. That's basically free.

Well, hope someone can help mine.

01/23/2013 04:48 PMPosted by Fresh
I was wondering if anyone could take a look at my character and give me pointers, my budget is around 50mil just tell me what i can do to get me to mp lvl 6or7
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