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Need help getting more DPS

So I'm just getting back into the game from right before the infernal machine was released. I've done a few runs to get some paragon levels and, for once, I actually have some gold that I can burn on some better gear. I've mainly been running a tanking/pet build that has allowed me to solo all the inferno content prior to Monster Power. Now, I want to be able to do paragon runs and such (probably MP1 or 2) that don't take too much time. I could use some advice on what gear I should be looking for and what builds I could use. If possible, I don't like using any glass cannon builds that require a ton of movement to not get hit in order to survive.

Any advise would be really really helpful. I have about 30 mil gold that I can spend
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Spend some time reading through the info in

Index to Witch Doctor Builds and Guides

You might want to read the new to level 60 info first.

Then if you have specific questions, ask.
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for low mp some of my BIS are:
-lacuni bracer for the 12 ms
-fire walker for the ms + automatically destroy doors and object (faster farming)
-sun keeper, the weapon with 40is% mf
-thing of the deeep, mojo with 20 pick up rad, for vaccum all the gold
- and a min of 300-400 loh and dont focus too much on ar for low mp
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Ok, I spent a little time running some MP1 A3 with some new gear and feel I have a handle on MP1 runs, but I'm running into a few small problems now. Although I'm doing a good amount of damage, I still seem to be fairly squishy to the point I decided to switch out soul siphon for zombie dogs for tanking. Other than that, I enjoy the combination of Acid cloud plus Fire Bomb with Gruesome Feast passive.

The goal I have atm with this character is to get to the point where I can farm keys for the infernal machine easily so I can get at least 1 ring to build up my paragon level. This pretty much means I want to try to farm MP5 if at all possible, but I'm having survivability issues in anything past MP3. Main questions I have atm is what are some good choices for gear upgrades giving my current profile? I currently have about 25 mil that I can spend on gear, and I'm not opposed to changing my spec, but I prefer something that's not glass cannon.
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Looking at your gear you have a lot of AR so that shouldn't be an issue. You might want to get more vitality and armour to help with survivability. You can also you Jungle Fortitude passive to 15% damage reduction.

You might find that at MP5+ you take too long to kill stuff and they whittle down your health so you die. You should probably invest in more LOH (for acid cloud). You could change your ring for a Unity - has the stats you need. If you can afford to drop the AR you might like some Blackthorn Jousting Mail for the LOH they have. I'd also change your dogs rune to life leaching - its a small amount of health but it adds up.

At the end of the day more health is always good and more ways of restoring your health will let you do higher MP levels (not efficiently but you should be able to do them)
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Ok, I have a few more specific questions.

1. Which follower is the most optimal for WD in MP5? I've been using the temptress mostly for the attack speed increase with rain of toads, but not sure which is good now that I'm getting better gear.

2. I see a few builds use life steal instead of LoH now. Is life steel that much better now, or do you need high damage to make it worthwhile.

Right now I'm looking at getting a low zuni's set going to get more dps, hopefully I'll be successful. I can do MP5 successfully, but good god do I get killed quickly on some mobs.
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