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PvP build

Guys after my 2 days at pvp i found this build the perfect 1 for pvp so far. is extremely fun, and works fine over any class, u going to need:
-100k dps +
-40 discipline +

On the build there is a passive and a active skill that u can change

shadow power (shadow glide)--> spike trap (scatter) (i prefer shadow power for the extra movement speed)

Archery---> for anyone u want.


give and a try, and tell me what u think of it
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looks good.
with 6 sets of scatter out, it must be hard to avoid.
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my question is how do you deal with damage being "reflected back"?

For instance Wizards can run DiamondSkin:MirrorSkin This can reflect back to you 100% of the damage they take.

Shadow Power and the rune selected allows you to "move faster" for 5 seconds but I'm missing the mitigation.

you crit for 300k the shadowpower itself only gives you 15% life per hit. without gloom and they reflect back they will reflect back 300k to you won't they?

and on your build there is no shadowpower as you indicate potentially swaping shadowpower for traps.

This leaves you SS to use. With the lingering fog rune you get 1.5sec of no damage. However most won't be able to live in that especially if you have sentries active and hitting the target and you are away from the target.

In the above example diamondskin:mirror lasts 6 seconds with a 15 second cooldown

Even if you SS all the time you will need 14disc x 4 rounds of 1.5sec each to equal 6 seconds of diamondskin:mirror during your attacks. This would mean (to me at least) you will need 56 disc (actually you would need 50 disc because in that 6 seconds you regen 6 disc normally). If they choose a different rune such as EnduringSkin that will make the diamonskin last 9 seconds but at a highly reduced reflect damage back of max 10,853 per hit. This again is very substantial even over the course of 6 seconds since I don't believe you can "dodge" any reflect. If you shoot 2aps and 50% of the shots connect with the target (just saying they have 50% dodge in this) then you will be potentially losing over 60k HP in that 6 seconds. And that is without them even firing a shot. That is only the reflect coming back at you.

Sure it is easy to get through that first 6 seconds using SS if you have 50 disc (more than the proposed 40+ from OP Post). But then you have to use prep. Your prep is set to give life (and refill disc) but guarantees a 45sec cooldown. Seems it could be difficult at this point to go for 45sec with a max of 6sec invulnerability.

This methodology you proposed for a lot of PvP targets will have a pretty decent level of success as it is kinda a "balls to the walls" type of approach where you are gonna go in and see if you can just kill as fast as possible. this certainly can work in a lot of circumstances until such time as you start dealing with some fairly high end EHP Players where you are required more to "widdle-down" their HP as compared to a 3 sec slash-n-burn type of playstyle.
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01/18/2013 10:15 AMPosted by BubbaGump
my question is how do you deal with damage being "reflected back"

You can totally ignore reflected damage as it gets doubly mitigated (once by the target, and once by you). Example, hit target for 300k, he/she has 90% mitigation, they take 30k damage. Now the damage is reflected back at you for 30k; you have 90% mitigation, you take 3k damage. This is a very minimal amount to be worried about.

Also with regards to a PVP build, I posted mine in the Barb forums but here it is:

Best build I've found so far (with my inferior equipment):


Evasive fire has HUGE range (can hit targets in the upper left and right corners if you can see them) and does not reveal your position like moving projectiles do since it leaves no tracer beyond the few feet in front of the DH. Also, this projectile is instant and cannot be outrun, or out-maneuvered. Covering Fire rune for less precise aiming and multiple targets. Lastly, in an emergency, the back flip does trigger Tactical Advantage's movement boost.

Impale has a huge damage burst and travels very fast. Chemical Burn adds more damage and ignores dodge! Yes, you can shoot someone and have them dodge it but they will still get the DoT! For 25 Hatred, this is a good skill, even better if you can find equipment to reduce its cost.

Sentry is a good trap piece as well as a scouting tool, you can see if the trap sees someone as it will start shooting them, and doing this does not reveal your position! Spike Trap is good too but since enemies can see them, they can easily walk around them; this makes Sentry the better trap. Spitfire Turret adds more DPS as the other runes don't seem to add much utility in a 1-shot fest.

Smokescreen, Lingering Fog. Enough said, moving on.

Preparation, Backup Plan is great if you don't have a legacy Natalya's set since it adds a great deal of discipline over the long run.

Vault is a great mobility tool, especially with Tactical Advantage. Tumble just reduces the cost to allow more frequent vaults. Avoid using Trail of Cinders as this will reveal your direction of vaulting since you should usually vault after a smokescreen (also, most players don't stand in the fire).

There you have it!
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Your build very similar to what I tried out last night against a monk and barb.

I used STRAFE:ROCKET instead of impale.
I used SP:GLOOM instead of vault.

Worked great. I could hit sp:gloom and start straffing and if I took any damage that was taken care of with SP. I used SS in there as well for pure invulnerability on top of SP. This was great for the slash-n-burn approach of goin in with full steam.

to try different setup I replaced sentry with vault and played that approach for awhile.

I like the evasive fire:covering. instant hits and if they are in range of it 100% instant hits rather than arrow-tracking to hit target.

Combination worked great. there were many a time I was in SP:GLOOM and SS:LF at the same time and they only could see they were gettin hit but not sure from where I guess. and when SS wore off... I was still in sp:gloom for continuation of my strafe :)
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I've been running

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