Diablo® III

What Diablo item would you want to have IRL?

All I want is info on patch 1.07
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Yes Blizzard... Distract me with weird topics like this. Distract me from stuff I really care about like new patch? New fixes? New expansion? Any development news. Because that's why we keep coming back to this site. Yes Blizzard, distract me :/
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I'd Like to drain the life of my victims in public places while smiling, hearing the screams of agony, watching newborn's weep to the mothers that fall on the floor, the fathers bowing at there knees and great leaders in fear of knowing i could destroy a whole population of people with a single ring.

So I'm thinking you should maybe find someone to give you a hug. Might help take the edge off there fella...
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Radiant star Ruby
Edited by GNX#1295 on 1/4/2013 9:00 PM PST
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I want cain's sandals those bad boys.......
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I'll take the currency used by the RMAH. I'll be waiting.
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ageless might with intelligence
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01/04/2013 05:53 PMPosted by Piedlpiper
How would that question will make D3 a better game?

Please spend what little time you have to work on D3 issues to D3 issues. You are here to answer our questions about D3 game play and perhaps asking us what we want changed/added/deleted concerning game play, NOT silly stuff that has nothing to do with game play.

I was tempted to respond to this question until I read this, and I can't help but agree.
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