Diablo® III

Marquis... yes or no?

is the gem level 60 only?

otherwise, awesome for levelling new chars :)
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It just says Item level: 67 and account bound on the right. No requirement it seems
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item level 67? %%#!@@*!!...

marquis gem probably good for waving epeen, hey look, all my gems are marquis!
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My question is about Crit Damage. Yea the sheet DPS is higher but if you trade a gem out of the manti for a red you lose 100% crit damage. And with as high of CC and the importance we put on it is it worth that little extra sheet dps vs a 100% increase of damage when we crit?
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After running a couple of sims, in my gear set, ill be getting a Marquis Ruby and Emerald for my Manticore, and the Life% one for my helm.

The reason why i'm not going double Emerald is because of this (Data taken from D3rawr), this was done in my DPS kit, with Steady Aim and Archery as dps modifying passives.

Current damage ranges (This is assuming a single white hit, 100% wep damage)

Pre-Marquise, double Radiant Star Emerald
Hit - 34357 - 51543
Crit - 249090 - 373687

Double Marquise Emerald:
Hit - 34357 - 51543
Crit - 255961 - 383995

Marquise Ruby+Marquise Emerald:
Hit - 42566 - 59807
Crit - 270293 - 379773

As you can see, not only does the Marquise Ruby increase my damage when i dont crit (Which isnt that insignificant because you wont ALWAYS crit), but it also increases my MINIMUM crit damage range from 256k (Rounded) to 270k (14k gain), while lowering my maximum crit damage range from 384k(Rounded) to 380k (Rounded, 4k loss).

Yes, your highest crits will do SLIGHTLY less damage, but your overall crits will deal more damage. Increasing the base minimum is better than increasing the maximum, as it GUARANTEES more damage rather than just a chance of doing more damage.

Obviously this applies for my case only and not everybody's gear set, so make sure to check your stats out at http://www.d3rawr.com/e and compare the results.

Good job on these gems Blizz <3.
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I made a ruby marquis and a emerald one.. Ya i lost 15 million gold trying them out in diferent items ya that sucks.i had a good helm but it cost me 5 million to take out the gem so the helm was about 4 million so I salvaged it and got the gem back out.Not sure if this was a good idea.I have one in my weapon as I can never ever seem to find a better weapon so I think its ok. But I have a 40 million gold boots I bought with a socket and put a ruby in them. I want everything around 280 to 300.But I dont have movment speed and my guys so slow wish I could sell my boots but cant cost 5 million to remove that dumb ruby and already cost me 15 million messing around. i sell my stones on Ah when im broke now Im stuck with it rather have my 3 rubys back.
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