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What Diablo item would you want to have IRL?

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01/04/2013 03:31 PMPosted by TheSaint

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I just want to thank you Blizzard for doing what I could never do on my own, turning the entire community against you because everyone is sick of feeling like we are ignored.
Nobody feels like that, they know they are being ignored and now spat in the face. Keep up the good work.
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I'd go with the few million gold coins I have.
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The one that gives me a refund.
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I would give someone a piece of gold to place in a chest. Then rinse and repeat as the gold piece becomes a gold pile.. then a gold mountain...

Then with a few billion gold I can finally buy some upgrades
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ummmm gibbering gemstone.
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Out of the many kick !@# items in d3 i think i would go with an Azurewrath its personally on of my favorite weapon designs looks amazing and come the zombie apocalypse with this sword I would take out legions of the undead haha
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I wish I had a Witch Doctor's mojo so I too could have magical voodoo powers.

I would use those powers to give the Diablo 3 developers some talent, this way D3 would'nt suck so much.
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I would go with a perfect radiant star emerald or ruby, with one of these I would be able to live in a castle :D
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prob a big crossbow with HUGE LoH and Life steal.

then id just sit on the african plains and snipe poachers all day.
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I would have ALL the good legendaries IRL
then I would build a house made of brimstone
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Griswold's edge... Its hardly good despite it looks so amazing.
You know a true bawss he who wields this IRL >:)
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Well, if everyone walked around with a pair of Vile Wards, I would feel left out if I did not have a pair as well ;P

I'd probably poop in my pants IRL if I actually saw a Skycutter summon angelic assistance.
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Maras Kaleidoscope
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The pony sword that is like a rainbow.
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well let me start with the Bul-Kathos swords - the two go together as one. Nothing would be better for getting through the mobs in the malls at christmas time, random whirlwind baby, ftw.

Another one i would like to see - and really - i would like to see you try and make this in real life, is the Triumverate - i love those multi colored swirling balls and the bonus to 3 elemental types.
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Not an Activison poster for over a week and this is a sticky?

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