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New Barb seeking advice...

I just got a Barb to 60 and starting to gear him. For now I'm doing my runs on MP1. My question is, how do you deal with the BS mobs that constantly run from you, i.e. Fallen Prophets, Icy Quillbacks, Fallen Peons, the Keywarden in Act 3 etc. I thought that blizz fixed it so mobs didn't run away. Kinda frustrating having to chase them across half the map while other mobs get involved.
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I'm honestly not sure why you have no pants but your Move Speed needs to be at 24% in order for you to be in any way effective against mobs that run. Get that MS using either Lacuni's or Inna's (recommend Lacuni's for starters, get some cc there too) and you will see yourself running much much faster. With 24% MS, you should be as fast or faster than just about any mob in game, unless you run into certain fast elite packs. Also keep in mind the MS cap is 25% so don't go overboard and get it elsewhere, it's a big waste.

Furthermore, maybe consider changing your sprint rune to run like the wind instead of marathon for added damage. Don't underestimate the power of those little twisters you leave behind.
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You never really deal with them lol...sadly they are the most annoying for me as well.

Really all you can do is make sure you have 24% movespeed and understand the movements of where the mobs are moving. I usually try to corner one and beat the S out of it while the others are walking around.

It is important to note that mobs that kite you also turn back around to you after a little bit of time and try to kill you. (boy would i love to see the coding on these annoying b-stards).

There really is no good answer...unless you want to critmass/permafreeze wizard :D
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Completely agree with Prisus.

Once you have that 24%MS you will notice the packs tend to have a way of moving. Some packs I find usually have 2 members that will be grouped closely enough to be able to hit 2 at a time but then one tends to run away towards the single lone member in which case you can follow that one and again start hitting two.

However some of them are just annoying, Succubus and Fallen Prophet (and those fat mage things that shield), and depending on the mp your in and the mods they carry (Molten anyone?) are just not worth the hassle of killing.

You'll get used to the movement eventually but it's never as easy as the mobs that chase you.
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simplest fix is to kill them quickly so they dont run far. simplest way to do this? drop MP.

This is the biggest problem when people try to play MP higher than their dps dictates. This also exposes the weaknesses of your set since you will often lose wrath while chasing these kiters. If your defense isn't up to snuff then you might end up having to kite the kiters!

IMO it's better to build a set that will consistently have max uptime of your best DPS steroid, wrath. This means you will be destroying elites quickly and clearing runs faster. Getting to this point requires a well optimized gear set and proper selection of MP.
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I didn't realize that my pants weren't showing. I haven't logged out since I got them. They are Inna's. lol I was using my DH's Inna's to see how they worked before I bought the ones I'm now wearing. I had to borrow a crit gem from my DH for my weapon and wound up selling my DH's other crit gem to buy the Inna's.
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i never looked at your gear and now see you use MH ef. It is even more important to kill things fast since chasing feared elites will cause even more problems.

If you cant kill elites with that much dps on mp1 it is a playstyle issue.

You have 1 slot of IAS. You have a slow OH. IMO, I would make changes to be able to permawrath and smash elites quickly. You won't be able to do that with these weapons and only 1 slot of IAS.

My opinions on double tornado builds: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7593621248
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Thanks for the help. It's really appreciated. I bookmarked your DT guide for reference.
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