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Can anyone tell whats wrong with my barbarian

My barbarian is fairly ok with white mobs, but is very weak against elites in MP2 (single or multi-player). Because of that, Wrath of the Berserker is used only when fight elites/boss. But still I need to try 2-3 times (or 10+) to kill a few elites.

Can anyone please tell me what is wrong with my barbarian? I'm planning to upgrade the helm. Mempo is nice, but it is too expensive......

Or is it only because my current level? I saw some barbarians with much better survivability who were a few levels higher than me.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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First off the dps is a little on the low side for mp2 - see what you can do to bump that up a bit.

Without totally changing your spec, consider changing Revenge for Rend + Blood lust. I started using it for healing and I think it's awesome. It might even help you kill mobs a little faster since you'll be applying a dot as you ww.
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If you want to stay with a 2 hander use a Skorn. Look for 1250 damage, 300 strength, 150 critical damage then put a green gem in it.

Get a yellow helm (not a Mempo) with -> strength/vitality/all resist/socket/4% critical chance and put a life % gem in it.

Replace both of your rings with -> average damage/strength/vitality/5% critical chance

All of the above can be had for less than 1m gold in total.

Lastly stop using revenge, instead use rend/blood lust.
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Honestly ur spec isnt meshing well w/ur weap. If u cant afford to get two decent 1handers w/some CC(crit chance) and CHD(crit hit damage). I would propose going a HotA/Bash build similar to mine.


Now granted u wont be as decent as my build and you would need to strive to get ur CC up to around 50% for the build to work amazingly but at MP 0 or 1 you would probably do just fine against elites. Just make sure u keep Battle rage and Overpower up as much as possible. Depending on how much you CC % is u can almost spam OP and HotA which feeds off ur Crits and returns fury to spam HotA. Give it a try and let me know in game if u need some more help. I was helped out of the Barb darkness and brought into the light so dont mind helping anyone i can w/the little bit of knowledge i know have.
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Also alittle bit more Life on hit would help also. I've always been told once u hit 80k dps strive to switch over from Life on Hit to actual Dame Converted to Life or Life Steal if you will. That would vastly help ur survival.
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you are really using the wrong spec for you at this time. 2 handers CAN work with WW builds but the issue is you dont have the stats you need to make it work.

IAS and CC are big parts of that. Both are almost non-existent. You would fare better go DW at least until you can get that IAS up to support a two-hander.


You can switch over to HOTA/rend build that may do better for you.
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trust me switch to HotA but try to get ur CC up so u can almost spam HotA
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