Diablo® III

What Diablo item would you want to have IRL?

butchers sickle


imperius's spear
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The Grandfather

I can use it to chop vegetables, cut meats, and wield it for self-defense. It would never get dull and it looks pretty nice as a mantle piece.
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molten armor and boots would be awesome and look so sweet
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believe it or not, the grin reaper. anyone who knows this will get the idea why
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Would be very helpful in a cross country race or any long distance race. Just need to get a head start, Mwahahahaha.
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Gibbering Gemstone... I'm lonely
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Sorry guys, but this has to be a new CM low. There are tons of really tough questions that need to be answered, timelines that need to be given, quality issues that need to be addressed, and instead you're putting up polls?

Make no mistake, polls and contests are a pure marketing tactic to drive either web traffic or sales, maintain customer/user/fan engagement, and create a favorable association between common human social responses and products. This is basically an admission that they don't want to talk about the tough D3 issues any more, they just want to throw candy out the window of their plush limo when they drive by your house with bare cupboards.

I really honestly believe the Diablo community is above this. Or, at least, the one I used to belong to.
Edited by Bootes#1787 on 1/4/2013 6:35 PM PST
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The Magical Umbrella - since you seem to be telling me it's raining
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....A Female Demon Hunter...................... ;)
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a shako
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01/04/2013 07:01 PMPosted by Bootes
I know it must be hard to be on the D3 team right now. I've been on dysfunctional (poorly lead) teams before, and it sucks. You're loyal to the customers, and the products, and the company you work for, but it's just really really really hard to do great work in an environment like what the D3 dev environment (probably) is.

Their's too much negativity surrounding Diablo 3.

In order for Blizzard to create a more positive environment surrounding this game they need to communicate more in a better way.

1: Post more on the forums, make more of an attempt in creating good posts.

2: Aim at creating more positive posts. The pvp blog was a bad idea, would have been better if you just gave Team Death Matches and dueling as a bonus (a sort of apology). Then promise that pvp isn't totally complete and will be improved and added to. Team Death Match doesn't even have to be that great if we know that more will come later.
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