Diablo® III

What Diablo item would you want to have IRL?

I'd like to have a Ladybarb.
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If no one mentioned it... then I will.

I want Goldskin... so that when I punch somebody, eventually some gold will pop out of them, and then I don't have to work anymore. Or I'll become a pro boxer and wear that armor when I walk out on the ring.
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I'd settle for the demon hunter. She's a hot little item... lol.
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town portal is ok too
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Some vials of vanishing dye would be interesting. Think about it lol.
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a rune of never-again-uncalled-downtimes would rock
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Which item has the most life regen?
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The Black Soul Stone, then put it in my butt.
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01/05/2013 06:24 PMPosted by SwisherSweet
The Black Soul Stone, then put it in my butt.

coulda got a collectors edition and do just that if its your thing :P

usb buttplug, that's new.
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The Flavor of Time Amulet

If it really does makes time an insignificant thing it will make being patient so much easier.



I would like to uncover the secret to existence.
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Puzzle ring. Nothing like your finger giving birth to a little person ever 15 minutes or so.
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i want the rainbow sword from ponyland. seriously what more nice then a rainbow sword?
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Does the female DH count as an item? If so, i'll take 1 of her please :D
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I find it funny, going through all the post #ID on the side, you see that there are 50+ posts that have been deleted. That's gotta be a Fun job, deleting posts that gives your boss a bad reputation. Why am I not surprised.

Edit: 47-52-55-63-65-67-70....jeez i didnt know it took 7 numbers to get from 47 to 70.
Edited by TeraFlare#1177 on 1/5/2013 10:36 PM PST
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And not only my post! Like half of the posts that were yesterday were deleted!

How low! Never imagine that of Blizzard! LOL!

Thats what you deserve! You sold millions of copies and have less than 50k active players!

Im so Glad!

Id like to differ, the posts digressed from the main topic of the thread and were attacking blizzard employees and/or attacking site managers saying that they should "improve the game rather then random polls", you realize the site managers have nothing to do with developing the game right? They inform the developers of what's going on in the forums.
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